Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 5 Ch. 10

Newly Appointed Official. Third Torch to Bear.

Once Luo Huaian was done talking, another constable piggy backed off what he said, “Exactly. Had you not brown nosed Vice-captain, what right would you have to lead us? You’re poor at literacy, and your martial skills are negligible. Your only skill is relying on women to feed you.”

Another one jumped onto the bandwagon, “Aren’t you Liu Shan’s Plague? I-Isn’t your only strength having a stronger life force? You didn’t fight a single fight at the Imperial Martial Arts Tournament. Had you not jinxed your opponents to death, you would never have won. What qualities do you have to qualify to be Head Constable? We recommend Tang Ye, Baihu Tang to Head Constable.”

Suddenly, another constable took a stand. I had a careful look. To my surprise, it was one from the female constables. A white and plump female constable coldly spoke with her arms folded, “While Vice-captain did tell us to follow your commands before she left, I don’t feel that it’s necessary to listen to you, don’t you agree?”

They verbally attacked me one after the other, with all of them questioning my competence, character and reputation, none of which they felt was sufficient to command them and the other constables of Liu Shan Men.

Liu Shan Men’s office is different to other offices, for the majority of the authority is in the hands of the Head Constable as opposed to other military officials. As a result, even Su Xiao and Tang Ye, who are both Seventh Rank officials, Baihus, wouldn’t be able to order anyone. They have to obey me in operations. Although I think I was conferred a Seventh Rank Warrior rank, it’s just a façade. Besides putting me on a taller pedestal, I haven’t gained any more actual authority. Thus, the unique nature of the three offices is clear. Rankings as an official is not the be all end all.

And it would now seem that this unique nature is working against me.

Boss made me Head Constable, as I was the captain of a small team, and she didn’t want to let me look bad in front of Su Xiao and Tang Ye, who were conferred official ranks. However, she didn’t have any other reserve candidate for the post; thus, I’m the only Head Constable at Liu Shan Men’s branch in Nanjing. Therefore, the negative criticisms followed the jealousy and found their way to me in a fashion akin to waves.

Even others may dislike me. However, the constables felt that I used trickery to gain the post, with some even thinking that I brown nosed my superior to be instated as Head Constable.

‘Can you all stop being so embarrassing?! You don’t even get a pay rise for the post! It’s a tiring and tough job to shoulder!! If you like it so much, I’ll pass it to you!’

Luo Huaian spoke up again, “No comment? I thought that you’d have guts if nothing else. You should, at least, explain yourself to everyone after doing something so dirty, shouldn’t you?”

I shot a glare at the young constable that was making sarcastic remarks. Afraid, he took a step back and hid behind another constable.

The constable in front of Luo Huaian tactfully guarded him. Seeing the look in my eyes, he reached into his shirt and grabbed something. He forced a snicker, “Hmph, your shame has turned to anger, has it? You want to jinx me to death, too? Listen, I have a protective talisman from Cloud Great Temple!”

He quivered as he spoke and brought out the protective talisman with “praying for a partner for marriage and a son” on it and shoved it up to my face. His reaction seemed as though he was dead certain that I’d be afraid of his talisman. He laughed, “What do you think, you evil spirit? All of your hairs are standing up now, aren’t they?”

‘Okay, so is it a protective talisman or an explosive?! You, who came up with the idea of using a protective talisman to curse a living person to death, would be the evil spirit, don’t you think? Moreover, you went to the temple to ask for a protective talisman to bless you with a son. That’s called misappropriation of a public item! Also, you have some romantic issues you can’t get over, isn’t that right?!’

I glanced over to the female constables’ representative. She kept up with the cold tone, “I think that it would be better for Mr. Tang Ye to be appointed Head Constable. We only believe in the competent.”

“Are those your heartfelt feelings?”

My eyes drifted from the three constables faces over to the female constables’ representative. The four of them gave their opinion that they had reached a consensus on, which was to have me be removed from the post and slandered my relationship with Boss.

I maintained my expressionless look as I nodded, “Fine.”

I extended my hand out to the side and made a hand gesture, “Tang Ye.”

Tang Ye had a look, and then nodded before taking the protective talisman. He then closed his hand. He looked at the constable and scrunched it up in front of his face.

Then, Tang Ye looked at them without any expression on his face, “He’s my big brother. If you have something to say, ask him.”

Suddenly feeling that he was in a crisis, Second Brother raised his head. He used his eyes to inquire, “What about me?”

I helplessly chuckled, and then picked up a document.

“Let’s get back to discussing these, then.”

Luo Huaian looked at my calm expression with astonishment, as his provocations had no effect on me, “A-Aren’t you going to give an explanation?”

“What am I supposed to explain?”

Luo Huaian sounded as though he was afraid that I’d flee, “Explain how you snatched the post from Vice-captain; explain what the deal is with your thug relatives, and then apologise to everyone.”

I looked at him with the gaze reserved for looking at retards.

“Apologise?” I sat back in my chair with confidence and snickered, “Let’s not speak of the fact that everything you said was completely fabricated for now. Indeed, I have been promoted to Head Constable, and I’ve been appointed for a full month. That was a decision made by our superior. Apologise? Explain? I don’t blame you for your lack of knowledge, but since when did superiors have to give you an explanation? Does Vice-captain have to explain every matter and every word she writes to you? Who do you think you are?!”

Luo Huaian got angry, “You! You’re unworthy of the post; your combat skills are pathetic. You’re totally incompetent, so what right do you have to be Head Constable?”

Another constable jumped in, “Exactly, exactly. How can a Head Constable…”

“Do you people lack comprehension skills? I said that it was what our superior decided.” After I cut him off, I wore on a cold expression, “Let’s put aside the fact that I’m your comrade and won the Imperial Martial Arts Tournament. Even if it was some random that you don’t know from the pugilistic world, if your superior says that he’s the Head Constable, you must accept him as Head Constable!”

“You have something to say about the Imperial Martial Arts Tournament? Sure, I didn’t win a single match, but so what? I didn’t win a single match. I’m incompetent? You’re right, too. I have far more faults and weaknesses than those things you mentioned. I’m a money monger; I love to eat, dodge work, don’t even work for two hours a day, go to the kitchen to eat at a set time every day and take drinks from the storehouse; besides lazing around, I laze around more every day, and I’m far worse than you can imagine.”

I rearranged their three faces with what I said. It was as if they didn’t think that I was that scummy.

I continued, “You thought I occasionally worked diligently? Never happened! I’m lazy that way! Be scared! But you know what? I’m still your Head Constable, and I’m still your superior. Nobody can replace me.”

“You have complaints? You can’t accept it? Deal with it!!”

I didn’t just stun these fellows. I even heard the Princess, who was on my bed, use Voice Transmission to mutter, “You scared me…”

‘Oi! For god’s sake, can you not put any more trouble on my table?! This is akin to a family issue that I’m dealing with here!’

The constables were left with ghastly pale faces and silence.

I looked at Luo Huaian and quietly said, “If my memory does me justice, you were employed at the same time I was, right? Sadly for you, only Su Xiao, Tang Ye and I became warriors ranked by the Imperial Court. Meanwhile, you and your company are stuck at the office.”

“S-So what?”

“So I’m your superior. You just told me that you recommend Tang Ye for Head Constable, right? I couldn’t care less who you recommend, but for as long as this place is Liu Shan Men, you shall abide by Liu Shan Men’s rules. I’m your superior; hence, you are to obey my commands. You have no right to negotiate. I, the Head Constable, am currently substituting for the Vice-captain. I will fulfil my duty. If I must be the monk that tolls the bell, then so be it.”

The two of them and the female constables’ representative fell into a silence. They seemed unable to think of a counterargument.

Luo Huaian went through a number of expressions as he looked at them. In the end, he forced a laugh, “Who knows if you fulfilled your duty on the bed, too.”

Liu Yuan couldn’t forgive the uncouth remark, “Luo Huaian! What the hell are you saying?! If your slander toward the Vice-captain gets out, it’ll be a serious issue! You looking to die?!”

Luo Huaian deliberately wore on a nonchalant look and began a bravado act, “Heh, the truer it is, the more one is scared of it being mentioned. If it’s false, what’s there to be afraid of?”

I stood up and silently walked up to Luo Huaian. Being taller than him, he immediately had to look up when I walked over.

“Wh-What do you want?”

“You offended your superior, but I shan’t punish you. With that said, you dared to argue with me and say that sort of lame stuff…”

I launched the name of the thorn, who I didn’t know the name of, out of my room with an upward kick. He flew a good distance through the air before landing outside.

“Carry him out of here.”

Owing to surprise that I actually got physical, the entire room went quiet.


When I turned my head back, the others reacted similarly to a mouse spotting a cat. Put another way, it was as If Boss Shen’s subordinates saw her and immediately straightened up.

“I know that you lot are dissatisfied with me being Head Constable and having the authority on all matters in the office no matter how minor or serious. Nevertheless!”

I raised the document in my hand.

“There are rules and regulations at the office. You can’t use what you want when you want. According to the dates on these documents, they’re from ten days ago. Vice-captain was in the office ten days ago, but none of you asked her about any of this. You only dared to bring them out after she left. It’s certain that Vice-captain would skin you for these requests, but let’s put that aside for the moment. To cover the costs of these requests, alone, would mean that everyone in the office will have to eat thin air for next month!”

They backed down one step for every sentence I said. Maybe they recalled how cruel Boss can be, a presumption that came to mind, as they all instinctively covered their groins when I mentioned Vice-Captain. However, when I mentioned her in conjunction with my sound logic and violence at the same time, they were stumped, and nobody dared to say ‘no’.

‘Man, I’m spent.’

It’s not easy to punish one to deter the rest. I only managed to come up with this idea thanks to my experience managing the Demon Sect, Mount Daluo, Night Fortress and all the other sects.

When a new official is appointed, the biggest emotional feeling that the people associated have isn’t objection, but confusion. As a consequence of being confused, they’re easily controlled by their negative emotions. My job is to establish a new of thinking and reliable system. I know that it’s impossible for me to be a good Head Constable; actually, it’s impossible for me to even be a good official.

Therefore, I must let them know that even if I’m a horrendous, scummy Head Constable, I’m still their Head Constable. Thus, it’s perfectly reasonable for them to obey me, and they’re not permitted to object. Once I imprint that thought process in their heads, it’ll be much easier to do anything in the future.

“Those who need money, book in an appointment with me. Come visit me to request funds on the scheduled day.”

I flipped through the documents and saw a few from the kitchen.

“It’s bad for us if the kitchen utensils are poor, though. Here, for you.”

How could I possibly delay the kitchen’s problems? I mean, I have to go and ask the chef to make me a meal in a bit.

As I spoke, I signed the request invoice and told them to go to the treasury to collect the funds. The chef picked up the form with my signature and left feeling ecstatic.

Everyone in the room responded with silence, “…”


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