The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 02 Ch. 01

“Out of consideration of the fact that you once contributed to the war against the demon race, Her Majesty is generously showing you mercy. Instead of death by hanging, you shall be beheaded. Your execution shall be held tomorrow!”

Queen Sisi nodded to indicate to the official next to her that he could pass the order down. She then let out a breath of relief. She stretched her hand she just wrote with and examined it. With a slight frown, she remarked, “How annoying. It’s just a few people, yet I have to, personally, write a letter. I had just cleaned my nails and skin. What a waste. Bring those materials over for me again. I need to take care of my hand.”

“Your Majesty, in my opinion, you need to reconsider the issue with the adventurers.”

A young man wearing a purple cape and standing behind the Queen spoke up, “I can get you everything you need. However, you should think about the matter concerning the adventurers carefully. Although the adventurers have become useless after the death of the Demon King, they are your pieces for war. We, alone, are not enough to face the chapel and merchants. If you kill all of the adventurers that believed in you, the chapel and merchants will consider it good news if they plot against you. If I am not wrong, this idea must have been given to you by the chapel and merchants, right? After all, the adventurers are not military personnel, so they can do as they please with their assets.”

Queen Sisi proudly shook her head and replied in a casual manner, “That won’t happen. The demon race is no more. I was the one that led us to defeat that powerful foe, and I also trust the chapel and merchants. The chapel and merchants wish to profit and make gains from me, which I can provide them with. So is there a need for me to worry? I know that you military personnel are slightly unhappy that you don’t have a chance to act at the moment. That’s why I am having you pursue those adventurers. You should be grateful to me.”

“Your Subject is very grateful to you, Your Majesty… It is just… Just… Your Majesty, you must be wary of those groups. They are absolutely a threat to you!”

Queen Sisi nodded, “I know, I know.” She then turned her head around to look at the young man with a smile, “I’m aware of it all. The chapel and merchants said the same thing to me previously. They warned me to be wary of you soldiers. They said that you may revolt against me due to not having anything to do.”

“Your Subject would never dare to do that!! Your Subject treads the path of honour left behind by ancestors. Our honour and glory is being absolutely loyal and dutiful. It is impossible for us to have ulterior motives towards you!!”

Right? So can I trust them?”

‘Queen Sisi made an open hand gesture. Then she touched the young man’s face and laughed, “Has anybody ever told you that your eyes are very pretty? I really like you, for the fact that you managed to become a leader in the military at such a young age. I believe that people with such pretty eyes are very trustworthy. The same goes their side, though. I know what you three parties are thinking. You all have your own agendas. I do bear in mind everything you’ve all said. The war has ended, so let’s put your military aside for now. I’m more concerned about filling up the national treasury, than those so-called military contributions.”

“Your Subject… Understands.”

The young man knew that Queen Sisi would deny whatever he said, since she had said that. He was genuinely loyal. Killing the adventurers would only enrage them. The chapel most certainly has ulterior motives, not to mention the fact that they have their own independent military force. Their forces are encroaching upon the border, step by step, yet Queen Sisi hasn’t realised anything. The military, however, knew what they were scheming. The military had to make preparations, since Queen Sisi wasn’t budging. They had to act, not only for Her Majesty, but also for Lord Veirya!


Current time in the North.

I looked at the woman, who had tied herself up and was now standing before me. I was somewhat surprised. I never thought such a dirty looking woman could look quite pretty after tidying herself up a bit. Her light-blonde hair was now soft and smooth after washing off the dirt. She did her hair into a ponytail, thereby revealing her white neck. Both her neck and the side of her face looked very pretty. Her face was thin, and her black eyes were very energetic. While she was wearing Veirya’s military uniform, she gave off a noble aura. She sat at the table properly. In a sincere tone, she said, “Thank you very much for taking me in. I was once the daughter of a military officer. However, my father didn’t let me learn any literacy. I was raised as a soldier ever since I was a kid. After that, I assisted Lord Veirya as an adventurer… Though she doesn’t remember it…”

I looked at her and nodded, “It looks as thoughyour life as adventurers was very poor.”

“It was tough. Only Lord Veirya led a decent life as one. We… The military pressured us a lot. The chapel, too… The chapel never trusted us. None of us expected to wake up to find our lives in this state after the war ended after drinking all night that night… In fact, it was worse than before…”

“That’s because your roles have been abandon by the era. Without the Demon King, you have become liabilities for the society. A long sword can kill demons, and it can hurt even more people, so the Queen abandoned all of you, which means that the entire world has abandoned all of you. You should all put your past behind you now and lead proper lives.”

I stood up and continued, “It seems that you’ve never done these jobs, but you need to patiently learn the skills to perform them.”

“I know. I will definitely do my best.”

I glanced at Veirya as I spoke. Veirya said that she wanted to be an ordinary girl, but nonetheless, highly values her past glory. She’s cherished all of the medals people gave her.

‘I wonder if what I just said would aggravate her.’

Veirya didn’t seem to mind, though. She sat there in silence. Leah sat next to her. She looked at the woman in front of her feeling somewhat fearful. She’s considered a former enemy to Leah, after all. I don’t intend to have her stay here for long unless she can accept Leah. I’ll tell her what she needs to do tonight. Then I’ll leave with Leah and Veirya tomorrow. There’s nothing worth money at home, anyhow unless she intends on stealing furniture. Moreover, everybody in the town would notice her.

I didn’t know if the warmth of the spring weather and scent in the air caused my mind to go a little numb or if I was preoccupied with Veirya and couldn’t think of anything else. Whatever the case was, I never thought that it’d be risky that day. I didn’t think about what that man said to me. Had I thought of it, I wouldn’t have had to go through so much that year.


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