Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 5 Ch. 12

Su Xiao and I are Roommates

“That won’t do!”

Before I could speak up, Liu Yuan spoke up. He virtually blurted the moment he heard what Cai Tongzhi said, “That won’t do. It’s inconvenient for him!”

Cai Tongzhi narrowed his old eyes, “Hmm? What’s inconvenient?”

Liu Yuan got flustered, “W-W-Well, this is different to what was initially agreed on. Official Cai, you said that you would have him and Tang Ye share a room.”

“Oh, that? But, Tang Ye just said to me that he’d be willing to move out and rent a room outside to reduce the burden on us, which is why Young Su and Young Ming can move in together.”

“That’s absurd!” Liu Yuan angrily pointed at me, “This guy is a pervert. What happens if some mishap befalls Su Xiao?”

“About that… everyone has their own pursuits. If they’re truly in love…”

“Get out of here! Su Xiao couldn’t possibly like him. He can dream on!”

I slammed my hand on the table, “Enough! What exactly is going on?! Explain it clearly!”

I finally understood the circumstances after Official Cai explained it to me.

It turned out that it wasn’t just about us having more new recruits, but also due to Second and Fourth Brother. In essence, they got through via a backdoor method, which is why there were no rooms prepared for them. Now we’re facing a room shortage, as well; hence, the two of them either live in with me or sleep on the streets.

Thanks to Tang Ye’s assistance in the Emperor’s rescue, he was handsomely rewarded by the Emperor, and therefore is now quite the wealthy one. Subsequently, he decided to move out. Official Cai didn’t hesitate to take Tang Ye’s room and offer it. As a result, Second and Fourth brother are now living in Su Xiao’s room, while Su Xiao has to live with me.

It sounds quite reasonable.

“It is a major matter, so let me have a think.”

Official Cai stroked his beard, “No. You have to make a decision right away. Young Ming, you just need to say the word, and I will be able to go back to work. There is still a table worth of arrest warrants waiting for my signature.”

I got grouchy, “Enough! It’s just a short while. Wait for me.”

I’m fine with Su Xiao moving in with me, since I’m out at night. However, I now have the Princess here. I have to get her input.

I quickly went over to the bed and poked my head inside the bed curtain. I saw the Princess’ beautiful face. Her expression was slightly threatening and quite stern. She was currently in a pose that’s hard to get in. It looked as though she did her absolute best to hold up her torso and let her lower body hang down.

To begin with, she has an exquisite and delicate body line and tough body, but I didn’t expect her body to be so supple. She was dressed in red today, as well. Due to her posture, there was an alluring and sexy line between her voluptuous breasts and perky buttocks.

The Princess apparently noticed me approach. She frowned with a serious look. She seemed to have all of her attention focused on that action. The blossom flower on her white forehead looked even more beautiful as a result.

I gulped my saliva. My eyes were completely hooked in. However…

‘I’ve been arguing with people out here for so long, and you were in here doing yoga?!!!’

“Your Highness!”

The Princess looked up, but spaced out for a moment when she saw that it was me. Finally, she asked, “Why are you back?”

I responded in a muffled voice, “Why else? Your Highness, did you just hear that Su Xiao was going to move in? What do we do? I need to go and give a reply. Can you stop with this? It looks good, yes, but it is not time for it. You can show me every pose at night one by one!”

‘Eh? Did I just speak my mind?’

“Y-You, pervert! !”

The Princess’ white cheeks turned red, but she remained in the same pose. I doubt it was easy for her to stretch her limbs to this degree. If she undoes it now, that’ll be dumping all of her effort.

“It’s not that I can’t accept it! It’s all your fault… Your bed is too small.”

‘Eh? What’s this got to do with my bed?’

As it’s easy to be exposed if she situated herself dead centre of the bed, she sat on the left side of the bed. Thus, she was basically relying along the width of the bed as opposed to the length of the bed to support herself. Normally, people wouldn’t have an issue with that. But nonetheless, the Princess looked as though it was a bit of a struggle to sit up.

I took a closer look…

‘Oh, it’s because of her legs! Princess Hongzhuang’s legs are too long. Even if she can get her bottom on the edge of the bed, my shabby bed is only wide enough for the Princess to barely sit on it, which is why it’s uncomfortable for her. Your Highness, it’s not that my bed is too small, but that your legs are too long!’

‘So, you started doing yoga to stretch your limbs, because it was uncomfortable to sit on the bed?! That’s fair and whatnot, but at least consider your timing! What if somebody else came instead of me?!!’

“No, no, no, I was asking you what we do now.”

The Princess made a rare gesture. She narrowed her eyes as she gazed at me. There was a ridiculing undertone in her reply, “Aren’t you the genius with all sorts of ideas? Why are you asking me?”

“With you here, Your Highness, Your Subject dares not act without your permission. It is only natural for you make the calls for important matters.”

“What a glib tongue.” The Princess then frowned, “Su Xiao may be a somewhat stupid kid, but if we stay together, we’ll immediately be exposed. You must prevent that from happening.

‘Well, I can sleep on the beam overhead.’

“Man…” I ran back to the table and shook my head, “Sorry, I don’t approve.”

Official Cai frowned, “Oh? And why is that?”

“…” I found myself dumbfounded, “Wait a second again.”

I rushed back to the bed and poked my head again, “Your Highness, Why do we not agree?”

The Princess had changed her pose. She was in the middle of adjusting her clothes supporting her breasts, but I stuck my head in. She wasn’t prepared, so I saw the white…

‘How was I supposed to know what you were doing?! Hey, don’t draw your blade!!’

The Princess’ entire face was red as a fully ripe peach. Nonetheless, she was very calm; hence, she didn’t scream. She just placed her hand on her sabre, and then aggressively gripped the handle.

I immediately ran back to tell Liu Yuan, “In short, I don’t approve.”

Liu Yuan and Official Cai both wore looks of confusion. I couldn’t come up with a reason, but just no.

Second Brother finally spoke up, “Man, I knew that Big Brother wouldn’t abandon us. Let’s do this: we’ll sleep with you, Big Brother!”

“Ah? You two live with me?”

My brain is currently filled with the Princess’ captivating body at the moment. I can’t connect any other scenes. Second Brother is unlucky to begin with, while Fourth Brother has hyperactivity disorder. If the two of them move into my room, the first that they do will be to search every nook and cranny of my room to see if I’m hiding any secrets. Last time, my eighteen thousand porn books were pulled out by them!

If the Princess was changing and they pulled the curtain off…

“You can’t! You can’t! You absolutely mustn’t!”

‘If they move in, then I die if they die! Do you think that the Princess is called Blood Stained Glass for nothing?! And you know what? It’s not illegal for her to kill! His Majesty will definitely shield her. If he finds out that three perverts peeped on the Princess getting changed, he won’t even need to protect her; he’ll skip straight to swinging his blade!!’

“Eh? No? Okay, then.” Second Brother touched the back of his head, “We’ll share a room with Brother Su Xiao, then. We’re all men, anyway.”

‘Ah? Huh?’

‘You guys and Su Xiao in one room?’


‘I don’t know how that conclusion came to be.’

‘In any case, Su Xiao already moved in with his pillow before I realised it.’


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