Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 61

I didn’t feel the pair of eyes would serve me much purpose. I had elven eyes, so my vision was superior to human sight. I didn’t know what different things could be seen through a dragon’s eyes. Perhaps they could see further than everyone else? What purpose would that serve? I only needed to be able to see those I loved. I only needed to see those around me. I was satisfied with just my North; I didn’t need to see any other lands out there.

Mommy Vyvyan nervously watched me. Voice serious, she said, “Son, Son, you should leave something for yourself, shouldn’t you? Every single part on a dragon is extremely valuable and precious to us. You’ve given Luna the heart, so you should at least save something for yourself, right?”

I shook my head. I held the eyes out to Ying, who was next to me. She froze. She correctly guessed what I was thinking. However, the pleasant surprise that came all of a sudden left her frantic and unsure of what to do. She was unable to speak. I noticed her paying attention to the eyes for a long time but didn’t dare to speak up, because it was what my mom gifted me. From both a business and private perspective, she had no way of speaking her mind. Nonetheless, I knew she really wanted them. She didn’t want them for herself but for Xia. Xia really needed a pair of eyes.

I, “Ying, give this pair of eyes to Xia. She needs them. If Xia can see, you’ll be able to guard me without concern, right?”

“WAIT!!” Mommy Vyvyan suddenly yelled out, startling Ying, which lead to her almost tossing them into the fire.

I forcefully shoved the pair of eyes into Ying’s hand. I looked at Mom. Mom looked at me at a total loss for what to do. Startled, she said, “Sorry… Son… I didn’t… I didn’t mean to yell at you… D-Don’t get angry… Son… Please, don’t get angry… I… I wasn’t yelling at you… It’s just… I just… want you to keep some for yourself, Son… This is very rare… With these eyes, you’ll be able to see great distances… You’ll be able to see more scenes… Why… do you want to… give them up…?”

I shook my head: “It’s all right, Mom.”

I touched my own eyes. I had the same eyes as Mommy Elizabeth’s. I compared our eyes before. Both my eye colour and eye shape were the exact same as hers. Though my Dragon Mom’s eyes weren’t ugly and the heteochromia nature had a cool chuunibyou feel to them, the last trace of Mommy Elizabeth on me was very precious to me. I couldn’t bear to give them up. I might not be able to see considerable distances, but I wanted to keep these eyes that were the exact same as Mommy Elizabeth’s.

Softly, I explained, “You and Mommy Elizabeth gave me these eyes. I have the vision of elves, and my eyes resemble Mommy Elizabeth’s. This is your gift to me. I don’t want to lose them. These eyes may not be able to see as far and as clear, but this is your gift to me. I don’t want to throw away your gift for me. I’ve lost my skin already, so I want to keep these eyes that are the same as yours.”

I thought that was a good reason.

I noticed that Mommy Vyvyan revealed a very consoled smile. She carefully reached out to touch my eyes. She softly responded, “I see… I see… Son… Mommy’s Son…. It’s all right… Okay, then, okay, then. Mommy understands now. Ying, give those eyes to Xia when we get back.”

Ying gave a firm nod. It was the first time that I saw excitement surface on her face. She pursed her lips and gave me a deep bow. She then sincerely thanked me, “Thank you very much, Your Majesty! Thank you very much!! Thank you very much! You have helped me far too much!! Thank you… Thank you so much!”

I shook my head with a smile: “It’s fine. Did you forget? You’re now my bodyguard. Your loyalty is very important to me, because you have to always be by my side in the future, so I should win your favour, right? I think it’s a good deal to exchange these eyes for your loyalty.”

Ying softly giggled, and then tightly grasped the eyes in her hand. She wore a very eager look. I knew she definitely wanted to return straight to the lighthouse and give her sister the eyes, but there was no need to rush. We’d leave when the sun is up.

Honestly, the scales didn’t feel too comfortable at night, so I decided to keep my movement to a minimum at night going forward.

Once matters here were settled, I shifted my line of sight to my two moms. They watched each other. The two of them still didn’t have a tinge of friendliness for the other. Maybe I should just straight up say they were hostile to each other. The only thing holding them back from fighting was me. I gently cleared my throat, “Let me introduce you two. This is the Queen of elves and my birth mother… mm… not entire, actually… She’s my mom who has raised me since I was young. This is, mm… my father’s mistress here?”

Dragon Mom was a little unhappy. She didn’t consider herself a mistress… But according to the logic that I’m familiar with and societal morals, then it was… certainly the case… My father dated Mommy Elizabeth first, and then married Mommy Vyvyan; then, he lived with Dragon Mom. Dragon Mom hadn’t been acknowledged by everyone, which meant she really was but a mistress…

“My name is Sylvanas Rovestia.”

Dragon Mom proudly puffed her chest out. I noticed Mommy Vyvyan’s gaze stop on those breasts that were larger than her own. She probably didn’t care before and only realised that Dragon Mom was more overpowered than she was in the cleavage department. Elves measure the qualifications of a mother based on breast size, so Vyvyan would proudly puff her own chest out. However, it was the fast time she tasted defeat…

Dragon Mom went on, “I am a dragon descendant. My husband is the Elven King, Inard.”

I glanced toward Vyvyan. To my surprise, however, the yandere Elven Queen, Vyvyan, didn’t show as much as a hint of displeasure…  My father was cold in the ground. Besides Mommy Elizabeth who still missed him, his sister had completely given up on him. And, I seem to be the one to blame… Even if the two didn’t fight, they did know each other then, nevertheless…  Mm… Let’s just consider them friends…

I gently cleared my throat again, “Okay, so let’s go to the next item on the agenda. Mommy Vyvyan, I don’t plan to stay here…”

Mommy Vyvyan revealed a smile of satisfaction. However, I then added, “Of course, there’s more. I don’t intend to leave M-, uh… umm… take Mommy Sylvanas… back to the North.”

“Unacceptable.” Mommy Vyvyan outright objected as I predicted she would. She looked at me with a stern look: “That’s absolutely unacceptable. Don’t even think about it. Son, though the North is yours and Mommy has no right to object, I won’t allow you to bring her back or for her to come with you. Of course, I could let you bring her back if I didn’t care about your feelings, because she’ll definitely die if you take her back. I can ignore Inard’s affair, because I just need you; however, do you think Elizabeth can forgive her? The dedication that Elizabeth treats her feelings with is much more frightening than you think. Elizabeth will actually kill her. I guarantee it.”

That, I knew. Elizabeth still cared for Inard. If I brought Dragon Mom back, Elizabeth would definitely fight her to the death, and it wasn’t going to be easy to stop the two of them. I deliberated it for a while then replied, “I’ll bring her to Troy City first, then…”

“Not going!” Dragon Mom objected before I could finish. She folded her arms and angrily looked at me. She firmly exclaimed, “I will go where my son goes. I would rather stay here if I am not with my son!”

“Ah, shit…” I thought.

Troubled, I scratched my head. Vyvyan snickered: “You just stay, then. You’re the last dragon, so you should hang with your dead friends. Stay here and look at your civilisation that’s been reduced to dust until you become dirt, too!”

“My son will stay here, too, then!”

“Dream on!”

The two of them were on the verge of fighting again. I scratched my head. Although it would only require a word from me to bring Dragon Mom, the things that’d happen afterwards as a consequence would be troublesome… First, there was Mommy Elizabeth, then there was Nier, then Lucia was probably going to get involved. And, my daughters would have to meet a grandma they’d never met… There really was a lot to deal with.

I still wanted to try. Scratch that. I had to try. If it didn’t work out, I could bring Dragon Mom back. I couldn’t stay in the desert; my Troy City strategy was out. If I brought her back, I’d have to let her stay in the Imperial Palace…

Dragon Mom’s fight with Mommy Elizabeth would practically be inevitable… I’d just have to try and convince them to stop for my sake when it came down to it. Mommy Elizabeth still missed Inard, but it had been a long time already and Inard’s son, yours truly, was right by her side. It shouldn’t be too serious… I hoped so.

In any case, I needed to stop Dragon Mom and Vyvyan from fighting first and foremost… If the two of them fought again, it was going to be one the scale of a terrorist attack… If my three moms fought in the North, then congratulations me. My Imperial Palace would be reduced to dust particles, and I’d have to migrate back to Troy City with my entire family…


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