Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 11


I suddenly felt a warm sensation on my back. The warmth and size told me it was Nier. She hugged me from behind while I was sitting on the deck. She wrapped her arms over mine to bring her hands to my chest; then, gently fiddled with the part where my cape and collar met. I held her hand and, with a smile, asked, “Are you feeling a bit better?”

“Mm. I feel a lot better after some rest. I feel that I can’t let that woman have you and have so much fun, so I shall spend tonight with you.”

“Where’s Lucia?”

“She’s sleeping. That crazy woman must be exhausted from our duel at noon,” answered Nier. She tightened her grip around my neck, and then bit my ear. She whispered, “Your Majesty, don’t you think you’re mean? You’re thinking of another woman when I’m by your side? She may be aboard the ship, but I’m right behind you, Your Majesty….”

“I’m sorry…”

I smiled and grabbed Nier’s hand. Vengeful, she bit my ear then leaned onto my back. Shoulders resting on each other, the two of us gazed at the stars. There was nothing obstructing us on the water. The sky – which was the canvas – seemed small to fit all of the glimmering stars. She gazed at the stars in silence. She said she’d accompany me at night, but she didn’t utter a word.

Nier suddenly spoke up in a soft voice next to my ear: “I didn’t get a chance to gaze at the stars at the Royal Capital. When I was there in the past, I was on patrol duty every night, so we couldn’t look up. As we were defenceless when we looked up, we weren’t able to look up even if there were shiny stars overhead.”


“Now, however, I can look up by your side.”

Nier giggled. She then positioned her hand in front of her and gazed at the stars beyond her hand. She wasn’t waiting for me to say something; I didn’t plan to say anything, either. It was very rare for her to share her past with me. She never recalled her past on her own accord, because she didn’t have anything to recall.

Nier inspected the ring on her finger. Her ring shone comparably crystals. The rings in this world weren’t made with diamonds but something close to it. She looked at the light emitted from the tiny gem and quietly giggled: “I used to only have swords in my hand, but I now have a ring on my finger, as well. In the past, I couldn’t look up and let my guard down, but now I get to see the sea of stars on the sky. Dear, it’s truly so beautiful.”

I nodded, and then kissed Nier’s cheek: “Of course, Nier. You’re very beautiful, too. I fell for you the first time I saw you with your suave and heroic aura. I fell for you the moment you knelt down to welcome me into the city in your military uniform. Although I already had Lucia at the time, I still felt that I loved you. I just didn’t say it, that’s all.”

Nier laughed then touched my head. With a smile, she responded, “Thank you, Dear. Thank you. After loving you, I finally discovered that my life was completely different to everybody else’s. I originally thought I’d dedicate my entire life to Her Majesty, and the stars would never belong to me. After I fell in love with you, though, I could gaze at the stars overhead, and I could be the same as others, loving the man I love.”

I looked back with a smile: “What’s the occasion today, Nier? Why are you sentimental all of a sudden?”

Grumpily, Nier hammered my lower back. She smiled: “What’s wrong, Dear? I like you so much that I sometimes want to say nice things to you. After all, Lucia hasn’t gloated to me just once. She told me how beautiful the stars were when she lied on the lawn to gaze at them with you. She even told me about the girls. She told them they were conceived on a beautiful and starry night on a lawn, so…”

Nier tugged on my cape, pulling me down onto the deck. The sky filled with shimmering stars immediately appeared in sight. The pitch black blanket seemed to rock along with the waves. The ship stopped on the water at night, and no uninvited guests disturbed the peace of the night at sea. Only gentle waves and splashes were audible. The moist air carried the warmth from the sea and stars. Nier pressed my collar down and mounted my hips. She chuckled: “As that woman did it with you on the lawn, let’s do the same thing on the deck.”

“People will see, you know?”

“That doesn’t matter. I just need to silence them.”

“We aren’t having an illicit affair…”

I pinched Nier’s nose. She unhappily grabbed hold of my hand, and then looked at me with her puppy eyes: “No…? Your Majesty, I’m really eager. Honestly speaking, we don’t have many opportunities on this ship. Let’s do it once. Just once, Your Majesty.”

“… Just once.” I looked at Nier and pressed my hands onto her arms. I smiled helplessly: “If you don’t rest well, you’ll be sea sick again tomorrow, so you need to rest well tonight.”

“No problem. If you can’t fulfil this tiny wish of mine, I won’t be able to sleep well tonight. Come on, Dear. Come on. Let’s do it before somebody notices us. Nobody will notice us, either. We’re the only two still awake.”

“Be honest, Nier. I really want to know if this is an effect of the drug or your true nature?”

“Initially, it was due to the drug. After that, I felt it was a very nice feeling; therefore, I got slightly addicted. Your Majesty, it feels very, very, very good. I feel I’m a bit addicted.”

“Will you do this with other men, then?”

“Are you suspecting me?”

“No, I’m just asking.”

“Of course not! I’ve never come into contact with another man up until now, Your Majesty! You don’t need to suspect me. I will never betray you. You’re my husband. Your Majesty, to be frank, I don’t want to come into contact with other men. It feels repulsive being touched by them. After all, I am your wife, and you’re my only husband.”

I locked Nier tightly in my embrace when we kissed. She passionately kissed me back.

I wasn’t worried about my two wives, to tell the truth. I’d never believe they‘d cheat. We, perchance, realised who we loved most when we were wandering on the brink of death through all the life and death experiences we went through. As such, we wouldn’t betray each other. Of course, I was a different breed.

Internally, I basically had a disease. I loved Nier, yet still liked searching for a woman who could catch my attention. Perhaps courting women as I did was addicting… However, Nier was in my arms. It, therefore, was better I didn’t think of other women.

“Captain, there seems to be some noise coming from the deck. I can hear moans, as well. His Majesty and the Royal Princess would not have run into danger, would they? It couldn’t be pirates, could it?”

“Are you married?”

“Not yet…”

“That’s why… Remember this: never go and take a look when you hear this sort of sound. Do not go to the deck at this moment, and don’t bring this up with His Majesty, got it?”


“Follow my orders if you want to keep your life!”


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