Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 17

“Good evening, Son. Were you a good boy during the day?”

“Uhm, welcome home, Mom.”

Vyvyan appeared at the dinner table on time with a smile in the evening. I looked at Mom and then plate before me. I was familiar with the dish. Mommy Vyvyan’s dish was delicious as always. However, I didn’t have an appetite. Eating was the last thing on my mind. I wanted to bring up my discovery, but I didn’t dare to when I saw Mom’s blood-red eyes.

Mom cut the meat pie in front of her. The juicy meat spilt forth. She placed a piece into her mouth and leisurely chewed it. I could literally imagine the scene of Mom grinding it into mush with her teeth, and then the meat broth inside dispersing the same way as the poor deer’s neck. I felt nauseous when I imagined it. Sure, I killed before, but I never ate somebody. At night, I bit into Mom’s neck the same way she bit into the deer. I probably greedily sucked out her blood, too.

“What’s wrong, Son? You look as though you don’t have a good appetite. Are you not feeling well today? Mm… You didn’t replenish much of your mana last night. Is that why you’re feeling tired now? It’s all right, Son, I have found a way to treat the root of your problem. You will soon be able to return to the North to live.”

I was stunned. I placed my fork and knife down. The abrupt news left me speechless. I was so delighted and consoled that I nearly passed out. I found the result I most wanted all of a sudden. I didn’t know what Mom was up during the day, but she really did it! If that was my limit as a hybrid elf and human, then Vyvyan just shattered my limit and allowed me to live on. As if I had the foggiest idea what Mommy Vyvyan did. Regardless, she just revived me from the dead.

Trembling and sounding as if I was crying, I questioned, “Really?”

Mom solemnly nodded: “Really. Would Mommy lie to you about this sort of thing? Mommy is your Mommy, so Mommy will definitely save you. I will succeed where others have failed. That’s what makes me your Mommy. Son, do you understand now? No matter what you do and regardless of how you are, Mommy will be able to help you. Mommy can save you. Mommy is your Mommy. Mommy will always protect you and love you for eternity.”

Those were very heart-warming words, and Mommy Vyvyan had a successful track record of backing those words up. For some reason, nevertheless, her blood-red eyes on me exuded a frightening vibe. Imagine knowing a wild beast was staring at a sheep, and imagine how that sheep felt. I felt the way the sheep would’ve felt. I felt as if Mom would rip me apart as she did with the meat pie. It was no longer the love of a mother for her son, but an overwhelming possessive feeling. Mom evidently underwent some sort of change. Those eyes… were dangerous.

The passionately burning eyes erased all of the delight in me. Nobody would be happy to be faced with danger. I gradually calmed down to think. The questions I had were, “So, what did Mommy Vyvyan do in the end? How did she resolve my body’s problem in the span of one day?”

It wasn’t as though Mom didn’t want to revert back her blood-red eyes. It was most likely because it was impossible. How would she explain it if the maids saw them? Blood-red eyes were a symbol of a dark elf. The Galadriel Tribe was powerful enough to hide their red eyes and their dark elven traits. If she couldn’t change her eyes back, wouldn’t mean she was no longer an ordinary elf?!

If Mom reverted to a dark elf through and through, she’d need to suck blood monthly just as vampires and demons did among the elves. She wouldn’t receive any sympathy or be treated with kindness. They’d only hunt and despise her. How was Mommy Vyvyan going to be the elven ruler in that state? The elves wouldn’t allow a dark elf to continue ruling them.

I struggled to ask, “Mom… how exactly… did you…?”

Mom froze for a moment. Her smile froze on her face. She thoughtlessly replied, “It’s a little difficult to explain. This is a magic spell our tribe passed down. You don’t have to worry, Son. There won’t be any side effects, and there won’t be any pain. I just need to draw a tiny magic formation.”

I decided to just come out with it: “Mom… did you… kill?”

Mom completely froze in her chair with a stupefied look. The air in the room instantly froze and fell silent. She stared at me with her blood-red eyes. Even the green elven flame dimmed its light out of fear. I couldn’t see Mommy Vyvyan’s expression in her dark shadow. She didn’t move, but she released a terrifying aura and overpowering murderous intent… Breaking the silence, Mom asked, “Did you find out, Son?”

Her voice shattered the terror that almost caused me to flee. She let out a heavy sigh: “Yes, I did, Son. Mommy is also a dark elf. Mommy will subconsciously kill people when Mommy loses too much mana…”

“You’re lying!” While keeping my eyes on Mom, I slammed the table and got to my feet, startling Vyvyan. My legs were still quaking, but I forced myself to calm down and shouted, “It was premeditated! You wouldn’t have changed the maids daily, otherwise! You wanted to suck their blood, and then have me suck yours!”

Vyvyan slammed the table and got up: “So what if I did?! Am I supposed to just watch you wither and die?!”

Vyvyan eyes showed that she felt wrong and that she regretted her decision. Her gaze almost made me want to admit that I was wrong. She elaborated, “I won’t do it again, Son. I’ve found a way to resolve your problem.  I won’t kill this time, and you don’t need to worry about a thing. Mommy promises not to kill again!”

My eyes gleamed with a tinge of distrust. I took in a deep breath:“Okay, then. Please tell me where the mana used to maintain my life is coming from this time. You are physically incapable of handling it. Where is the mana sourced? Mom, please do not lie to me. If you still consider me your child, please do not lie to me, I will feel tormented.”

Mommy Vyvyan’s lips trembled for a while. She softly replied, “… From Duargana…”

Mom’s response was very quiet and almost put the flames out. I didn’t say another word and neither did Mom. The two of were immersed in the painful tension and terrifying silence. I looked at Mom and took in a deep breath. I rubbed my face and broke the silence: “Mom… I want to leave… I want to run away from home.”


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