Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 16

Blood didn’t make up the entirety of mana. Mana was a necessity for elves, but something humans couldn’t comprehend no matter how they tried. Mana used blood in an elf’s body as a medium to travel, and it maintained the functions within an elf’s body. Mana was also the reason elves were immune to humanity’s illnesses, the reason for their longer lifespan in addition to the reason they can utilise magic.

Mana was formless, invisible and without an odour; however, it genuinely existed in this world and was stored within the body of elves. Therefore, it could escape their body along with their blood. Needless to say, it could also be released via magic deployment. The reason dark elves were dark elves was because they stole mana from other elves in order to purify their mana. They used a magical formation to extract the mana from an individual’s body. The Galadriel Tribe had a grasp on the magic technique, which meant Vyvyan could also employ it.

The magic formation before Vyvyan emitted a dangerous red light from the ground. She could faintly see a trail running along the ground, through the Earth and reappearing in the forest. It then flowed to the centre of Duargana and extended its reach beyond. If one were to look down from above with a bird’s-eye view, one would see Duargana enclosed in a five-corner star magic formation after the trail appeared. The magic formation enclosed Duargana, and the red trails that created the five-corner star connected the magic formation together. Visibly, then, it created a thin red light from atop Duargana.

If you drew the formation on a victim then drew your body onto a formation, the victim’s mana collected in the body of the one who harmed the victim. That was the magic transfer formation. The method wouldn’t kill the victim; however, it’d leave them in an extremely weakened state due to inadequate mana levels. Hence, the user wouldn’t kill with it. That explained why the Galadriel Tribe, a tribe of dark elves, became the strongest elves without requiring blood.

From the Galadriel Tribe’s perspective, killing people to extract their blood was a pointless endeavour, for the reason that keeping them to infinitely absorb their mana was the best strategy. That was why Vyvyan used five of those magic formations to situate Duargana underneath her formation, basically locating everyone below the formation where she consumed magic. The catch was she didn’t intend to draw the recipient formation on herself.

Vyvya destroyed the entire Tower of Heaven. She tore apart the so-called God with her bare hands. He didn’t look so mighty. Perhaps it was also because he never expected her to attack him. Actually, with over ten years of tempering, she had tempered her mana to the point it was the same as a pure-blue flame. Killing gods was a matter of choice to Vyvyan. God was just a body of mana. It wasn’t hard to defeat him as long as she knew how to counter him.

Vyvyan was in incredible pain due to consuming God’s mana. She finally learnt the reason she had to first give up a body of flesh to become a god. It was because she didn’t know what to do with the surge of mana. Her eyes couldn’t turn back to blue. She completely awoke her dark elf blood.

Slaughter, mana and destruction motivated dark elves. Nobody could maintain a perfect soul after killing. Would elves who lost their conscience and soul still have anything they needed to protect? Vyvyan was different to ordinary dark elves, though. She wasn’t an aimless walking being. She abandoned her soul and conscience her son’s sake. She gave up the throne the Galadriel Tribe had occupied for centuries and even the denizens she once loved. Obviously, she saw all of those things as trivial things. She could give up anything as long as she could have her son. She could kill one person, ten people and even a city of people. She was willing to do anything to have her son.

Vyvyan peered at the sky. The sun was setting. She was done with her task for the day. She had plans to become a god, but she sort of lost control, and that was the state of affairs. She figured it was fine, nevertheless. She absorbed his blood, granting her sufficient mana to draw the formations. She could provide her son with an entire city’s population’s mana, and Duargana’s people would never wither. Her son could return to normal as long as she drew the formation on her son’s body.

“This is why I’m Troy’s Mom. I’m forever his Mom. Elizabeth, Lucia, Nier, Ling Yue and whoever else, are all but waste before me. I am the only one who can save Troy. My Troy must rely on me. I can sacrifice everything in exchange for his well-being, but others can’t. Therefore, no matter who they are, no matter who is by my son’s side, I will forever be his irreplaceable Mom. So what if it’s Lucia or Elizabeth? I’m the only one who can save my son when he’s in a crisis. In the end, I’m the only one who can be with him.

I’m his mother. I’ll protect him forever and come to his aid when he needs me, because I’m his Mom. I should, therefore, give everything to him, be it this world, my body or soul or even both of them. I can fearlessly go through with anything, including completely converting into a pure dark elf, as I live for my son.

These lowly elves should be glad that they had the privilege of eventually becoming a part of the Galadriel Tribe’s noble lineage,” Vyvyan reasoned.

Vyvyan vanished from the ground after an explosion sound, leaving just the blood-red formation and leaves blowing fiercely in the wind… The entire city and Duargana was Vyvyan’s pastureland. She viewed her people as mere beasts compared to her son.


Nier and Tanya looked up at the city doors before them. Duargana’s city doors were the same as before. Elven soldiers and the imperial guards tightened the doors  security, as night was falling. Additionally, there was no longer a line of people lined up. For them to head over then, meant that they would have to come face to face with the elven soldiers.

The elves acknowledged Troy and Lucia, but they may not acknowledge me. I’m sure that the elves consider Lucia to be the only Princess. As a human, I’m bound to not be welcomed,” analysed Nier.

Scaling the city walls wouldn’t simple matter. Plus, Nier didn’t think she could avoid the elves inspection magic.Tanya quietly said, “What do we do, Royal Princess? Shall we slaughter our way in? If His Majesty is in the Imperial Palace, he would likely come out if he were to hear our voices. You are his beloved Royal Princess. There is no way he would not show himself.”

Nier shook her head: “I don’t think that my husband is at Duargana. If Vyvyan was so confident, that means that she’s put my husband under house arrest already. If that’s the case, charging in would be straight up suicide. As soon as we strike, the elves will have a reason to kill us, so we can’t be the ones to initiate.”

Somewhat displeased about Nier’s hesitation, the White Deer King raised its head then snorted twice and stamped its feet. It was out of patience and wanted to go in. Nier was somewhat surprised to see the deer’s behaviour. It took her a moment to understand what it was trying to express. Once she understood what it was suggesting, she patted it: “Let’s go.”

The elves might not recognise Nier, but there was no doubt they recognised the White Deer King, for it was their Prince’s steed. Seeing the White Deer King meant they’d definitely recognise that it was Prince Troy.

The White Deer King stamped its feet. It trained its eyes on the door and sped up. Tanya’s horse barely kept up with it from behind. The horse seemed to be in extreme discomfort. Nier pulled over a cloak and covered her face. She leaned down onto White Deer King, and they rushed to the doors.

“If this works, it’d be the most perfect strategy,” Nier thought.

A door guard noticed a white object charging towards them. As soon as he went to call out, the imperial guard yanked him aside. All they could do was watch the white silhouette and horse behind it rush into the centre. The elven guard looked at the imperial guard with a dumbfounded countenance and yelled, “What is the meaning of this?! Why did you do that?! They forced their way into our Imperial Capital of Duargana! That is a crime that would incur the death sentence! Why did you let them in?!”

The imperial guard irritably smacked the door guard on his helmet: “You fool. That’s the Elven Prince, Troy Galadriel! Didn’t you see the White Deer King? You think anybody can ride it? Only His Highness can ride it, so it must be His Highness. Something in the Imperial Palace must’ve happened if he went that fast. You think we’d dare to stop him? If the stopped him, Prince Troy and Queen Vyvyan would punish us!”

“What about the one behind him, then…?”

The Imperial Guard looked in the direction of the silhouettes that vanished a while ago. He licked his lips and nostalgically replied, “If they could follow behind His Highness, they must be his bodyguard. You think His Highness would run around alone? In short, it was His Highness. What he’s doing must be related to the imperial family. We shouldn’t involve ourselves. I hope that he can sort it out. Come to think of it… His Highness has not been home in a long time…”

Nier and Tanya rushed into a small corner then removed their cloaks. Nervous, they panted. The White Deer King proudly stamped its feet and snorted as though it was trying to ask for credit. Nier rubbed its head, and then shifted her gaze over to the Imperial Palace.

The palace wasn’t the city doors.  There was no way they could charge through. However, Nier didn’t need to. She only needed to find out if her husband was inside or not.


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