Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 12

I was somewhat disappointed when I woke up the next day, as I didn’t see the sun I wanted to see. It was so dark it looked as though the sun had yet to come up. Nier and I didn’t return until the sun almost came up, so I wondered how long I slept for.

“Good morning, Dear.”

Nier, who was next to me, rubbed her eyes and hugged my arm. She acted wilful as a young girl would, which was a very rare occurrence, when she greeted me in a lazy tone. The two of us were nude with our clothes on the ground. We went a little crazy last night. I fulfilled Nier’s wish on the deck, but my lust didn’t die down after one blast; hence, I carried her back to the room and went down on her again. Nier then decided we might as go all the way, since we’d started. As a consequence, our plan to sleep early never happened.

“It’s a little cold.”

“It must be due to the cloudy weather, I guess.”

I felt cold when I put my arms outside, but Nier casually clung to me without a care and pouted. I stroked her hair: “Wake up, Nier. The sun is up already. Lucia will probably be here soon. The weather isn’t too good today. We can take a small boat down for a swim if the weather turns good. You can swim, can’t you?”

Nier nodded: “Mm, I can. Valkyries must be able to swim, since we may have to fight in water. You don’t need to worry… With that said, I need to get my swimwear first. Be honest with me, Your Majesty, do you feel I look sexier when my clothes are all wet?”

I rubbed Nier’s face: “You noticed? You’re showing your body off to me, so who cares, right?”

Nier nodded: “Mm…”

Nier was still nervous about revealing herself in revealing clothes. She had never worn swimwear before, after all. I held her hand: “Let’s head out. Lucia should be here very soon. Let’s go, Nier.”

We spent most of our next moments picking up our clothes then Nier searched for her swimwear. She hesitated for a moment before wearing it on. I peered at the dark clouds outside.

I had a feeling my wives wouldn’t get to wear their swimwear today. It would be freezing in the water in the cloudy weather. The weather wasn’t warm today, either; I didn’t want them to risk catching a cold.

Nier and I wore on thick cloaks before leaving the room in order to stay warm. We saw Lucia dressed in thick clothing, as well. Lucia looked incredibly dispirited. Elves virtually had no resistance to the cold. As a result, the tables were reversed today. Nier had adjusted. Thus, she didn’t suffering from sea sickness again. Lucia, on the other hand, had her ears hanging down.


Nier was excited as if she found a new continent. She immediately went over to Lucia’s side to pinch her ears and laugh out loud: “Whose turn is it today? Hmm? Is it because it’s too cold today? How embarrassing. Lucia, you’re His Majesty’s Princess, yet you can’t accompany your beloved to enjoy a trip. You’re a party pooper. How about you shoo shoo back to your room and roll around in bed today? I’ve prepared my swimwear to play with His Majesty.”

Lucia, trembling, powerlessly said, “You… Let go…”

Nier found pleasure in Lucia’s misery. Nier then swiftly rushed back to my side. She grabbed my collar and laughed in front of Lucia. She kissed my lips, instigating Lucia into letting out a quiet and upset groan. Nier couldn’t stand me kissing others in her presence, but Lucia was even more aggravated. She was a lot more jealous than Nier. Lucia was so low on energy that she was lazy to bicker with Nier, however.

Nier released me, and then boasted: “Weren’t you really arrogant yesterday? What happened to your bravado today? Hng, hng, just lie there, and watch His Majesty play in the water with me while you’re stuck lying down! I’m going to really push the envelope and…”

“Me, too… Me, too… Your Highness… Me, too!!”

It sounded as if Lucia was letting out soft whimpers as she looked at me with her teary eyes. I laughed then knocked Nier on her head. I turned back to Lucia: “It’s all right. It’s all right. I don’t want to go into the water when it’s so cold today. We might catch a cold if we enter the water in this temperature. Wait for the sun to come out; then we’ll consider it.”


Startled, Nier sulked, “You didn’t even help me yesterday…”

“You think Lucia gave you that fruit out of kindness?! I exchanged my body for that!!” was what I thought to myself.

Nier cheerfully went and cooked breakfast when we arrived at the kitchen. Lucia and I, therefore, went and sat at the table. Lucia curled up on my chest and shivered. She shivered intensely in my arms. I gently stroked her and covered her with my cloak. Despite my efforts, she was still freezing.

“Your Majesty, you called for me?” asked the captain.


The captain knocked on the door and entered. I noticed his hat under his armpit shaking. I nodded and queried, “Do you think the weather will change for the better today?”

“Today?” asked the captain. He stopped to think briefly then nodded: “The weather will not be too bad today. Based off the clouds last night, today should be a sunny day. I noticed it was bright up ahead when I checked afar just before. The weather should be sunny once the clouds disperse. It should be sunny around noon, and it should warm up around then, as well.”

“All right,” I replied with a nod. Smiling, I stroked Lucia’s head: “Hear that, Lucia? It’ll be sunny once noon comes. Just curl up in your blanket until noon for now. Nier will probably bring some hot water over. Have a drink, and then return to your room. I know elves can’t stand the cold.”


Lucia looked away. She was unhappy that I mentioning Nier, but I had no counter. Hence, I couldn’t put up much of a resistance. I rubbed Lucia’s small head, and then waved my hand: “Captain, you can go now. Continue to keep up the good work.”


The captain furtively let out a sigh of relief before turning to leave. Lucia forced a smile: “It seems… they’re very afraid of you…”

“It’s not a bad thing for them to be a little scared. If they’re scared, we won’t be in danger. Let’s go swimming at noon, as the weather will improve. Enjoy life out at sea.”

“Mm… I also need to change into my swimwear… My swimwear…”


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