Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 38

Nier, who was next to me, jumped to her feet and loudly exclaimed, “I will absolutely not agree to that! Why do we have to bring her?! Your Majesty, why must you bring her along?! Assisting her with slaying the wyrm is more than enough. We’ve already done our best, so why must we bring her along? What are we bringing her back as? Is she your new mistress or what? What is everybody supposed to make of you bringing back another woman? Whatever the case is, I think we’ve done everything there is to do. I am firmly against bringing her back.”

Nier looked to Lucia.

“You two are now trying to form an alliance now?!” I thought.

Lucia exchanged eye contact with Nier, and then turned to me: “I don’t support bringing Ying, either. She already told us Xia is prone to going berserk. What are we going to do if she goes on a rampage in the Imperial City? Additionally, under what context are you bringing her along? If you are bringing her as your wife, I shall kill her now. If you are bringing her along under some other identity, why do you want to bring her?”

I couldn’t believe they decided to get along then of all times. I scratched my head. Their gazes were steadfast. It didn’t look as though they were going to let me bring Ying and Xia with me. My desire to bring the sisters along didn’t stem from romantic feelings. I didn’t fall in love with Ying after spending just a week with her; I wasn’t that casual. Moreover, nothing happened between us. Honestly speaking, I never had the heart-racing sort of romantic feeling ever since falling for Nier. I only developed feelings for Ling Yue later down the road, as well. As for Ying, I still didn’t have any romantic feelings for her. I merely felt sorry for her. Additionally, I felt Ying was an elite combatant. If she could be my guard unit’s captain, Tanya and Shusia would have fewer responsibilities. I didn’t feel safe handing control of my field army unit to a stranger. Only Tanya or Shusia could be trusted with the unit guarding the capital.

“Frankly, Ying’s strength has caught my attention. I want to make her the Captain of my guard unit.”

I was candid, but Nier and Lucia’s extremely distrustful looks, hurt me.  I didn’t think I ever did anything g-, okay, I was in the wrong with Ling Yue… But I seriously didn’t have that in mind.

I genuinely desired Ying’s strength. Moreover, she had nowhere to go. I could help her. That was all there was to it. As for Xia, I figured she’d be fine. The reason she went berserk was because she got blood on her. If there were no wars, Xia shouldn’t go berserk and would probably just be lying there in peace just as she was as I spoke. If Xia did go berserk, not even Vyvyan would able to stop her, since Xia and Ying were resistant to mana. In a nutshell, they were specifically used to counter mana. That said, I presumed Ying could keep Xia under control.

In a serious tone, Nier explained, “I can be the captain of your guard unit. I can defeat Ying, so I can be the captain. I’ve been the Valkyries sword instructor and took on the role of captain after Alice died. If you want a Captain, the first candidate you consider should be me.”

Lucia: “I can protect you at night as an assassin just as I did before. I was the one who protected you in the past, and I can do it now. I just need to train again, and ask Queen Vyvyan for a buff. Your Highness, there’s absolutely no need for you to assign somebody else. We can be your bodyguards. Moreover, we can be on duty day and night. We can keep you safe! Plus, we’re your wives; aren’t we more trustworthy?”

“But… but… aren’t you my wives?”

“Can’t a wife be a bodyguard?”

“No, what I meant was you’re a mother now. You have to take care of the children during the day and at night. How are you going to be my bodyguard? Think about it, Nier. How are you going to breastfeed in your uniform? Also, what are you going to do about home when you’re outside with me all day?”

The two of them went to speak, but they didn’t have a counterargument. Indeed, they couldn’t take on both the role of a mother and a bodyguard. A bodyguard must always be with the King, but the children were in their care while I worked. Neither of them trusted the maids. Both of them wanted to keep their children by their sides. Subsequently, it was impossible for them to continue being bodyguards.

Somebody gently knocked on the door. Vyvyan asked: “Are you done with your family meeting?”

I stood up and responded, “What’s wrong, Mom? Did something happen?”

Vyvyan replied with a smile: “No, nothing happened. It’s just that you should be sleeping now.”

A sudden realisation hit me. I quickly pulled my two wives over after I shuddered, and then immediately lied down on the ground. I replied, “All right. All right. We’ll turn in now.”

“All right. Goodnight, then, kids.”

Vyvyan softly chuckled from the door. I pulled Lucia and Nier into my embrace. The two of them lingered for a moment before shyly leaning onto my chest. Lucia softly giggled: “Your Highness, this is similar when we had naps together in the afternoon. I loved to lie next to you this way back then. Just hugging you, like this. I feel particularly reassured in your arms.”

“When was that?!!”

Lucia rolled her eyes. She then looked at Nier with a haughty graze and then at me with a whinge: “When we were young, obviously. You still weren’t around at the time. However, His Highness has forgotten lots of memories. He dug up the flower we planted when we first met. We did replant it after, but it was no longer the first flower we planted! Your Highness, that was the first time you held my hand… You always held my hand after that… Back then, I was so shy, yet looked forward to it…”

“That was a long time ago, so let’s not go there…” I shook my head with a helpless smile.

I didn’t have memories of the past… I didn’t have squat from Troy’s memories. I could only vaguely sense some. Moreover, most of the intelligence he left with me didn’t pertain to Lucia but Vyvyan…  I honestly question how severe his mom-con condition was…

Nier hugged me: “Don’t go thinking we’ll agree to you bringing Ying back just because of this. Your Majesty, we will never agree to it.”

“… Really?”

After hearing me, Nier rolled over and mounted me. She clasped my face and sternly said, “How exactly do you see her? Your Majesty, I don’t want to hear you lie. If you want to make Ying your lover or your mistress, it’s not as though Lucia and I can’t accept th-”

“I can’t accept it!!”exclaimed Lucia.

“You’re already too late. Do you remember Ling Yue, the fox?” After cutting off Lucia, Nier continued, “My Prince, be honest with me. Please tell me why you want to bring Ying so badly.”

I gave an honest response: “Sympathy. She’s the same as I was… in the past. I want to give her an opportunity. I want to let her know this world is still a beautiful place, which is also a way of being accountable to myself.”


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