Son-con – Vol. 14.5 Ch. 03

Nona’s Concern

Recently, something plagued Nona. She was the second eldest among her four sisters. Besides her elder sister, she had two younger sisters. Her relationship with them was considerably good, but while they did share the same father, they had three moms, so the four of them were all different.

Nona didn’t hate Mommy Nier, and she rarely met Mommy Ling Yue. She didn’t hate her two younger sisters. To be more precise, she had always been confident and wanted to be an elder sister that was just as excellent as her own elder sister.

They were mindful of each other to a certain degree. They usually got along very well, but they did get upset with each other over some trivial things. One of the reasons was attributed to their different development. Vera was an incredibly skilled mage, while Nona was very average with magic. Despite her young age, Daisy displayed great prowess with swordplay. However, Liu Yue and Vera still often managed to do her head in. Therefore, they were all jealous of each other’s specialties.

All four of them really liked their dad, so they wanted to display unique skills about them for his praise. As such, Nona didn’t like to see her sisters performing superiorly to her. She didn’t pull any punches when it came to it in spite of their usual, very friendly relationship.

Nona was aware she wasn’t special in any way among her sisters. She didn’t possess powerful mana, and she wasn’t skilled with swordplay. While she wasn’t useless, she was very ordinary. Nona still really liked her dad, however. Isn’t it normal for a daughter to like her father? Her father never disliked her because of her lack of an excellent talent. Instead, he treated her the same way he treated her sisters. That was why she liked her gentle dad. Nona liked those sorts of stories of brave Princes, but she decided to stay by her dad’s side forever.

That wasn’t what was currently bothering Nona, though. She was bothered with the fact that she couldn’t fit into her swimwear again. Liu Yue gave the specific set to her last time. When Liu Yue got her measurements, she stared at Nona’s chest with her mouth gaping for a long time and grabbed them in disbelief. That was how Nona was.

All four of the girls wanted to grow up as soon as possible, because they’d be able to communicate normally with their father. They wanted their father to no longer look at them with the gaze reserved for doting on children, but the gaze used when looking at his lover, which was the same gaze he looked at her mom with. Alas, Nona had a slight inferiority complex, as she didn’t grow taller or improve her way with words. Instead, it was her chest that developed. She was in her teens, yet her breasts had already become visible bulges, while her sisters were flat boards. It’s said that Sister Vera inherited Grandmother Vyvyan’s mana prowess, so why didn’t she inherit her body, Nona would wonder.

The last time Nona gave her dad a hug from behind, he didn’t smile as per usual. He, instead, turned around and looked at her with an awkward look. Nona had no idea what happened, but he gave her a smile and said to be careful about hugging others from behind henceforth, since she had grown up.

“Dad dislikes my body now!! It’s all because my breasts won’t stop growing! Vera told me they’re pointless for them to be big, since a bunch of fat is useless. She said it would only put more distance between elves and humans. Dad doesn’t like Nona, because he can’t feel Nona’s heart beat due to these useless things,” thought Nona.

When she was told that, she was shocked. She was so glad that her biological sister, Vera, informed her of that. Vera also prepared a chest strap for her and told her not to forget to wear it at night. Vera also made sure to check it every night. With that said, Nona didn’t notice Vera had changed her own nutrition plan to match Nona’s exactly, and she also decided to have an extra cup of milk at night.

Nona thought she had it under control after using the chest strap, since her sister had never done anything that would be detrimental to her. Vera would always provide her with more things. She was her sister, after all.

“My truffles did strangely vanish last time, but I don’t think it was Sister that did it. Vera was right; it was my fault for not keeping an eye on them,” Nona told herself.

To Nona’s dismay, however, yesterday, she realised that her breasts were still perking out. They broke free of the chest strap’s restraints. She needed another size up. She couldn’t fit in the swimwear, so she had to make a new set. The problem was that the swimwear crafted in the palace was too old fashioned.

“It’s better to buy a set from outside. They’re cute; however, can I go out to buy a set…?” questioned Nona.

The swimwear was one of her problems. What concerned her most was why her breasts grew larger again. She did as her sister instructed. Why is it still futile, she wondered.

“If they get bigger and bigger, doesn’t that mean I’ll get further and further away from Dad’s heart? Wouldn’t that mean that Dad won’t like me anymore?! This is very bad… If only I could be like Vera… If I could be as flat as Vera, I could get closer to Dad and communicate better with him, right? Even if I’m not on Vera’s level, being like Daisy is fine, too… Why do mine have to be so large…? Why am I the only miserable one…?” Nona sulked to herself.

“What’s wrong, Nona? Does the swimwear not suit you?” asked Lucia, entering the room to see Nona sitting on the edge of the bed and sobbing despondently. She walked up to her daughter and gave her a hug. She asked, “What’s wrong, Nona? Why are you crying? Tell Mommy what’s the matter. Mommy will help you. Does the swimwear not suit you?”

Nona threw herself into her Mom’s arms and cried aloud: “No… Mom… They grew bigger again… They grew bigger again… Dad won’t like me anymore… What do I do…? Mom…? What do I do…? Dad won’t like me anymore. Dad won’t let me hug him anymore… What do I do, Mom…?”

Lucia stiffened up. She looked at her daughter with a dumbfounded look. Nona was her daughter; there was no mistaking that…Same with Vera… But for some reason, she couldn’t shake off the feeling that her two daughters both had aspects that were different to herself… They somewhat resembled her husband’s mother, who was also the woman she admired most, Queen Vyvyan. With regards to Vera, it was her mana. As for Nona, it was her breasts…

While Lucia wasn’t flat chested and was actually curvaceous, even with her petite body, her body was ordinary in comparison to Nier and Ling Yue. Lucia always had a bit of an inferiority complex due to her ordinary body. She looked at her daughter’s breasts that were still developing. They were already soft mounds. “This daughter of mine is going to be more frightening than me when she grows up,” Lucia realised.

Lucia immediately understood why her husband didn’t like Nona hugging him from behind. She was his daughter; but nonetheless, she was a woman, as well. Though he didn’t have to have any misgivings in the past, he couldn’t be so careless anymore. His daughter was gradually growing up. As her father, he should be more attentive.

“How am I going to tell this to my daughter, though? While she’s in her teens now, is it still too soon for me to touch on this topic with her? Should I tell her later on? It’s nothing to be ashamed about, because it’s something I’m proud of. After all, it’s proof my husband and I gave birth to an excellent daughter; but then, I can’t help but worry that I’ll lose something important if I do tell her. I’ll probably lose my pure and cute daughter. Breast growth should be allowed to run its natural course. This is also a sign that my daughter is growing up healthily,” pondered Lucia.

Honestly, compared to Nona’s concern, Lucia was more concerned about Vera never growing up. Her size made her appear as though she had a weak constitution, and it’d probably continue to develop with her descendants…

“If I don’t tell my daughter, however, how am I going to put her at ease?” Lucia pondered it for a moment then explained, “You don’t need to worry at all, Nona. This is very normal. Your body was bestowed upon you by Mommy and God, so there’s no need for you to mind it. The changes to your body are God’s will. You don’t have to worry.”

“But Dad doesn’t like it…”

“No… Your Dad likes them big… And he loves them big for that matter…”

Lucia discovered she was feeling somewhat jealous in the end. Troy told her that her body was nice on multiple occasions, but she noticed her husband was besotted with Nier’s breasts…

Nona’s tears turned into pleasant surprise. In a tone of excitement, she asked, “Really?! Is that true?! Mom! Is that really true?!”

Lucia smiled helplessly, and then touched her daughter’s head: “It’s true, Honey. Mommy knows your dad better than you do. Your dad really does like them big.”

“Yeah! That’s right!”


A few hours later in the dining hall.

Nona looked at her sisters with a proud look. She told her sisters what her mom told her. The three of them exchanged looks then quickly looked down at themselves. They then immediately glanced at their sister immediately next to them. Liu Yue then revealed a proud smile; Daisy let out a breath of relief. As for Vera, she looked at her sisters with a pale look. In a slightly embarrassed tone, Nona asked, “Sorry, Vera… What I meant was, mm… don’t you still have a few years?”

“Poor words of comfort are much more depressing than ridicule!! You have two lumps, do you?!!! I’m going to rub your boobies today! I’ll rub them out of existence today!”

“Wow.” Liu Yue whistled with pleasure. Seeing Vera lose her temper was truly a rare occurrence.


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