Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 21

“For the Alliance” is no Longer a Slogan (Part 1)

“This way, your life will have a schedule. Do you have any problems with it?”

The maid handed the schedule to Sylvanas with a smile. Sylvanas took in a deep breath, and then carefully accepted the schedule. She gave her a choppy, “Thank you.” Sylvana hadn’t ever experienced life in the North before, but she wasn’t an idiot. She might look bulky and large, but she was highly intelligent. Within merely a few days’ time, she managed to learn all of the language necessary for life. Furthermore, she told herself that she had to be patient for her son’s sake despite her formal carefree life. Thus, she did her best to adapt habits she wasn’t quite used to in her human form. Also, she never caused trouble.

Initially, everyone was afraid of Sylvanas. However, as she behaved politely and didn’t seem violent, everybody soon stopped fearing her as they once did. She also did her best to learn and act on what she learnt. While she hadn’t learnt everything there was to learn yet, she had knowledge of basic etiquette – at least, she wouldn’t be drinking water for washing one’s hands again. Nevertheless, due to the language barrier, she still had things to learn.

The official language of the North had yet to be decided. I planned to use humanity’s language as the official language, because the elven language was too complicated for humans to pronounce. The voices of elves actually sounded akin to birds. Anthropoids couldn’t pronounce elven words, but they could manage humanity’s.

Sylvanas read the schedule in front of her. It wasn’t very packed. Strictly speaking, it could barely be considered one. It merely informed her of what she should do; she didn’t really have to do anything. All she had to do was appear where required. For instance, she needed to dine together with us, stroll in the flower together and spend free time with us.

The maid watched Sylvanas, who had to put in a bit of effort to examine it, with a gentle smile. There was some unease on Sylvanas beautiful face. She couldn’t understand everything written on the sheet of paper. Of course, there was also a degree of dissatisfaction about having to start a scheduled lifestyle tomorrow. She was particularly nervous, for she heard she could start seeing her son tomorrow.

With a smile, the maid explained, “You need not worry so much. It is basically the same as your lifestyle before. You just need to know when to do what, and you will be fine. It is all right if you forget. You just need to have a maid with you at all times, and she will remind you of what to do and when.”

Sylvanas nodded. She then looked up at the maid and asked, “Can you start following me tomorrow, then?”


Sylvanas froze for a moment. She never expected the maid would refuse her. However, she soon noticed the particular maid was totally different to the other maids. She wore the exact same uniform as the other maids, but she was missing lots of things, and she didn’t have a chest plate. Instead, she had a shiny chest pin.

“It seems that this maid is different to the other maids. Could she be the head maid, or is she different to the other maids?” Sylvanas pondered.

The maid shook her head, revealing her long elven ears beneath her short hair. Smiling, she explained, “Although I would be very happy to, I already have my own master I must serve. I am His Majesty’s personal servant, so please forgive me, but I cannot follow that order.”

Sylvanas jumped to her feet. She widened her mouth and, sounding surprised, exclaimed, “Ah! Ah! You’re that maid! You’re the maid my son keeps talking about!”

Luna gave excited Sylvanas a big bow with a smile: “Yes. Thank you very much. I am able to stand here now thanks to your heart.”

“It’s nothing; it’s nothing. The heart was in my son’s hand at the time, so he was the one who saved you. I just provided a little help.” Sylvanas waved her hand, and then looked at Luna feeling pleased. She then added, “Oh, by the way, Luna, let me ask you a question. When we meet tomorrow, how should I welcome my son? Shall I give him a hug or a kiss?”

Luna softly giggled. While it was a query, what Sylvanas truly wanted was already written all over her face. She wore a look of eagerness and nervousness. She subconsciously covered her lips, indicating what she wanted.

“But nonetheless, a mother kissing her son is fine, right? Vyvyan kisses His Majesty daily, after all. Sometimes she’ll kiss him on his forehead; other times, she’ll kiss him on his lips. Lucia and Nier never commented about it,” analysed Sylvanas.

“I believe a good morning kiss would be better. After all, Queen Vyvyan gives His Majesty a good morning kiss every day. As you are also his mother, I believe that a good morning kiss is acceptable.”

“Is it? Is it? I see.”

Luna noticed Sylvanas was very happy to hear the answer she was hoping for. She excitedly grabbed Luna’s hands. Luna could only respond with a helpless smile. Luna thought, “Perhaps my answer will cause His Majesty some trouble tomorrow morning.”

In a curious tone, Sylvanas asked, “Oh, right, Luna, isn’t there another woman here? She’s supposed to be like me, a mom.”

True. Elizabeth wasn’t present. Elizabeth went out before Vyvyan returned, so Elizabeth had yet to meet Sylvanas. The concern that the two would fight didn’t happen, because they didn’t meet. Moreover, the two were unlikely to meet soon; actually, they wouldn’t meet for the meantime.

Luna replied with a smile, “Are you talking about Empress Elizabeth? I am very sorry, but she has already left. She should have arrived at Rosvenor Empire in the South by now.”

“Oh… It’s a bit of a regret to not get to see her. But why does a mother not stay with her son? She’s a mother, so she should be here? Why does she have to go back? Could there be something more important than her child? Does such a woman really have the right to be a mother?” asked Sylvanas.

Sylvanas didn’t care about empires, authority or money… Well, she probably did slightly care about gold… Nevertheless, none of that could compare to her child. After all, her son was cuter than gold. She lost her empire and home ages ago. She viewed home as a place where her family members were. The desert aside, her son became everything to her.

“That would be applicable for you,” answered Luna.

Although Elizabeth didn’t show a positive attitude towards Luna at the start, guarded against her and hurt her before, Luna liked Elizabeth very much, because Elizabeth never forced her to leave Troy. Elizabeth threatened her before, but she didn’t make things hard for her or hurt her. Thus, Luna wasn’t too happy to hear the Sylvanas say that.

Luna earnestly explained, “However, as an Empress, Empress Elizabeth should give her best for her Empire, as well. She loves His Majesty, too, but she also has things she must to attend to.”


I watched Castell who had walked out the door. He didn’t speak for even an hour tonight, but his voice was now hoarse as though he grew another ten years older. It seemed as though it took everything out of him to raise his head. He stood at the door. His shadow looked excessively long due to the moonlight. He looked thin enough to give the impression that he could vanish at any moment. I saw him to the door. He turned his head around to look at me with a complex gaze. He stayed there for a long time and didn’t put on his hat.

I asked, “Is there anything else, Castell?”

“Uhm.” Castell didn’t display a vague attitude this time. He nodded with a very serious attitude. He let out a heavy sigh: “I honestly never thought this could happen between you and Her Majesty. Forgive my bluntness, but, Your Majesty, I want to know if you took it a step further with Her Majesty.”

Castell’s gaze contained a tinge of sorrow. I shook my head with a smile. I didn’t know why, but I felt great in that moment. I replied, “What’s the point of the question? You can’t tell others even if I did tell you.”

Castell quietly laughed: “That is correct. I know that. I know that it is meaningless to know the answer to the question. It is just my personal curiosity.”

Castell wanted to reveal a smile with his usual vibe, but his expression looked despondent. I didn’t immediately answer the question. Instead, I kept looking at him and I stayed silent until he couldn’t hold it in any longer before I responded, “What’s it got to do with you?”


I imagine Castell never expected I’d give him such a confrontational response. Everything he wanted to stay, stopped and stayed stuck in his throat. I looked at him with a ridiculing smile and went on, “Sorry, I was just trying to crack a joke. But I do remember you telling me that being excessively curious will serve one no good, so you should just stick to taking care of Empress Elizabeth. As for things outside of that duty, you don’t need to worry, understood? I am no longer who I once was. I know you might be able to successfully threaten my sister and family with war, but I dare you to try, and we’ll see how the war ends. Protecting those around me is no longer an issue for me, and that includes my mom.”


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