Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 63

The sun came up early in the desert; it comes up earlier than it does in the North. When I just began to fall asleep in Mommy Vyvyan’s embrace, she gently shook me awake. She looked at me with pity, but, indeed, it was time for us to get going. I had nothing to complain about, since I was really eager to go to Luna’s grave and revive her. Hence, I didn’t mind waking up a little earlier.

Dragon Mom threw an animal I’d never seen before me again. She then tore open its gut and grilled it. Mommy Vyvyan whined about the breakfast that consisted solely of meat. Previously, she always had milk, bread, berries and other things for breakfast, after all. Consequently, it was a little hard for her to accept.

Vyvyan wanted to eat something juicy. Dragon Mom took that into consideration, as well. She pulled a few leaves off a tree nearby and tossed them to Vyvyan. Vyvyan blankly looked at the leaves. She had never been so offended before. If I didn’t stop her with all of my might, she seriously would’ve exchanged it with the dragon.

I fed the White Deer King the leaves one by one. I figured I should stop pampering the White Deer King so much; otherwise, everybody would feed her. After finishing the leaves, she went up to the edge of the lake and had a drink. The White Deer King was aware we had to go on a long journey today, so she fully prepared herself.

“So, the plan for today goes as follows: Mommy Vyvyan, I’d like you, Mommy Sylvanas and Ying to head to back to the lighthouse first to pick up Xia, and then head back to the Imperial Palace. I will go and revive Luna first. Mommy Vyvyan, it’s all right for me to use the spell you previously taught me, right?”

With a smile, Mommy Vyvyan replied, “It’ll be fine, Son. You are now a legitimate descendant of the Galadriel Tribe. You can do it with your mana now. You need the dragon’s heart, your own blood and your own mana. Of course, I think the mana in your blood is sufficient.”

Dragon Mom looked at Vyvyan with a tinge of annoyance. She remarked, “I am not willing to carry this person on my back. Since she is the Elven Queen, why can she not fly?”

Vyvyan dawdled for a moment. She then flew up to the sky and fumed, “You think I can’t fly?! You think, I, the ruler of elves can’t fly? Anybody can fly as long as they have adequate mana!!”

Dragon Mom rolled her eyes. She then indifferently stated, “Thou can fly on thy own, then.”

The corner of Vyvyan’s mouth twitched. I knew why Mommy Vyvyan felt so awkward. It was because, while elves could fly, the truth was that they were just commanding wind element. It would be tough to fly from our location to the lighthouse even with Mommy Vyvyan’s level of mana. Back then, Lucia used the ground for recoil and the wind elves to give herself a boost; else, she would’ve run out of mana rapidly.

“Let’s do that, then.”

I decided to agree to Dragon Mom’s request.

Dragon Mom pursed her lips. Hopeless, she said, “Since my Son has said that… If thou dare touch my scales, I shall throw thou off.”

“Your scales aren’t even as nice to the touch as Earth Dragon scales. Your scales look ugly and are uncomfortable to touch. As if I’d want to touch them.”

Dragon Mom coldly snorted.  Her scales weren’t Ling Yue’s tail; Ling Yue’s tail was invulnerable to criticism. However, Dragon Mom wouldn’t let someone’s demeaning comments about her tail rile her up.

Dragon Mom put some distance between her and I. She then roared where she stood. I watched on my eyes and mouth wide. I had never seen her transform in front of my eyes. It was the first time I witnessed her transformation. It was different to the impression I had in mind…

The image of transforming I had in mind was starting the transformation from the tail then upwards… Dragon Mom’s transformation started from her head… When others transformed into dragons, the process looked magnificently poetic. Dragon Mom’s transformation resembled a horror scene more than a magnificent one… Watching her transform from her perfect human form into an enormous dragon… ended fantasies. She did transform into the enormous dragon I was familiar with in the end, though. Logic would dictate she was ten years younger – courtesy of Inard’s Time Reversal Spell – but I couldn’t tell if there was any difference. Ten years must’ve been the equivalent of ten minutes from her perspective.

Dragon Mom slowly lied down. Although she wore a look of contempt, Vyvyan walked up on her wings, and then grabbed her scales. Mommy Vyvyan wouldn’t rip them off… only because there was nothing else to hold on to. Technically, I hadn’t ridden a dragon before… Last time, Dragon Mom clutched me in her claws and flew to her home.

Ying climbed up onto Dragon Mom’s back, too. Dragon Mom turned her head around to look at me affectionately. She teased my face with her nose, and I caressed her face. I sent her off in a soft voice: “Safe travels.”

Dragon Mom nodded: “Same to you.”

Dragon Mom then stood up. I watched her flap her wings in big motions. I somewhat regretted not putting more distance between her. I watched her as if I was an idiot. I really, really regretted doing that, because the White Deer King and I were treated to a face slap of sand. By the time Dragon mom took off, we were smothered with sand.

“Huff…” The White Deer King irritably shook off the sand, throwing it onto me. She glared at me

I smiled helplessly; I caressed her neck and apologised, “Sorry. I honestly didn’t expect that… You don’t need to be angry, do you? I’m covered in sand, too, whoa…”

The White Deer King didn’t waste her breath on me. Instead, she grabbed my clothes and dragged me over to the water. She head butt me into the water before jumping into the water, as well.  Judging from her reaction, the White Deer King must’ve been really reluctant to run around whilst covered in sand.

The two of us soon returned to the shore. The White Deer King vigorously shook out her body drenched in water, while I used magic to dry my clothes before putting on my hood and mounting her. I rode off in a different direction to my moms.

The White Deer King was very fast; I think it was almost as fast as Dragon Mom soaring through the sky. I needed to head to Luna’s grave and revive her before bringing her back with me. I needed to try and reach the North the same time as Dragon Mom. After all, there was the risk Elizabeth and Vyvyan would team up to slay her.

We rushed out of the desert. I got used to the scorching heat in the desert; still, as we entered the forest, I was immediately enveloped in the cold moist air. When I last entered the desert, I was practically dead. I was lying down on the White Deer King’s back and incapacitated. Thankfully, I returned to the elven lands in my best shape ever. It had only been a month, yet my body had changed from head to toe. I genuinely thought I was done for. I thought there wasn’t any cure. Being able to find the dragon, bath in her blood and acquire life felt as though fate had set the course for me long ago. It wasn’t time for me to make my exit yet.

I was gifted body not only impervious to blades, but could also handle the usage of magic. The thing was, I didn’t know what I should do next. I didn’t need to conquer any more land. At most, I’d just convince humanity and elves to merge together. That had nothing to do with me, nonetheless. It was on the two Queens to sort out. There was no point in me, the King of a third power, getting involved.

So, I wondered what I should do with the strength Dragon Mom granted me. I didn’t have anything in mind. Regardless of what the case may be, I was able to protect those around me. I wouldn’t have to hide behind my guards or moms if something happened again. I’d be able to stand up for myself.

There was still some way to go before reaching Luna’s grave; but nonetheless, I was able to reach the place she once lived at thanks to the White Deer King’s swift speed. The field of flowers was particularly beautiful with the sunset as a backdrop. Some water had already condensed on some flowers and sprinkled the fields underneath the sunset.

The White Deer King slowed down. She apparently liked the field of flowers and couldn’t bear to tread through it. We came over from the place Luna once worked. I went into the building on a whim, but there was nobody left in the building constructed from stone. There were thin spider webs spun on their God’s statue. I looked at the empty building. Honestly, it felt somewhat lonely. The place died along with the village that vanished.

Luna once lived, laughed and cried there. It had been so long since I last saw her smile. Luna’s smile became just a vague memory comparable to an old photo in my mind. Have I almost forgotten Luna, I wondered. I love her so much. I swore I’d never forget her, but everything associated with her was akin to film strips that were fading from my mind piece by piece. I couldn’t allow myself to forget her. I absolutely mustn’t. Admittedly, she gradually faded from my memory.

It was time to bring her back. Luna left for long enough. It was time to come back. I no longer lacked anything, and she no longer needed to take care of me in another’s nation any longer. She was no longer the Prince’s personal servant; she was the King of a nation’s personal servant.

I left the shrine and slowly walked up to her tomb. Perhaps I managed to quickly locate it, since it hadn’t been long since my last visit. Luna rested in peace below the small tombstone in front of the mound of dirt. Vyvyan froze her time when I buried her, allowing me to still see her whenever I dug her up. The reality was that Luna’s body was brutally battered. Her organs had been damaged to varying degrees. However, it shouldn’t be difficult to repair them with a dragon’s heart and blood.

I reached out and grabbed a handful of dirt. I didn’t have a shovel, so I used my hands to dig up the dirt covering the casket. I told myself, “I’ll break the casket with my bare hands. I’ll bring Luna out with these hands and snatch her back from the death god on that side!”


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