Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 57

“What sort of ginormous beast is this…?” I asked myself.

Its body emitted a dark blue glow despite the surroundings being dark. I thought the wyrm was a dragon-type creature similar to the dragon we were familiar with. However, it wasn’t. It was just a snake. It didn’t have claws or a beard. Instead, it was a ginormous three-headed snake. It leapt out of the water and squirmed while shrieking and writhing, because it swallowed the mana dissolving potion.

When it charged into us, it nearly knocked me over with its imposing roar and three rows of sharp fangs, combined with the air emitted into the sky. The terror of brushing shoulders with a death god led to me forgetting to breathe, for it felt as though it would track me down via my breathing and devour me. I may not be afraid of death, but I shuddered when I sensed the terror of being one step away from death. My mind went blank, leaving nothing but the image of a gigantic mouth and fangs in my mind. It wasn’t just me who froze, though. My moms’ also froze as they blankly watched the ginormous wyrm squirming in the air. They had no idea what happened. I gave myself a hard punch.

It was no time to be freaking out. It was a once in a millennium opportunity. I never thought I’d be so lucky. I wanted to dissolve its outer shell with the mana dissolving potion. The wyrm wasn’t a stupid creature. It was an intelligent hunter. It would never consume the potion. Nevertheless, because it was in a bit of a rush and thought that I didn’t notice its presence, it attempted to attack me. Had Nier not pulled me back, I’d probably have been swallowed whole.


I shouted to the other ship in spite of not knowing if Mom could hear me or not. I had faith that Mom could react in time, though. As I predicted, Mommy Vyvyan raised her hands up high. A huge and heavy burst of mana smashed down. I didn’t know if Mommy Elizabeth and Nier could sense it, but I could sense the pressure of mana coming down from the skies. A huge cage made from mana came down from the skies and confined the wyrm inside.

The wyrm was previously hard to control due to its dexterous movement. Thankfully, the heavens gave us a perfect opportunity. The wyrm lost its ability to think as a result of the pain from within. That being said, it knew where it went wrong after the mana walls tightly confined it. The wyrm wrestled with the pain inside and roared toward the seemingly empty sky. But regardless of how it struggled, it couldn’t break the enclosure a demi-god trapped it with.

It may have absorbed all of the mana in the land, but its opponent this time was the monarch with the most superior mana – an incarnate of god. It was also a full-moon night; thus, Vyvyan’s power was at its peak. The wyrm smashed into its prison in a futile attempt to escape; sadly, it couldn’t get it to budge.

Ying stood at the bow. Despite there being no light all around, Ying’s white robe and flower petals were particularly clear. She held a different sabre. It was also a straight sabre, but it was an intimidating one. The blade was visible in the darkness. It wasn’t because the blade was very bright, but because the blade was very dark. It was darker than the darkness nearby. No, it wasn’t a natural darkness, but the sort of darkness you’d find within the deep corners of a human’s heart. Gazing at the blade was akin to gazing at the darkness of your own heart. It was the same as doing something you didn’t want to do. It was the same as seeing the darkness of your heart condescendingly mocking you and luring you, while you couldn’t escape the power of its lure.

“Is that Xia? Is that the sabre that could cut through all mana?” I wondered, finally believing that anybody who touched the sabre could become a killing machine, let alone those children.

Ying charged over to the struggling wyrm. During its painful struggle, the wyrm still managed to notice the fearsome Ying approaching it. It was the sort of fear you’d display when met with your born nemesis. Faced with Ying’s approach, it bellowed and charged toward Ying. But nevertheless, the pressure from inside and outside circumvented it from using its full strength. Ying dexterously landed on its head and dodged its attacks. The wyrm sported a large body, but it was freakishly nimble. It was still able to evade Ying’s attacks even inside the small space.

It was indifferent to the wounds Ying inflicted. It focused on covering its fatal zones. Ying’s effortlessly sabre cut its blue scales apart. She cut into its flesh underneath, spilling its dark blue blood.

Vyvyan gradually reduced the space available within the prison, allowing Ying to have an easier time. The effects of the mana dissolving potion were apparent. The wyrm’s fighting power continued to diminish; it became more and more sluggish, and it suffered more and more pain. As such, it was only a matter of time before Ying slew it.

It was evident Ying and Xia didn’t feel any tension when fighting it. The only issue they previously faced was the wyrm taking advantage of its aquatic advantage to flee, thereby preventing Ying from slaying it. This time, however, it couldn’t run.

I stood in place and watched Ying battle the wyrm inside the mana prison. Vyvyan specifically made a space inside, which couldn’t be seen. She also constructed a bunker and walls to stop the wyrm attacks. Their team up was impeccable, leaving the wyrm with no means of making contact with Ying. Such a fight lacked tension.

I looked over to Mommy Vyvyan. She still wore a calm and collected expression without any change. Mommy Elizabeth stood there, too. The original plan was somewhat complex, but it was evidently simple due to something I inadvertently did. Ying also appeared void of concern. She controlled her attacks and retreats very well and didn’t show any signs of turning. I pressed my hands on the rails and watched. I was sure things would be fine.

Nier stood next to me. She followed up her soft chuckle by saying, “Lucky you are all right, Your Majesty. That was really close. I didn’t hear it, either. I just had a gut feeling that there was danger, so I pulled you back.”

“I can’t thank you enough. Honestly, I was shocked. Nier, I’d probably be digested by now if it were not for you.”

“You must thank me properly when we get back, then.”

Nier grabbed my arm with a smile. They were still battling behind us, but I didn’t feel that there was anything left to be concerned about. The area the wyrm had available to move in gradually decreased. As a matter of fact, it was relegated to just defending. I presumed it’d die soon. I no longer needed to fret. I just needed to look at Nier, who was by my side. We won. There was no tension whatsoever.

Right when I thought so, Nier switched to an absolutely stern expression. She suddenly grabbed me and leapt aside. We crashed into the railing and went over it. The huge ship in front of me was violently ripped apart from the centre. A giant beast rushed at us from the centre of the ship, reducing the ship to bits and pieces!


Before I could cry out, I was dropped into the ice-cold water. I struggled, and my heart throbbed. I opened my eyes, only to see countless glowing pairs of eyes in the dark waters…


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