Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 62

We didn’t plan to stay up late at night, as we had to travel tomorrow. We turned  in while the fire was still burning. Since nobody would be coming and going from the desert, the place remained the dragon’s nest. No wild beast dared to wander into the area where the symbol of supreme power resided.

Perhaps my two moms were very tired, since they kept fighting. Ying also quickly fell deep asleep. I, on the other hand, gazed at the sky and spaced out. The sky was very clear after the sand dancing in the air cleared. The moon shone as it did in the past. The flames around crackled. The crackling sounded a little annoying on the night without anything in the sky. The people by the fire covered under blankets gently snored. Occasionally, the clear breeze would bring over the smell of sand and the chilly air of the desert. The stars overhead emitted a clear and cold light. Everything was the same. Everything I saw was the exact same as the past no matter where I went. I looked to my side, but the one who was once there was no longer there.

Luna had left for a long time, so long that I almost let go of her. However, I suddenly found a way to bring her back to my side. My blood and the dragon heart could repair all of her damaged parts and wake her up again. The abrupt good news rendered me as anxious as Ying. I wish I could immediately return to her and see her wake up again. I let her down. I really wanted to hold her tightly in my arms and repeatedly apologise to her countless times. I wanted to make it up to her. She should be by my side enjoying everything that I enjoyed.

I softly sighed. I held onto the heart, because I was afraid it’d get damaged, or I’d lose it. The heart was Luna’s last hope.

I suddenly heard something sliding through sand. I turned over to see Vyvyan lying next to me. She wanted to hug me from behind but panicked and abruptly stopped when I saw her. I smiled. I turned around to see Ying and Dragon Mom were asleep. Well, at least they weren’t moving. I took the initiative to extend my arm out and hug Mommy Vyvyan. She froze for a moment then shuddered. She curled up in my arms but didn’t dare to say a thing. Despite usually appearing venerable and proud, she appeared so small when curled up in my arms. She was totally different to her past self and appeared very pitiful.

I softly laughed: “Mom, what’s wrong? This isn’t like you. Don’t you always just hug me?”

Mommy Vyvyan quivered. She cautiously reached out to grab my hand and place it on her face. Her expression twitched. Only then did she touch my face without concern. I finally saw how sad her face was. She touched the scales on my face and, in a shaky voice, asked, “Son… Son… It’s been hard on you… It’s been hard on you… You… you’ve completely changed… Everything has changed… Do these scales… hurt…?”

Dragon Mom was very happy when she saw my scales. I never resembled a dragon by any measure, in the past, but I finally did. However, she didn’t care about how much agony I had gone through beneath it. She probably didn’t consider any pain as being unbearable. Moreover, with my dragon appearance, it’d indicate I was her son. Vyvyan, to the contrary, didn’t care about my magic or how strong I was. Instead, she asked if it hurt or not.

I felt an urge to tear up. I buried my head in Mommy Vyvyan’s chest. The familiar scent and gentle warmth enveloped me once again, causing me to lose control and shed tears. I tightly hugged Mom. Surprised, she exclaimed, and then instinctively hugged me. She hopelessly smiled and patted me on my back to sooth me. Voice soft, she said, “Son, you seriously still like to act coquettish, huh… It’s fine, though. It’s fine. I’m your mom. You can always act coquettish with Mommy… It’s all right. It’s all right, Son. It’ll be fine. Mommy will kiss the pain away.”

Mommy Vyvyan cupped my face and kissed the tears on my face. I hugged her tightly and softly sobbed, “Mom… Mom… I did it… I did it… I survived… I really managed to make it… I don’t have to leave you now… I can finally be by your side… I can finally always be by your side… I don’t have to worry anymore…”

“Uhm, uhm… Son… Son… Mommy was so scared… Mommy couldn’t imagine how Mommy would live without you… Mommy really didn’t know how Mommy was going to live those few days. If Elizabeth didn’t tell me that you still wanted to live, then Mommy really would’ve died… Son… Mommy doesn’t want anything… Mommy just wants to spoil you. Mommy just needs to hold you. Your warmth is Mommy’s greatest source of bliss.”

Mommy Vyvyan tightly hugged me and sobbed. Perhaps we were able to boldly release our yearning and feelings, since it was night time and it was just the two of us. Mommy Vyvyan sobbed. She pressed down on me and apologised quietly: “Sorry…Sorry… Son… Mommy is sincerely sorry… Sorry… Mommy shouldn’t have hurt you… Please… Please… Please don’t resent Mommy. Please don’t be angry with Mommy… Mommy was wrong… Mommy was wrong…”

I didn’t let Mommy Vyvyan finish. I had always wanted to try and see if you could actually reassure a female with a kiss when she was crying. Hence, I went and kissed her. Mommy Vyvyan widened her eyes. She jolted, but then she slowly closed her eyes and slowly began to respond to my kiss. To me, it was a bit overboard, since it was where my father was buried. Inard might have been where Mommy Vyvyan and I were kissing, missing home or something… I gave him strength right in front of him… To be honest, I felt I sinned… Having said that, the sinful aroused me even more.

I glanced in Ying and Dragon Mom’s direction one more time. The two had yet to wake up. I aggressively pressed Mommy Vyvyan down onto the ground. She looked at me, startled. She softly urged me not to do it: “Don’t… Son… not here… Ying… Ying is over there.”

“If not here, where can we do it in the future? We’ll be returning to the Imperial Palace after. Are you saying we’ll continue there?”

I grabbed the chest area of Mommy Vyvyan’s clothes and pulled it down in an irritated manner. I grabbed her boobs. She gently moaned. She turned her head to the side and covered her mouth with her hand. With tears in her eyes and, in a tone of concern, she asked, “Then, Son… can you forgive Mommy? Mommy will never hurt you again, promise…”

“You think I still can’t forgive you when I’m already doing this?”

Because my children are still breastfeeding, Lucia and Nier still had to take care of their meals. Obviously, Lucia considered breastfeeding a mother’s holy mission, so she refused to use anything to replace herself unless she naturally ran out. Nier sometimes also felt some pain if Daisy didn’t finish.

Vyvyan was in the same state as them. The reality was she was Vera’s biological mother. I quietly laughed as I looked at the liquid on my finger. I whispered, “Mom, it’s been hard on you… If I’m never around…”

“Hmm… I’m all right…”

“I won’t hold back, then…”


Mommy Vyvyan turned her head to look in Ying’s direction. She was somewhat nervous. Meanwhile, I didn’t pay that side any attention, and instead, went to work.

It was said that one’s soul would wander around their own tomb, crying and sighing about their life. What would my father say if he saw us right now, I wondered. I doubted he cared. How many times did he spare Vyvyan a look in the past. I was just a kid at the time. I was an adult at this point, but I was still Vyvyan’s son.

Mommy Vyvyan’s breathing slowly sped up. I didn’t know if she thought about her brother having once lived there or not, but I already knew she was unwilling to think about anything else at that point. It didn’t matter we were there.

I gently kissed Mom’s lips underneath the moonlight. Her pink lips glistened underneath the moonlight, a sight which could charm all men. She affectionately kissed me back. The two of us locked each other in our embraces. We were celebrating the fact that we didn’t have to separate; we celebrated the joy of our reunion and our love for each other.

She was deep asleep at night, because her wish was satisfied. However, neither of us noticed the dragon’s eyes slowly opening in the moment. She looked in our direction. It was just as I previously mentioned. The dragon had an awareness of everything that happened in the desert. The dragon was mindful of that sort of stuff. Naturally, she looked our way when we did it in the desert.

Slyvanas didn’t disturb the two of them. Instead, she silently watched them. The two of them didn’t notice her gaze. Nevertheless, the mother and son relationship in the dragon’s mind quietly underwent a drastic change. She thought, “So… a mother can do this with her child, I see…”

If I knew what would happen afterwards… I would never have done that with Mommy Vyvyan in Dragon Mom’s presence…


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