Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 23

“For the Alliance” is no Longer a Slogan (Part 3)

I finally returned to the Imperial Palace before it woke. I quietly sneaked upstairs and went to Nier’s room. Nier’s room was really high up, so the sun had brightened her entire room already. The blinding light stung my eyes when I opened the door. A few maids quickly spun around to salute me. I gave them a nod: “Where’s Queen Consort?”

“Queen Consort is currently getting dressed.”

“This early?”

“Because you did not return all night, Queen Consort did not sleep, either.”

I lingered for a moment then apologetically glanced at the bed. The maids there were Nier’s maids. I imagine their response was somewhat of a complaint judging from their tone. It was the first time I didn’t return home at night, but I didn’t think Nier wouldn’t sleep all night. I nodded, and then went into a hidden door. That was Nier’s dressing and make-up room.

Upon hearing the door open, the ladies-in-waiting, who were busying themselves, turned around to respectfully salute me: “Your Majesty.”

Nier didn’t turn around. She, instead, continued sitting in her chair and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her arms and thighs had a few white scars, which were proof of her being a Valkyrie. She was only wearing a thin piece of clothing, so her voluptuous body was partially exposed and partially hidden. I could even see her breasts. Her long black hair that didn’t pale in comparison to Mommy Elizabeth’s was splayed out behind the chair. I walked up behind her with a friendly smile. I gently grabbed her long black hair and began to comb it using a comb I grabbed from the side.

Seeing the two of us together, the ladies-in-waiting sensibly left the room and shut the door. The ladies-in-waiting system was a custom Mommy Elizabeth adopted. The ladies-in-waiting were wives or daughters of nobles. To be a lady-in-waiting, they had to know how to conduct themselves in a conserved manner, be polite and look better than the average person. However, the nobles couldn’t ask for anything more than to send all the women around them to the palace to be ladies-in-waiting, as the ladies-in-waiting often got to see the King, Queen and officials. Normally speaking, older married women were assigned to the Queen, while virgins were assigned to the King and Princess. That prevented ladies-in-waiting with ulterior motives from seducing the King. Normally, inexperienced virgin girls wouldn’t think about that, nor would they cause the King to fall.

Of course, I didn’t have a lady-in-waiting with me. I only had Luna. That meant Luna would be very busy, but neither Luna nor I considered it to be a problem. Most importantly, Lucia made it very clear she didn’t want me to have a lady-in-waiting with me, so I never assigned one for myself. Perhaps Lucia trusted Luna more, considering she was an elf.

I gently caressed Nier’s long hair. She didn’t react. She didn’t question me or lash out; she merely sat there. I sneakily leaned down and kissed the exposed nape of her neck, and then I began to slowly suck on it. Nier’s natural body scent and the scent of her hair enveloped me. I couldn’t help myself from letting go to hug her.

Next to her ear, I whispered, “Sorry, Nier, I didn’t come back last night.”

She nodded, and then gently placed her hands on mine. In a quiet voice, she asked, “Did you find Her Majesty?”

“Uhm, I did. But Mommy Elizabeth has to head back to Hilles City. We probably won’t get to see her for some time. She’s probably headed off by now. It’s not ideal to not bid everyone goodbye, but we’ll get to meet again in the future, so it’s fine, I guess. Where’s Daisy?”

Nier nodded: “Daisy hasn’t woken up yet, but she should be up soon. I fed her once last night, so it’s almost breakfast time for her now.”

“It’s all right.”


I naughtily sneaked my hand towards Nier’s breasts. She didn’t resist. She merely responded in a slow tone: “If you do this now, what’s going to become of Daisy’s breakfast when she wakes up?”

“It’s all right. Daisy will still be sleeping for a while, won’t she? Nier, you must’ve been very worried last night, since I didn’t come back or notify you. I’m sorry that you didn’t sleep last night.”

Nier grouchily replied, “If you’re truly apologetic to me, you wouldn’t have left without a word, would you?”

With a helpless smile, I pinched her face; sadly, she mercilessly slapped my hand away. She then unhappily turned around to face me. She suddenly clasped my face and kissed my lips. Since I felt that I should compensate her, I kissed her very earnestly. Nier passionately kissed me. She kissed me while making a mess out of her clothing, revealing her shoulders and breasts. When we split apart, her clothes just gently dropped to the ground.

“Let’s do it, Your Majesty. You didn’t come back last night, but it’s not exactly day time at the moment, so it’s not too late to start. But, Dear, we best finish before Daisy wakes up. Also, don’t touch Daisy’s breakfast… Come, let’s hurry. Dear. I can’t… hold back anymore…”

That must’ve been one of the reasons that Nier was angry… After all, that sort of desire was normal to her. I gulped upon seeing her slender limbs, voluptuous and beautiful body I hadn’t seen in a long time. I was somewhat fatigued from last night, but she aroused me again. I pulled her tightly into my embrace; then, I pushed all the bottles and cans on the make-up table aside before setting Nier down on top of the table.

It was quite stimulating doing it in front of a mirror for the first time. Seeing myself, Nier’s wildly dancing hair and body in front of me while hearing her wild moans truly turned me on more and more.

After a while, Nier and I powerlessly dropped to the ground. Perhaps Nier didn’t crave much, as she didn’t sleep last night. We were both limp on the ground after one round. We lied there until Daisy began crying outside. Nier rolled over to straddle me. She gave me another kiss on my lips then softly giggled: “Your Majesty, do you want to go and see Daisy? Daisy would probably be very happy to see you upon waking.”

I nodded: “Sure.”

Nier and I sat up together. She picked up her thin sleepwear on the ground and wore it on. She then looked at her thigh before looking left and right in a panicked manner. Although nobody would say anything about us doing it – since we were legitimate husband and wife – people might consider Nier a nympho. That would not leave a good impression on others. I quickly removed my coat to hand it to Nier. Nier took it and gave it a quick scrub. She then shoved it into a small corner before leaving with me.

Daisy was crying from her crib when we came out. Nier and Lucia could understand what the girls were suggesting, but I couldn’t understand a thing. I walked up to Daisy and gently picked her up. She looked at me with shock. She then started swinging her hands, shrieking and slapping me. She looked to Nier as though she was pleading Nier to take her.

Nier spread her hands with a helpless smile for me to hand Daisy over. Daisy curled up in Nier’s arms with pleasure. She urgently grabbed the clothing at Nier’s chest. Nier smiled as she breastfed Daisy. She then gently patted Daisy and, with a smile, said, “Daisy’s appetite has been improving more and more recently. It appears that she’ll be able to grow up a healthy girl. She might even be able to become a formidable soldier in the future.”

Though she was satisfactorily having breakfast in her mom’s arms, Daisy watched me with her concerned gaze. She seemed to be under the impression that I’d snatch her mother from her. I gave her a poke on her small face with my finger.

She was the strangest daughter I ever came across. Nona and Vera made it very obvious they liked me, but Daisy… I couldn’t help but feel that she didn’t like me…

I sat down to one side and watched Daisy take her time suckling in her mom’s arms. Nier sat down to one side underneath the gentle, early sunlight. She watched her daughter in her arms with a loving and blissful smile. The scene looked as gentle and sacred as the image of the holy mother breastfeeding in a church. The scene reminded me of the past. I recalled how Nier once was when she was with me. She used to exude a heavy killing intent and lacked an interest for anything, yet there she was, showing her motherly love could compare to Vyvyan’s. But since Nier already liked kids back then, I guess, she liked her own child even more.

After Daisy finally finished breakfast, she contently leaned onto her mom. Nier gently wiped Daisy’s mouth. She then noticed me watching them, so she smiled and asked, “What’s wrong, Your Majesty?”

“Nothing.” I shook my head and continued watching them. I hesitated for a moment before sincerely saying, “It’s just… You’re very beautiful, Nier. Truly, very beautiful.”

Nier lingered for a moment and blushed. She joyously and shyly smiled. She touched her face, and then gently set Daisy down to one side before coming over to me. She hugged my arm and kissed my cheek. In a soft voice, she said, “Thank you, Dear. Everything I have is yours.”

“I know, but you’re still very beautiful.”

Nier gave me a big kiss on my cheek. While smiling, she said, “There’s nothing to gain out of complimenting me that way. Your Majesty, head on to the dining hall first. We are already running slightly late. If you’re late for our first meal together, everybody will probably be angry. I’ll clean myself up first; I’ll be there soon.”

“All right.”


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