Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 55

I grabbed the collar of the individual before me and thundered, “Why did you attack us?! We didn’t harbour hostile intent toward you, nor did we have any intention of attacking you, so why did you attack us?!”

We didn’t intend to attack the ship, but it went and fired at us as soon as we came into sight. We immediately fired back. The size of our ships were very different, with ours being the bigger one. We were hit with a few shots, but that infuriated Nier. The crew, who thought they were safe, fell victim to panic. Our last shot stopped their ship dead on the water. Nier and the Valkyries boarded their ship and massacred everyone but their commander. Everyone else was kicked into the water.

“You are sailing in our region of the ocean! This is our region!” brayed the commander.

The commander wasn’t afraid. Instead, he shouted at me in the same language Ying spoke. Nier couldn’t understand him. Regardless, seeing the way he glared at me after being tied up, she gave him a kick from behind, putting him on his knees. She then slammed a foot down onto his head. The sound of his head colliding with the deck made me clench my teeth.

Lucia kicked his lower back from the other side. Nier grabbed him by his hair and gave him a hard punch to the face, dislocating his nose. He groaned and curled up on the ground. I stopped my two wives. I then crouched down and grabbed his hair. I looked straight at his face and seriously said, “You may not know this, but they say that a deck is an expansion of a nation’s land. You just yelled in the face of the King of the North, in his territory and acted rudely. Out of consideration for it being your first offense, I shall not kill you. Now, let me ask again, why did you attack us?”

“I… you… invaded…”


“Argh!!!!!” grunted the commander, convulsing.

Nier’s sword went straight through the deck. A finger floated in the puddle of blood. She was very brutal with those who were rude to me or annoyed me. In the past, I would’ve lashed out at Nier after such brutality, but I had grown used to the blood and brutality. As a matter of fact, I was used to cries right in my face. I went through it all in Mommy Elizabeth’s dungeon.

I brayed, “You can tell that I don’t have the time or patience to continue playing with you now, can’t you? I do have time to chop off all your fingers, though. Now, tell me: why did you attack us?!”

“We thought you were the wyrm! Our men thought you were the wyrm when they saw you! We were very scared!! We thought we were doomed! We were afraid!”

“What did you come here for?”

“The wyrm appeared here, so we came to get people away from here. We just encountered the wyrm. The wyrm went after a ship. We thought you were the wyrm and were coming after us when we saw you. That’s why we were so scared!”

“Yeah? Can you take me to where the wyrm is, then?”

I took in a deep breath. The sudden arrival of the good news had me so excited that I had an urge to give the commander a punch. I gripped his collar tightly. Thrilled, my voice shook.

“Okay, okay, okay, I remember the direction. We can still make it if the ship hasn’t been destroyed, yet. It’s not too far away. I reckon the ship is done for, though. You still want to find the wyrm?” asked the horrified commander.

I could tell that they were scared enough to run from their own shadows after encountering the wyrm and didn’t want to go back. On the other hand, I perceived it to be great news. I had always wanted to know where my moms were, and I finally found them.

“Set sail. Just give them the location. Head there at max speed. Go as fast as possible!” I commanded. I wrestled the man in front of me aside: “Take him onto the deck; treat his wounds. Don’t let him die. We’re going to join Her Majesty and Her Highness. They’re fighting with the wyrm, so let’s go assist!”


Current time on the waters.

“Can you restrain the wyrm or not?!”

“You come and try if you’re so good!”

Elizabeth tightly gripped the rail in front of her. A dark silhouette would jump out of the water every now and then. The thick and strong silhouette was akin to a black thread, sewing through the waves and clouds. Vyvyan fearlessly stood at the forefront of the deck. She desperately tried to control the sea with her eyes shut. She needed to use her unlimited mana gushing forth to lock the wyrm within a specific region to give Ying the chance to cut it down. However, the wyrm noticed what Vyvyan was trying to do and didn’t dare to approach her ship to attack.

Although Vyvyan was the perfect delicacy for the wyrm, it knew she wasn’t fodder waiting for it to eat. If she caught it in her barrier, it’d undoubtedly be shredded. Vyvyan formed a wall and situated it in the water using her mana. The wyrm desperately tried to escape. It wasn’t that Vyvyan wasn’t trying; it was just too difficult to trap it in the water. The ocean was the wyrm’s home ground, not the elves or humans.

Elizabeth roared, “Can’t you just take on the wyrm? Why do we need to have Ying take it on?!”

Ying, who was standing behind them and carrying Xia, shook her head: “It rapidly recovers from wounds inflicted with mana. It can also absorb a large volume of mana. Queen Vyvyan’s mana should be powerful right now. If she doesn’t defeat it in one blow, the wyrm may grow even stronger.”

Vyvyan angrily clenched her teeth: “What an annoying creature! I swear I’m going to behead it and hang it in the house. Has my Son and his company left yet?”

“Uhm, they had left the last time I saw them,” answered Elizabeth, with a nod. “Focus on dealing with the wyrm. My son is fine. We just need to slay the wyrm now. Focus. If you defeat it sooner, we should be able to catch up to my son.”

“I’m trying! The issue is that this thing is too dexterous. It’ll be very hard to confine if there’s nothing to restrain it! It seems to know the danger it’s facing, and therefore keeps running about.”

Ying observed the tempestuous water surface. She looked at the active silhouette in the water. She took in a deep breath: “If it is difficult, I will go down there and act as bait. I am a nemesis it wants dead. It will seek an opportunity to kill me if I enter the water. Then, you will be able to control it.”

Vyvyan opened her eyes. The water temporarily turned quiet an in instant. She stopped pursuing it, while the wyrm retreated to one side. It most certainly wasn’t letting up on its prey, though. It had waited a long time for its prey to enter the water.

The wyrm quietly swam below the water surface. That was its territory. Unfortunately for humans, the ocean wasn’t their home. It knew it couldn’t fight humans head on, but it knew they were easy picking in the water.

The wyrm was capable of sensing all movement in the water. Vyvyan’s ship wasn’t the only ship nearby. There was another one coming over, and it also carried a prominent scent of mana. The approaching scent didn’t pale in comparison to the one it currently hunted.

The wyrm shook itself out, and then veered in the direction of the second mana scent it detected. It slowly advanced toward it… It would have enough power to take on the monster, Vyvyan, after it ate the new mana source that it sensed…


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