Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 39

When I opened my eyes again, I wasn’t surprised to see a pair of blue eyes trained on me. My heart froze. I knew I couldn’t possibly escape Vyvyan in her current state no matter what I tried. If she wanted me, nobody would notice – even if there was somebody next to us.

I was mentally ready. However, I almost screamed when I turned my head to the side. I never thought I’d see the side of Mommy Elizabeth’s deep asleep face. Yes, she slept at night, but her sleep was very unstable. Vyvyan carefully reached for my lips and made a hush gesture. In a soft voice, she said, “Don’t wake her…”

“Don’t… Don’t… Mommy Elizabeth is right here.”

Vyvyan’s eyebrows twitched as she looked at me. I didn’t dare to speak. She reached for my belt with a mischievous smile on her face: “What’s wrong, Son? So what if she’s here? There’s no mana on this island. Mommy has spent a bit too much mana the last two days. There’s no way of replenished mana here, so I need to rely on you.”

“Was I born to be your mana reserve?”

Vyvyan stroked my head grumpily: “No. You’re my son. That’s precisely why you should provide Mommy with mana. If Mommy doesn’t have enough mana, how will Mommy help you slay the wyrm? That’s why you need to provide me with mana now, right? What method do you want to use? I don’t think you would use that sort of method, though, right, Son? What a naughty boy. You’re your father’s…”

“I never said that!!”

“Keep your voice down. Do you want to wake Elizabeth? She may be deep asleep tonight, but she’ll wake up if you’re so noisy. Although she won’t say anything even if she does, you’d be very sad, wouldn’t you…? You don’t want Elizabeth to see us, do you?”

Vyvyan narrowed her eyes a little. I went to speak but didn’t know what to say. She was right. I, indeed, didn’t want Mommy Elizabeth to see us, but I wasn’t sure why. What I did know, though, was I didn’t feel guilt due to shyness. Mommy Elizabeth knew well and truly what Vyvyan and I did. Furthermore, replenishing mana was a must.

“But why am I so reluctant to let Elizabeth see us? I feel I’d be very sad to let her see us. I’d feel very hopeless and very hurt,” I asked myself.

“That’s why we need to hurry up and finish. You were intimate with Elizabeth during the day and completely ignored me. Your father did the same thing,” said Mommy Vyvyan. She firmly pinched my chin and, in a serious tone, asked, “Son, have you started to develop weird feelings for Elizabeth recently? Why would you have those feelings?”

“I didn’t!”

“Really? You can’t hide secrets from me.”

Vyvyan looked at Elizabeth, who was behind me. She then quickly pulled me into the blanket and tightly into her embrace. My head really missed the place where it usually had something pressing down on in the past. Vyvyan tightly clung to me and gently reached inside my belt…


I was about to moan, but I suddenly heard a voice from outside the blanket. Mommy Elizabeth was in dazed state. In a very lazy voice, she asked Mommy Vyvyan, “What’s wrong? I think I heard you talking with someone. Did something happen, Vyvyan?”

Vyvyan replied, “No, nothing happened. I just had a dream.”

Elizabeth didn’t question Vyvyan any further. Just as I was about to let out a breath of relief, a warm sensation suddenly touched me from behind. Not only did I have something heavy squashing my face, but I also had something on my back. I shuddered and almost moaned.

“I hugged you, like this, when you had nightmares back then. So, I guess I’ll do it again.”

I didn’t know if Elizabeth was befuddled in her sleep or what, but she wrapped her arms around Vyvyan’s head, thereby squishing me in the middle. Elizabeth probably didn’t detect anything wrong, because she wasn’t fully awake, and thus, continued taking slow breaths.

The two of them squashed me while I curled up in the blanket and didn’t dare to move. If I moved my hand by my side just a tiny bit, I’d be able to feel Mommy Elizabeth’s legs. At the same time, one of Vyvyan’s hands, which she couldn’t keep to herself, teased me. Elizabeth was on my back. Sadly, I found myself shaking and relishing the thrill.

Vyvyan teased my most sensitive nerves using her soft and warm hand. I bit Vyvyan’s breast as a way of exacting my revenge. My entire body shook with excitement and nervousness. I wanted to moan, but I didn’t dare to. Mommy Elizabeth’s breasts were pressed against me. If I extended my head, I probably would’ve felt her breaths.

I couldn’t hold it in anymore. Mommy Vyvyan also noticed my reaction; hence, she suddenly sped up and started stroking harder, causing my entire body to convulse violently. I think I noticed her shudder, as well. I felt the small space inside the blanket become moist, and I could smell Mommy Vyvyan’s unique scent. I didn’t know what the scent was, but it aroused me; I wanted nothing more than to tightly hold the woman in front of me, and return to the warm place from before.

I finally gave in and began the search on my own accord. As a result, I ended up entering Mommy Vyvyan while right in front of Mommy Elizabeth. Mommy Vyvyan couldn’t resist. Her breaths became erratic. She let out soft moans.

“What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?” asked Elizabeth, suddenly opening her eyes and looked at Vyvyan.

“No… No… Mm… I’m just… a little…” stuttered Vyvyan.

I decided to get revenge on Vyvyan, so I thrust a little harder, causing Vyvyan to gasp. I didn’t know what sort of expression and condition she looked at Elizabeth with.

“Aren’t you immune to illness?”

“Sometimes… I do… feel… unwell…” Mommy Vyvyan knew my body, but I also knew hers. I carefully began to move and changed the force of my thrusts, almost getting a loud moan out of Vyvyan. Alas, she quickly covered her mouth. She continued, “It feels… as though the food… doesn’t quite suit me… I feel… a little… nauseous.”

“Me, too. The dishes here taste completely different to the food we ate at home,” said Elizabeth, still hugging Vyvyan. Therefore, she pressed her body more firmly against mine. She murmured, “Go and throw up if you feel nauseous, but it looks as though we’ll have to eat these foods for the next few days. Back then, you weren’t this fussy when we lived in the forest. What’s wrong with you now?”

“Probably… Probably… because of old age, I guess…”

“There’s such a thing as age for you?”

“Obviously. It’s just… I have more time… It’s not… as if… I don’t age…”

“You get to see my son pass away. I guess you’ll die when he passes away. To be honest, I really envy you, since you get to see what you like live and die, while I have very little time by his side. Having a long lifespan is blissful if you have the privilege of possessing what you like and the people you care about by your side. Humans, however, don’t have that opportunity. I want to extend my stay with my son for one more minute and even one more second no matter what.”

“Why… are you…”

“Nothing. Sleep,” answered Elizabeth, shutting her eyes again.

I stopped moving. I was bewildered. I wondered, “Why did Mommy Elizabeth suddenly mention me?”


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