Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 15

“Miss Freya…”

Freya turned around to look at Gerald. With a smile, she asked, “What’s wrong, Gerald?”

Gerald wore a distressed expression. Freya’s eyes were totally different to how they were in the past. Her eyes used to be eccentric and mischievous, but they contained madness and ruthlessness ever since Troy left. He took in a deep breath and, in a firm tone, answered, “Miss Freya, I think there is a problem with what you are doing. I know you are very sad about His Majesty’s passing, but you should not do something that would ruin this empire because of that. His Majesty gave everything he had to establish this empire. This is where he wanted to realise his dream. How can you do this?

Killing the nobles and forcefully collecting taxes might be acceptable at Troy City, but the North lacks any savings. Furthermore, you conscripted a large number of males and forced them to construct this park with the statue. How are the denizens of the North supposed to develop if you rob them? The original inhabitants of the North thought decently of us until now, because you are destroying this place with what you are doing. Moreover, what are we going to do about Karana and Nara? We have to repay our loans.”

Freya berated Gerald with a smile. She walked up to him and grabbed his shirt where his chest was. She gently touched his abdomen and softly asked, “Gerald, how is your wound? If you’ve recovered, do you want to try again?”

“No… I… I… What I meant was… You… you should calm down… You cannot destroy the entire North! This is His Majesty’s North! This is the inheritance His Majesty left behind! How are you going to face him if you destroy it?! You must come to your senses!”

Freya belted, “His Majesty is already dead!!!!! My brother is no longer here! This is what he left me! Shouldn’t my brother be remembered? Since this empire belongs to my brother, this empire’s gold, treasures and the lives of its people, consequently, all belong to him! Since my brother is no longer here, what right to they have to enjoy all of this?! Let it be destroyed! I developed the North to provide my brother with a nice place so that his family could have a peaceful home, but look at it now. My brother is no longer here, so what’s the point of me developing the North? Gerald, I don’t want to hear any criticisms of what I’ve done. They’re not me.

You keep prattling about how you can understand me, but can you really?! Can you people truly understand how much I’m hurting?! You don’t understand me! You’re not me; you can’t understand me!!! I don’t have any family. My only family was my brother; sadly, he’s no longer here. I have nobody left. What do I need to care about when I no longer have a family? Gerald, if I hear you criticise what I’m doing again, I’ll have you killed, as well. There’s nothing that I can or can’t do anymore. It no longer matters to me what I do.”

Freya walked off, leaving a dumbfounded Gerald standing there. Gerald blankly watched Freya leave. He didn’t dare to utter another word. Freya was serious; she really could kill him. She no longer cared about anybody. She could most certainly kill anybody she wanted, including Gerald. Freya’s gaze didn’t contain a tinge of emotion. It was as though she died along with Troy.

Freya checked around, and then entered Troy’s room. She locked the door and removed her clothes. The young girl’s yet to fully develop body was exposed under the moonlight. Freya checked out her body. She gently stroked her body, and then fell onto Troy’s bed.

Freya tightly grabbed onto his bed sheet and boldly sniffed the scent on it. Troy’s scent still lingered on his pillow. She wasn’t sure if her brother’s scent always faintly lingered due to his half-elf blood. She wrapped herself up with his bed sheet and greedily enjoyed the lingering scent.

The room never changed, and Freya prohibited anybody from touching the room. She didn’t allow anybody to wash the items inside. Sure, things eventually collected dust, but they carried Troy’s scent. Freya wrapped herself up tight as though Troy was tightly hugging her. She sobbed, “Brother… Brother… My beloved brother… My most beloved brother… My most beloved brother… *Sob*… Brother… Brother… Brother’s hand…”

Freya dipped her hand into the blanket and gently rubbed herself, causing her lower body to shudder intensely as if she was electrocuted. She panted and panted, desperately trying to smell Troy’s scent. The room’s ambience eventually turned erotic. A warm smell carrying the young girl’s fragrance gradually came from within.

Freya’s vision started to grow hazy. Her mind went blank. She was once in the same predicament as Luna, but she only felt pain in the past. That night, however, when her brother held her in the hot springs, the bliss practically melted her. It was the first time she felt as though she’d be able to experience something so delightful. The blissful feeling was still there even days after. She reminisced the feeling that time again.

Freya’s brother was gone, but as long as she was here, she could feel that blissful feeling. She didn’t know when it started, but she began masturbating one night when she smelt her brother’s scent. From then on, she began to indulge in it.

“Ugh!! Brother!! Brother! Brother! Brother!!!” Freya cried.

All the muscles in Freya’s entire body contracted. Her body began to convulse intensely. Her warm body fluids wet the bed. Her body continued to tremble intensely while her eyes rolled back into her head. The erotic pheromones in the air became as prominent as could be. She bit the bed sheet with all her might to sniff her brother’s scent and drooled onto the sheets. She vigorously licked the bed sheets and panted. Her sluggish eyes showed that only her final instincts remained. She tightly gripped the sheets and had a long respite.

It took a while for Freya’s breathing to return to normal. She slowly undid the blanket and looked at the sheets drenched in her sweat and saliva. She suddenly realised the sheets would be covered with her scent. Nevertheless, she was too tired to bother thinking about anything. Her brother’s clothes, cape and cloak were still in the cupboard next to her anyway. She just needed to stay there for a while longer.

Freya softly panted, but she eventually felt cold, so she wrapped herself in the blanket and reached down again. It was very different to when she did it with her brother, but it felt quite nice, nonetheless. It was still her brother’s scent, after all. She told herself, “This is good enough… This is good enough… This is good enough…”

Freya didn’t open the cupboard; otherwise, she wouldn’t have noticed the cloak he liked best – which was the one Nier first gave him – was missing.


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