Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 5 Ch. 11

Su Xiao Is My Roommate

The few constables that didn’t want to accept me exclaimed, “You! Just you wait. We won’t bow our heads to you,” then they ran out. I don’t know if they ran off in tears or not, but they were probably returning to their places to mourn.

After they left, I began to officially get to work on the documents. Based on my knowledge of Liu Shan Men’s financial status, my experience acquired through my midnight thefts from the warehouse and intel acquired via keeping a close on the man in front of the treasury to see if he cut my salary, I defined a time frame where we would be able to make ends meet.

Next, I had to give everyone set schedules to come and request funds from me one by one. Due to me having to busy myself with watching Shiyi, screw Jin Wangsun over, hide from Jingan, bed Hongzhuang, *ptoo*, provide Hongzhuang with a bed and place to sleep and participate in the Fuma selection, I arranged for most of the times for requests to be over half a month later. I had Tang Ye and Second Brother intimidate whoever wanted to object.  One of them wore a stiff expression while the other wore the face of a thug. You could call them my guardian devils. It didn’t take long to eventually clear everyone out of my room.

Thus, the number of documents I had to sort out was drastically reduced.

Once I finished with all of them, approximately half an hour had passed. ‘Mm, Boss probably takes this long, as well.’ Basically, when she works seriously, she takes about as long as when I entertain work.

‘Boss, I worship you…’

Liu Yuan was still feeling dizzy after having his head banged, which was why he was still on the ground. Since he’s here, why not enjoy the floor and watch me ramble, “This brat must’ve worked as an official before… he knows what he’s doing…”

Second Brother got down and lay there with him. The two of them resembled two beggars under a bridge. With a smile, he remarked, “Big Brother used to lead countless famous figures; he’s much better than you officials of the Imperial Court.”

‘Oi, you retarded ally!!’

‘Fortunately, there are only a few of us in here; nevertheless, even Tang Ye is keenly listening in!’

I frowned due to what I heard. I glared at Second Brother. Frightened, he changed his choice of words, “We once joined a large organisation. Our Big Brother was once the organisation’s high-ranking guardian. Erm, erm, the organisation was called Shoulders Clan.”

‘The more you describe it the shadier it sounds! What did that clan of ours do?! Steal shoulders together?! If you’re going to go there, you might as well let me be clan chief! How can I be a mere guardian in Shoulders Clan?! Are you questioning my love for shoulders?!’

It’s merely because martial arts are prospering in this era that everyone tries to nurture a skilled fighter in the family. As a result of those efforts, countless strange bands, clans and whatever else popped up in the martial world. There’s an organisation for everything these days from people selling mantou, meat buns, cleaners and even people selling coffins.

Liu Yuan wasn’t bothered. He pouted, “I bet it was an unorthodox organisation.”

Seeing as almost everyone had left, I looked at Liu Yuan and Official Tongzhi, who sat there and refused to leave.

“Why have you still not leaving? You staying for a midnight snack?”

“As if someone as stingy as you would treat us to a meal.” Liu Yuan grumpily sat back in his chair, “Official Tongzhi also has an organisational problem that he needs to discuss with you. I am here to keep him company.”

‘Fuck you! It’s obvious that you were recruiting people to give me grief for your own enjoyment! Only Official Tongzhi had serious business from the start, I bet!’

I looked at Official Tongzhi. He may be a civil official at Liu Shan Men, but he’s in charge of capturing bandits and robbers. Lots of arrest warrants for henious bandits were issued by him. He’s a man that does proper work. I think he’s sixty this year. He’s not the healthiest man, that’s for sure. He should’ve retired years ago; however, he knew that Liu Shan Men was failing, which was why he volunteered to stay and support Boss Shen for a few years.

It’s not the fault of the elders that Liu Shan Men’s performance has always been poor. After Yan Shisan’s departure, a group of skilled fighters left the office, leaving just the elders from back then. The elders are proficient with work, but the best that they could do was fulfil the civil roles. Asking them to go out and chase bandits or investigate cases is asking for the impossible. According to what I’ve heard, the branch at Nanjing is considered to be faring well. The place is practically dead, which is why Liu Shan Men has lacked impact in the martial world.

This, Official Cai, however, has a good reputation and doesn’t get on anyone’s nerves. I’ve always had a decent impression of him.

“Offical Cai, do you have something you would like to speak to me about?”

“Yes. Young Ming, I came specifically to see you.”

Official Cai handed me the document in his hand.

I took it with two hands. I frowned after reading it, “Change rooms? And so many people are changing at once?”

“Yes. The main courtyard is currently being renovated, and we’re struggling to provide rooms, since we are taking in new employees.”

“New employees?”

The document pointed out the current struggle to house all of the members at Liu Shan Men and explosion of new recruits. I was stunned by what I saw.

In the past, there used to only be around fifty to sixty constables at the office, yet there were now over a hundred of them. Thanks to me winning the Imperial Martial Arts Tournament, Su Xiao and Tang Ye making it to the final rounds and the three of us being conferred aliases from His Machesty, namely, Su Xiao’s Violent Beautiful Young Girl, Tang Ye’s Heaven Shocker Divine Hands, my *ahem*, in any case, due to a variety of reasons, Liu Shan Men gained a surge of fame. Therefore, there have been countless job applications starting from half a month ago.

I must say, Boss Shen is very good at projecting the future.

The salary for us three is enough to pay for dozens of constables. Nevertheless, Boss was insistent on keeping us during a time when she faced financial difficulties and nurtured us into the face of Liu Shan Men. After the Imperial Martial Arts Tournament ended, in other words, now, is the time for us to reap the results.

I’ve finally seen what makes Boss Shen astute.

The current rules for recruiting new employees are totally different to the set of rules applied three months ago. Three months ago, the high salary was used to attract people. This time, those applying had to pay twenty silvers each. Moreover, for the first three months, not only are they not paid, but instead, must pay Liu Shan Men ten silvers each month as their training fee. In other words, everyone has to pay fifty taels each!! Shady? More like Boss’ heart is pitch-black!

Despite that, though, the number of people applying has continued to ever increase.

Therefore, the impact of the Imperial Martial Arts Tournament is clear to see.

Almost a quarter of the people applying are after Tang Ye. He did break the records on Liu Shan’s Elites Rankings, after all. It took him a mere two months to go from just being ranked to joining the ranks of the Seventeen Hidden Dragons, a feat that none other before him has ever accomplished. Therefore, most of the applicants are trying to learn his supreme hand techniques. It’s clearly noted on the recruitment notice that they can view Heaven Shocker Divine Hands training at close range.

The reason that Tang Ye is famous is because he, alone, can use a plethora of different styles. Hence, if one got to watch him up close and learnt even just one style from the viewing experience, they’d have saved themselves the trouble of signing up at a school and learning. If they manage to become Tang Ye’s disciple, that’d be the equivalent of finding a treasure trove. Thus, many young men take the risk and pay the price to apply despite the absurdly exorbitant price.

Another quarter of them join for Su Xiao. That, I didn’t expect.

They were interested in Su Xiao, for they heard that he had a charming appearance and personality. It’s said that he, in fact, was a flower boy with an appearance that surpassed Pan An. Boss Shen knows how to do business. Last month, she assigned Su Xiao to patrol duty on the streets, thereby charming all the men on the streets, so they’re all heads over heels for him. Then, they surprisingly came to apply.

It wasn’t just males that applied for him. Lots of maidens applied for him, too, as they admired his handsome looks. Consequently, they also requested to join the female constables. As a matter of fact, there was over double the male applicants. As such, Su Xiao didn’t attract as many males as Tang Ye; but nonetheless, all of the female applicants applied for Su Xiao’s sake!

As for the remaining applicants…

According to my analysis, they should be interested in Boss Shen’s charming personality and those charming twin noble blessings. While Boss didn’t take to the ring for the Imperial Martial Arts Tournament, she was commended for her contributions to the rescue during the Emperor Chengkong Incident, consequently revealing herself.

What about me, you ask?

Mm, truth be told… there were some monks, priests, wizards and whatnot that came for me. They revered me for my ability to jinx people to death. They all came to have deep conversation with me to find out what the plague of legends was made of.

‘Fuck the lot of you!!’

‘Actually, the number of applicants was reduced because of my name being written on the notice!! I won the Imperial Martial Arts Tournament, damn it! How did triumphing have the opposite affect?!!’

“So?” I grouchily threw the beautifully written, but frustrating document onto the table, “Why are you asking me about this? You don’t need my signature for internal arrangements, do you?”

‘Strictly speaking, I’m not in charge of this sort of matter. Although I need to sign documents, there are no documents involved for room changes, is there? The document I just threw out only served one purpose: to make me sick.’

“Yes, yes, there is.” Cai Tongzhi slowly replied, “Because the number of people at the office has rapidly increased, we are unable to house so many people simultaneously.”

“There aren’t enough rooms or something…? I remember that we had several times more members when Liu Shan Men was at its peak. Hasn’t Liu Shan Men’s courtyard been maintained as it’s always been?”

I visited Liu Shan Men back then when Yan Shisan was still instated. At the time, there were an excessive number of men. You could say that they had a well-trained and powerful team at the time. I’d argue that not even the current Qilin Guards have achieved Liu Shan Men’s level during Yan Shisan’s reign. Everyone lived at Liu Shan Men’s courtyard back then. Given how much Boss treasures Liu Shan Men’s reputation, I’m certain that she’d rather eat sugar and choke down vegetables than sell Liu Shan Men’s courtyard.

‘How, then, are there not enough rooms at Liu Shan Men?’

Liu Yuan interjected out of nowhere, “It is precisely due to having never undergone any changes that it’s a problem. That’s the reason why I’m here. I need your signature for this.”

I grabbed the document and scanned it, “Southern courtyard’s renovation plans?”

“Yes. Indeed, there were more people at Liu Shan Men during its peak; however, after they left, not even the cleaners stayed. Consequently, other than the Eastern courtyard, all of the other courtyards have been left empty. It’d be a miracle if those rooms were still inhabitable after everything its weathered all of these years. We need some time to repair the Southern courtyard before we can move the new members in. Fortunately, Vice-Captain was clever enough to make them pay an application and training fee. Thanks to that, money is no longer a concern. Instead, time is the issue. It’ll take three months to complete the repairs. During the renovation period, we’ll be dealing with a headache.”

I signed the document then scratched my head, “So, is there enough room for the new recruits to live in the empty rooms in the Eastern courtyard?”

“Nowhere near enough.”

According to Liu Yuan’s explanation, they’ve apparently occupied all of the rooms owing to there being too many of them. As a consequence, he made the suggestion to change rooms. Even Liu Yuan has been forced into squeezing into a room with others.

“That is why I have come to discuss this with you. Young Ming, I have an idea.”

“And what would that be?”

Cai Tongzhi chuckled, “You and Su Xiao should move in together. You’re both men, anyway. There’s nothing inconvenient for you two.”

I felt hopeless, for I had no idea what to do. I slowly shifted my gaze to the big bed behind me.

‘There is an inconvenience!’

‘It’s super inconvenient!’

‘I have a Princess on my bed!!’


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