Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 58

There wasn’t just one wyrm! There wasn’t just one wyrm! I didn’t know if the wyrm used a cloning technique or if there were multiple of them to begin with. I suddenly realised Ying never stated how many wyrm’s there were. We calculated so many things, yet overlooked the fact that it was a wild beast. Wild beasts weren’t naturally a one and only!!

My ship was destroyed. Humanity’s huge ship was akin to a paper boat in the eyes of the giant entity. I couldn’t fathom how Ying fought a wyrm in the past with a small fishing boat. Perhaps they avoided her out of fear for her strength. They didn’t have anywhere to flee to with an entire team after them, so they all came rushing over. As I was in the water, I was no different to a fledgling bird in a snake’s den except my main concern wasn’t myself but my Nier!

“Where’s my Nier?!” I cried in my mind.

A pair of hands wrapped themselves under my ribs and pulled me towards the surface when I was frantically searching for Nier in the water. Huge fangs rushed towards me; I desperately reached behind me to pull the cork off my last mana dissolving potion bottle. The potion quickly dispersed in the water and spread toward the wyrms chasing me. They shuddered, for they discerned the liquid dispersing in front of them was lethal. Consequently, they fled in all directions.


I got my head out of the water and refreshing oxygen entered my nose. My black hair was stuck to my face. I turned around to see not Nier but Mommy Elizabeth’s stern face. Elizabeth paddled by my side. On the other side, Nier mustered up all her strength to swim toward a section of the huge ship that had yet to sink whilst dragging Lucia with her. After ensuring they were all right, I turned back to Mommy Elizabeth and exclaimed, “Mom! That was dangerous for you to just jump in!”

I surmised Mommy Elizabeth jumped in after I fell into the water. That was just irrational! I didn’t know why she did that. It was pointless for her to jump in, after all. She couldn’t have done anything besides pull me up; not to mention that it put her in danger, as well.

Mommy touched my face and solemnly exclaimed, “Do you think I could just watch my son drop into the water that’s littered with these things?!”

I belted, “Mom! How are we going to get back on our feet, then?! There are wyrms swimming all around below us. If we can’t get back up after the mana dissolving potion disperses, we’ll be their meal!!”

Vyvyan, who was standing at the bow of the ship yelled, “Son! Don’t move around. I’ll pull you up!”

Perhaps the wyrms didn’t dare to attack the ship Vyvyan was on due to the pressure of her supreme mana. Rather, the wyrms around me weren’t as strong as the ginormous wyrm Ying was battling. However, they possessed the numbers advantage. With that said, they didn’t dare to approach thanks to the mana dissolving potion, opting to swim around us, waiting for the agent to dissipate.

The potion would be ineffective if it was too diluted, so we needed to get out of the water before it dissipated. It would be best if Mommy Vyvyan could lift us straight out of the water now. But then, what would we do about Ying?

Ying and the wyrm were still locked in combat. Mommy Vyvyan had to concentrate on their fight. If she looked at us, the restraints on the wyrm would come loose. The wyrm that was engaged in battle with Ying seemed to comprehend our predicament. Subsequently, it let out a loud bellow. It suddenly decided to smash into the prison, while completely neglecting whether it was wounded or not. If Mommy Vyvyan shifted her focus to us, Ying and the wyrm would fall into the water together.

Elizabeth raised her head and shouted toward Vyvyan, “You shut up! Vyvyan, shut up and focus your attention over there! We planned for so long for this moment. Do you want all our planning and efforts to go to naught? This is a rare chance, so focus your attention over there!”

After a moment of dallying, Vyvyan scowled. She looked in our direction and thundered, “I don’t need you tell me what to do. He’s my son! He’s my only son!! I can give up the entire world, but I don’t want to lose my son. It’s just one wyrm!”

Vyvyan didn’t pay any attention to the battle between Ying and the wyrm. She, instead, turned and rushed toward us. Mommy Vyvyan turned the water next to us into ice. Elizabeth and I climbed up onto the ice. The wyrm’s around us immediately began squirming and rushing towards the massive layer of ice. A rain of ice picks and fireballs flew toward the incoming wyrms, sending them back into the water. Mommy Vyvyan’s mana was capable of destroying their mana barriers, but Mommy Elizabeth’s sword could only slash the air.

Mommy Vyvyan always ignored everything for me. I was the only one always on her mind. It was impossible for her to divert her attention to Ying and the wyrm behind her when I was in a plight. She could give up on their fight for my sake. However, that meant Ying would be endangered! I cared about Ying, but Vyvyan’s attention was focused solely on me.

Ying had to fight solo against the wyrm, as Vyvyan couldn’t concentrate on two places at the same time. She was originally focused on Ying’s fight; therefore, she could allow Ying to advance as she pleased. Owing to her distraction, nonetheless, it instantly became a fight between a lion and a gladiator, only this time, the wyrm had the upper hand against Ying.

We had gained the upper hand, only for us to be forced into defending. The layer of ice we were on was akin to a small boat on the water. We had to defend the area with our lives. I stood on the block of ice and shivered. I was at risk of being swallowed up by a wyrm from any angle. Mommy Elizabeth stood before me with her sword drawn. She couldn’t kill wyrms, so she could only knock them back into the water with her sword.


Suddenly, a wyrm threw itself at me from behind. Mommy Elizabeth swiftly pulled me away, but she was too late. Its sharp fangs tore through my clothes and left a long trail of blood on my back. I couldn’t help but groan as I fell down onto the block of ice.

The wound the wyrm left my back feeling as though it was ablaze. The wyrm bit into the ice with its fangs. Next, a huge ice pick came zooming down from the sky and smashed down in front of me, splattering dark-blue blood all over me.

“I can’t take this anymore!! You insects! You’re just insects in the ocean, yet you dare act insolent here and dare to hurt my son! Go die!!” Ying didn’t go berserk, but Mommy Vyvyan did.

Mommy Vyvyan was actually still paying some attention to Ying’s battle and maintaining the strength of the walls so that the wyrm was still suspended in the air. Alas, Vyvyan completely lost it upon seeing me suffer a wound. She flew through the air. All the clouds in the sky were set ablaze. Fire boulders appeared from behind the clouds and slowly headed toward the ocean. Mommy Vyvyan’s blood-red eyes were more noticeable thanks to the flames. She coldly gazed at the ocean. The entire area of water was frozen, with some wyrms that leapt out of the water also being frozen.

“Now, go die!!” Mommy Vyvyan’s howl was so domineering that it could virtually bring one to their knees.

That was the power of God. The entire ocean roiled. Huge blocks of ice rose from the water. The wyrms in the ice writhed with all they had, making them easy targets to catch. They were comparable to a pillar of wyrms frozen together. The boulders from the skies came crashing down as if a calamity hit. The heat and huge boulders smashed the ice to smithereens…

Mommy Elizabeth pulled me to the ship and desperately tried to pull me out. Unfortunately, because a huge chunk of water had been taken out, the ocean became a whirlpool, thereby putting Mommy Elizabeth in a precarious situation, since she was fundamentally seaweed in there. I tightly grabbed onto Mommy Elizabeth’s hand. I wasn’t a strong individual to begin with; plus, the side of the ship was slippery. As a result, I almost slipped down. That meant that the wall of mana in the air crumbled…

From the water below, Mommy Elizabeth shouted, “Listen, Son, listen to me.”

I yelled back at her, “Mom! Don’t say anything right now! Don’t say anything right now! I can still get up! I can still get up!”

“Son, listen to me. I’m your Mommy, right? I’m your Mommy. I gave birth to you in the elven village, and then I left. I wasn’t by your side again after that. I didn’t fulfil the responsibilities of a mother. That was something that always caused ground my conscience…”

Mommy Elizabeth’s words sounded no different her usual soft whispers next to my ear despite the exploding boulders from the sky and the wyrm’s roar. Her smile was so tender that I wanted to cry. It was as if she had penetrated to the deepest part of my heart. My nose felt as though it was burning, while my eyes couldn’t help but release tears, causing my vision of her to become blurry. Despite that, though, I could still see her gentle gaze and soft hand.

“I was never… worthy of being a mother… So… now… Mommy can at least do something that a mother should do, right…? Son. Troy… Mommy loves you… Mommy truly… loves you very much…”

“Don’t!! No!! No!! Mom! Don’t! No!!”

Mom’s warm hand turned cold in an instant due to the ice-cold waves. Mom was no different to a gentle leaf the violent whirlpool swept up. The storm around was comparable to my distraught cries. It accompanied my cries that could tear apart my throat. A huge figure leapt into the ocean, creating a big splash of water with its large body and swam toward the location Mommy Elizabeth vanished…


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