Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 56

I grabbed the man Nier hung at the front of the ship. Enraged, I exclaimed, “I still can’t see the ship. I suspect you’re lying to me. As that is the case, I’ll throw you down!”

“Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!! It’s because it’s too dark! It’s because it’s too dark! You just can’t see it, because it’s too dark! That ship is definitely here! It’s unmistakably here! Trust me! Trust me!! Give me some more time! Give me some more time! We should see it very soon! We should see it very soon!”

I checked out our dark surroundings. The waves around us had gradually calmed down. The closer we got to my moms, the calmer the storm was. Although the clouds still loomed, the wild whistling winds and violent waves had calmed down. There was no more water splashing, and the unsteady water surface had calmed down a lot. In saying that, we couldn’t see far into the distance due to the darkness. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t tell if I was looking at the sea or sky.

All that was left was the sound of us sailing through the water. The silence around us freaked me out. It really was dead silent around us. Other than the sound of footsteps on timber, there was no other sound. Perhaps we weren’t willing to speak and purely wanted to stay close by, because of the sudden silence.

I asked the commander I captured, “Are you positive this is the right direction?”

“Yes, yes. It is this direction. I guarantee it was this direction. There are no obstacles on the water, either. We just need to keep heading forward. We just need to keep heading forward.”


I released him and let him continue to hang there. I then looked to the sky. There was no light in the sky; I couldn’t even tell how thick the clouds were. I took out a remaining bottle of the mana dissolving potion, and then took Lucia’s dagger to make a small hole on top. I then poured it onto his neck: “See this? If I still don’t see the ship by the time this bottle is empty, then I’ll throw you down there, understood?”

“Don’t… don’t do this! Don’t do this!! Don’t do this!”

“You said we’ll reach them it we continue forward, so you don’t need to worry.”

I turned around.  I was serious. If I didn’t see the ship by the time the bottle was empty, I’d speculate I was tricked. If I was tricked, I would’ve gone a long way in a wrong direction, which meant I didn’t know when I’d see my moms. By then, I’d be in a foul mood. Nier and Lucia would kill him, and I most certainly wouldn’t stop them. In that case, why not just throw him into the ocean already?

“Your Majesty! There’s a ship! There’s a ship! We see it! We see a ship the same as ours! Indeed, it is that ship! It’s that ship!”

I swiftly turned around and listened to the shouting from the watchtower. I looked in the direction they pointed. I didn’t see anything but darkness. I couldn’t see any shadows in the darkness. Maybe this ship had been enshrouded in darkness after entering the darkness. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t standing up high.

“Are you sure?!” I asked.

“I am! Can you see it? It is indeed our ship! I can see the twin-headed eagle!”

I finally saw the twin-headed eagle, too. I didn’t know if my mom’s deliberately lit it up or not, but I saw a burning twin-headed eagle! The twin-headed eagle was ablaze. The flame was as if a blade had cut through the darkness and left a light behind. The darkness highlighted burning twin-headed eagle.

“Yes!” I exclaimed, firmly hammering the rail in front of me, and then turning to head to the rear.

I suddenly heard painful cries from behind. Nier drew her sword, “So, Your Majesty, shall I throw this guy into the water? He’s now useless.”

“Forget it. I promised him to spare him, so let’s pull him up.”

I turned around and went to the bow where the commander was suspended. He trembled as he watched me approach. He then loudly shouted, “See that? I didn’t lie to you! I didn’t lie to you! Hurry and pull me up! Hurry and pull me up! Hurry and pull me up!! Hurry!”

“All right. Now, shut up.”

I walked up to the rope behind him. I was now in a good mood again. We didn’t waste time and miss out on the battle with the wyrm despite being stuck on the water without any clues. It appeared they they were still battling the wyrm. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the wyrm’s silhouette from my location. The flames enveloping the twin-headed eagle didn’t sway. I pondered, “Could it be that the wyrm isn’t there, or have they defeated it? Maybe the storm stopped, because it was slain. Therefore, it could be over now.”

That was human nature. Once we calm down, we’d think optimistically. Even if we encountered all sorts of unfortunate events and had all sorts of distressing thoughts prior, we’d become particularly optimistic at these sorts of times.

I said, “Forget it. I’ll release you when you reach that ship. You’re not going to die, anyway.”

I tried to undo the ropes, but I couldn’t. I didn’t know what method Nier used to tie him up, but it was beyond me; as a consequence, I gave up. He’ll be fine once we reach our destination, anyway.

We raised all of our fire torches in hopes the other ship could see us. The alight twin-headed eagle seemed to be approaching us, as well. We’d be safer with our ships together. We won’t be singled out by the wyrm that way. After all, only Mommy Vyvyan is the only person on their ship who could combat it.

“Don’t do this!! Hurry and release me! I beg you! I told you! I told you already, and I was telling the truth! Hurry and release me!! Hurry and release me!” pleaded the commander.

“Did I not just tell you that I’d release you once we reach our destination?” I brayed.

Annoyed, I turned back to continue looking in the direction of the twin-headed eagle. I waited for our ships to meet. We were approaching each other at a decent pace. Soon enough, we saw the contour of the ship and supposedly a green silhouette at the forefront. That was Mommy Vyvyan’s dress.

The wyrm was probably just a toy before Mommy Vyvyan on a full-moon night.

Our ships gradually closed in. Mommy Vyvyan saw me, too. She waved at me. In response, I leaned over and excitedly shouted to her.

Suddenly, Nier gave my cape an aggressive tug from behind, pulling me down onto the deck. A ginormous silhouette jumped up before me right when I fell backwards. A huge dragon leapt out of the water similarly to a huge stone pillar splitting the ocean apart. Its emergence destroyed our sturdy bow and the creature took the man hanging there. I sweat cold bullets due to the fright. Had Nier not yanked me back, I’d have most probably been swallowed whole.

I wasn’t paying attention to my front view, though. Meanwhile, the ginormous beast let out a despairing howl and squirmed in the air. I looked in its direction; I recalled the man had the mana dissolving potion on him. The wyrm wanted to attack me, but it ended up eating the man with the mana dissolving potion on him. In other words, the ginormous creature that was created from mana ate the mana dissolving potion!!!


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