Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 14

I threw the shovel down; eyes on the animal corpse in front of me, I fell into deep thought. The deer’s corpse was complete, but it had shrivelled, and resembled the mould of an animal. It definitely didn’t decay due to being dead for a long time. Instead, it was in this shape before it was buried. I flipped the corpse over and noticed its neck was ripped. However, the culprit didn’t seem to plan to eat the deer. They appeared to merely want to suck the poor deer’s blood and liquids.

On the surface, I appeared to be pondering who was responsible. Deep down, I knew well and truly who was responsible. A few days ago, Mom tidied up that part of the flower garden. I didn’t even need to think about it to figure out Mom killed the deer. Mom sucked an innocent deer dry after I sucked her blood.

The Galadriel Tribe was a tribe of dark elves. Dark elves needed to suck blood. The only differing factor was we suck blood to absorb mana; I absorbed Mom’s mana, so Mom must’ve subconsciously gone sucking blood when she lacked mana.

“Your Highness!! What is th-”

I answered, “It’s all right. Some wild animal probably killed this poor animal and buried it here to eat later.”

I didn’t plan to reveal the truth. I couldn’t let the elves find out the Galadriel Tribe was a tribe of dark elves. More importantly, I couldn’t let them know about Mom’s condition. I decided to bury the secret. Mom suffered mana deprivation for my sake. I hoped Mom only killed the unlucky animals in the vicinity.

“Wait, wait…” I cut myself off. I suddenly realised that if Mom had begun to hunt animals… I remembered I continued to suck more and more blood. I pondered, “Can Mom sustain her requirements with just one deer?  Mom’s eyes turn blood-red more and more often. I think Mom is now much more frightening than when she sucked the blood of a deer. Also, why did Mom have to change the maids daily…?”

I felt a cold chill up my spine. I thought of the most likely and most terrifying possibility. I continued with my analysis: “Were the maids switched daily, or were they unable to return after coming here? Did Mom call them here to use them to replenish her mana at night? That would mean that I’m not sucking Mom’s blood, but the mana she produced after sucking these innocent girls dry? Did Mom suck dry those girls and the one who bore a striking resemblance to Luna just as the deer was? Was their corpse then buried somewhere?”

Mommy Vyvyan was a benevolent and just Queen; she wasn’t a tyrant. The prerequisite was that Mom and something involving me must not be in the same equation. I was positive Mom would never suck another elf’s blood for her own sake. If it was for my sake, on the other hand, she most certainly would. Mom could destroy the entire world for me, let alone killing a few people.

I sat in the chair by the side and spaced out while looking at the corpse before me. The maids were a little disgusted and unwilling to approach the corpse. I breathed slowly; a cold chill went up my spine. I seriously deliberated it. I had never suspected my current lifestyle. After realising what was going on behind the scenes, I doubted whether or not I should live with Mommy Vyvyan.

Previously, I thought about how to live with Vyvyan; however, I seriously wondered if I could live with her at the going rate. Mommy Vyvyan was a benevolent Queen. She was a gentle and pure individual when she wasn’t with me. She would never kill the innocent for her own sake if I wasn’t involved. If she continued with what she was doing, though, how many more people would she kill? Would she still be able to resist her dark elven instinct? Would she be able to return to normal afterwards?’

I was in my pitiful state, because I rescued Mommy Elizabeth. If Mommy Vyvyan had to become a crazed blood-sucking demon for me to live an ignoble existence, then I might as well leave. I didn’t want to ruin my Mommy Vyvyan. She should leave her mark in history as the eternally perfect Queen, and not become a demon for my sake. I couldn’t ruin her reputation. I didn’t want to ruin my Mom for my own sake when I barely had half of my life intact. It was better for me to leave.

If I could escape my fate through death, then I’d have to face it. Living out an ignoble would destroy those around me. Not everybody can face death, particularly when one could live, yet must choose death. I was different, nevertheless. I died once, and I knew why I should die.

I stood up. I looked at the sun overhead and took in a deep breath. Mom wasn’t going to return until night time. I decided to speak to her then.


Elizabeth took in a big breath and slowly sat up from her bed. The intense pain radiating from her chest almost dropped her to the ground. She stroked her chest. She was lucky her broken ribs didn’t pierce her heart. She had broken several ribs and shouldn’t be standing up; but nonetheless, she couldn’t wait anymore.

Elizabeth didn’t want to continue waiting. She didn’t want to leave her son; she just wanted to live a slow-paced life with him no matter what sort of life it was. She just wanted to be with her son. She abandoned her son ten years ago for the empire. What was her reason for abandoning her son this time? Elizabeth could wage a war against another race for him ten years ago. There was no need for a war between two races this time. Only two people were needed. Her son was snatched from her right before her eyes. Nobody could forgive Vyvyan for that. Not even their decade-long friendship was an adequate reason to forgive her.

Elizabeth was very anxious. She wanted to go the elven lands sooner. The sooner the better. She was cognizant she might not be able to defeat Vyvyan in her current state. Vyvyan was a demi-god, who was incredibly skilled with magic, and her prowess with a sword isn’t inferior to her own. However, Elizabeth wasn’t after a victory.

Elizabeth merely didn’t want to have to have a second regret for another dozen years. She abandoned her son back then. The decision became a regret that suffocated her forever since. Her son was doomed. She didn’t see any purpose in living if her son was gone. She didn’t care if her failure meant her own death. She just couldn’t continue dealing with the guilt. She didn’t want to be a coward again.

Elizabeth took in another deep breath, and then gently picked up her long sword. She didn’t wear the Elven King’s cape or take the Elven King’s sword, which meant she used the most ordinary sword and wore the most ordinary cape to challenge the monarch of the elves. She was challenging the elf with her dignity as a human and a mother. She grabbed the cloak by the side and held it up to her nose. She took in a deep breath.

“My son’s scent…” muttered Elizabeth. She opened her eyes and left the room…


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