Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 37

I arrived outside Ying and Xia’s room. I took in a deep breath before I knocked. I heard clothing rustle on the other side of the door. I assumed Ying was trying to stand up. Ying’s wound had healed, but I assumed she was still weak. Anybody who was stabbed through their gut and pinned to the ground for several hours would need a long rest, surely.

They both seemed to be awake, so I didn’t have to worry about them being nude, since they were sleeping. I opened the door to save Ying the need to stand up. Lucia vigilantly looked around from my side. She was ready to shove me back outside at any moment. She was focused on being my bodyguard and ready to keep me safe at all times.

“Ying wouldn’t thrust a blade over, would she?” I wondered.

I opened the door to see Xia silently lying on the ground. Her black hair was splayed out, making it appear similar to a dark pool. She wore a long black robe in the same model as Ying’s. The side of her face looked both pure and radiant. Her facial features were most pleasing to the eye. The two of them clung to each other; I could seemingly see their tongues entangled with each other and saliva between them. Xia was still. She allowed her sister to move about. Ying kissed Xia without any expression. It was as though I could see pink flower petals filling the room.

“That… Uh, Umm…”

Lucia went red in the face and ears at the sight she beheld. She covered her eyes, not daring to look at the scene. She knew what the sisters were doing, but she probably never imagined two girls would be so intimate – not to mention that the two of them were sisters. If you looked at the scene purely from an artistic standpoint, it would be a very gorgeous scene…

“Wait. My foot it is!” I cursed myself, as a scene of Mommy Elizabeth and Mommy Vyvyan engaging in the same act immediately popped up in my mind.

Maybe it would be the other way around. Mommy Vyvyan was more assertive than Mommy Elizabeth. I reckon it would be Mommy Vyvyan who initiated it…. The two of them locked in tight together…. Mommy Elizabeth’s gaze and the seductive way Mommy Vyvyan licks her lips…

“That’s way too hot… Stop, stop… I can’t be getting a hard on now…” I stopped myself.

“Ah, you two.”

Upon seeing us, Ying let go then sat square to the side. She looked expressionless as usual in spite of what she was just doing in our presence. In fact, she didn’t even blush. I felt awkward, as I didn’t know what to say to her. However, she didn’t seem to hold strong prejudice views against us for what transpired last night. That baffled me.

It was blatantly obvious that Ying strongly cared for the villagers; otherwise, she wouldn’t have gone to such lengths to protect them, yet she was calm to an astonishing extent after the fact. She didn’t sling a blade at me as soon as she heard my voice. I was very eager to know what exactly Ying was thinking. I hesitated for a long time before deciding it was best to apologise: “Ying, I’m sorry.”

My Nier did kill the people Ying wanted to protect, and she wounded her. Nier didn’t hold back. She was genuinely trying to kill Ying and torture her. She wanted Ying to witness her kill everybody she wanted to protect before letting her bleed to death. If Ying was your average every day individual, she’d be dead already. No questions about it.

Ying shook her head: “No, it’s not your fault. Rather, it was my fault. Those people hurt you. Miss Nier felt the same way I did. She, too, wanted to protect you. They hurt you; as your bodyguard, it’s within her duty to defeat the assailant. If I am to blame anything, I would only have my inferior swordplay to blame.”

“Actually, your swordplay is very good. There are very few who can fight on par with Nier. She probably wouldn’t have had it so easy if you didn’t have your chest wound.”

Ying pursed her lips: “No, you don’t need to comfort me. I knew that I wasn’t a match for her when we exchanged blows. She merely held back at the start. She seemed to have qualms about hurting me. I now have no home to return to; fortunately, I have my sister with me. We were planning to leave this place and go elsewhere. We will leave in a few days’ time, and you can go home, as well. I enjoyed my time with you.”

Ying wore a straight face. She didn’t have any family, so where would she go after leaving the island. What, find another small village, protect the people there and go through it again? Ying might be able to stand it, but what about Xia? They had both been out in the world for too long and should have a cosy home to return to. The island wouldn’t do and neither would the outside world. I hoped they could come to the North or, at the very least, Troy City.

“You have somewhere to go?”

“There will surely be someplace.”

I asked, “I’m not talking about somewhere to live, but a place you can reside at in peace. Where are you going to take Xia? She’s in a very poor condition right now. Do you think she can handle long journeys, poor nutrition and living conditions?”

Ying didn’t reply. She, instead, silently looked at Xia. Xia didn’t respond in any way. She seemed to be deep asleep the entire time. Completely derailing off topic, Ying asked, “Do you know where my sabre is?”

I hesitated for a moment before replying: “Nier has cleaned it for you. It’s right at the door.”

“No, I meant the former sabre that was overflowing with hatred. The one that killed the five children, which was also the original weapon I used to combat the wyrm. That sabre can deal irreversible damage to the wyrm. That’s the only weapon that will allow me to slay the wyrm, but I can’t let it go berserk again. If it does go berserk again, it won’t destroy just one person but several people, meaning everybody around nearby. That sabre is a mass of murderous aura of hatred and souls.”

Ying gently stroked Xia’s face. In a gentle voice, she said, “Xia is that sabre.”


“I’m the scabbard, and Xia is the blade.”

Ying slowly undid her collar, revealing the wound that, presumably, was inflicted by the wyrm. Lucia swiftly covered my vision so that I wouldn’t see Ying’s skin. Still, I saw it. I saw her smooth chest that no longer had any scars.

Tone somewhat melancholic, Ying explained, “We are spirit sabres. A young man, who once came here, wielded a sabre to protect the villagers. After he passed away, we were left behind. When Xia and I are together, we assume our original forms. We can rapidly heal from any non-lethal wounds inflicted on us with ordinary blades. If it is a lethal wound, it will take a bit longer to recover from. Xia has killed too many people and ended up in this shape when the resentment of the people who died aggrieved deaths in the ocean was added. She looks very friendly at the moment, but once we enter battle, Xia will be no different to an evil demon. My job is to not let Xia go berserk; however after the incident with the five children, I noticed I could no longer control her.

How could I bear to let my sister go through that treatment? It’s the only way to prevent her from continuing to lose control, though. Where can I take her? What place would accept our existence? I don’t want to harm others and neither does Xia, but we really don’t have a choice. If Xia goes berserk, what do we do…? What do we do…? What sort of place could accept us…?”

Ying lowered her head. I looked at the two of them. At that point, nothing she said shocked me anymore. I considered the feasibility of them immigrating to the North. I grabbed hold of Lucia’s hand then looked at Ying. In a serious tone, I asked, “Are you willing to come with me?”


Ying raised her head, questioning what she heard. I could see traces of tears in her eyes. I elaborated, “Are you willing to come with me? I have a place for you to live. It’s very prosperous. If you’re willing to come with Xia, we can leave now.”


“Your Highness?!” exclaimed Lucia.

Lucia looked at me with a stunned expression. Her gaze made me feel guilty. However, I honestly didn’t want to do anything to Ying. I merely wanted to take them away. I explained to Ying, “Xia didn’t go berserk when she was by your side. She’ll be fine as long as she can live in peace, right? There won’t be any fighting there, and Xia can carry on living in peace there. Last time: let’s go kill the wyrm, and then come with me.”


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