Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 10

The ocean here in this world was the same as the sea in the world I came from. I don’t know if they were the same in every world. The ocean was forever blue. We stood out on the ship on the water and looked around. The end of the ocean and the sky seemed to meet as one entity. If it wasn’t for the white clouds lazing around, the ocean and sky must’ve been connected.

It wasn’t peaceful on the ocean. Perhaps our ships tore through the ocean, which was why we had waves. I stood at the bow and looked at the water. The ocean breeze blew against me. My breaths felt moist. I randomly felt overpowered as if the ocean belonged to me. Once one expands their vision, they’ll feel as though things are expansive and grand. I guess that was how you feel on ships. Seeing the vast sea did, indeed, make me feel stronger.

The modifications to the ship were apparent. There was a big, flat platform at the front of the ship. The rails were simple wooden rails. It was a little risky, but I didn’t think anybody would fall overboard; we weren’t that stupid. The bridge had been modified to be our living quarters. The servants and maids resided there. The dining hall, activity room and bedrooms were practically the same as the way they were in my Imperial Palace. Only a few rooms belonged to the crew. They lived in the cabin below. The ship was quite large. It looked decent from outside; however, standing at the bow, I thought it was the size of Ling Yue’s body.

I’d assume it’d pack a lethal amount of firepower if it was a warship. That was not to mention it was mana-powered, so it was a lot faster than current warships, and they could replenish energy at night. Therefore, you could live at sea forever on the ship as long as you had food and water.

If it was an elven warship, it would be a monster, because Vyvyan’s time magic could preserve the food and water as well as let it float on top of the water surface without needing to be replenished. That meant it wouldn’t need to resupply at ports and could travel as it pleased. Fortunately, such a formidable weapon was in my hands.

We didn’t have many ships guarding us. They were all mid-sized sailing ships. The mid-sized agile ships could perfectly subdue pirates. Pirates of this world didn’t have these mid-sized ships; they didn’t have ports that they can stop at whenever they liked to resupply, after all. I really wanted to find out where the pirates came from on this journey, as well. There might be some strange small island at sea that the pirates originated from. If it existed and I cleaned it up, I might’ve had myself a private island to spend vacations at.

I didn’t see any small islands, sadly. That said, we had only left for a few hours, so it was only normal I hadn’t spotted any. I turned around to look at Lucia sitting on the edge looking at the sea as well as Nier, who was lying underneath an umbrella. Nier’s lips were somewhat pale. Nier, who was commonly wearing a cold and fearless look, met her most terrifying enemy aboard the ship. Aforementioned enemy was sea sickness. Nier was defeated after staying on the ship. She went from a cold Princess into a weak Princess shivering in the corner. Thus, she had no choice but to lay down behind us.

I felt sorry for Nier. She was on her own ship to have fun, and it was a rare opportunity to be out on the ocean water, yet she was incapacitated and had to lie down for the entire trip due to sea sickness. Lucia, who sat to one side, relished Nier’s misery. She had completely adapted to the sea, so she didn’t have any struggles. However, little Lucia was really sly. She completely ignored Nier, who was sea sick. She even forcefully dragged Nier to the deck. Suffice to say, the elf, Lucia, was full of hatred for the woman who stole her man.

Lucia was very interested in the sea below. Every time there was a trace of a fish, she’d exclaim in surprise the same way a child did. Who would’ve thought such a cute girl with a small body was the mother of two kids?


When she saw me sit down next to her, Lucia wrapped her arm around mine and pointed down to the sea while excitedly shouting: “Mm? What’s wrong, Your Highness? Did you see that? There’s fish. There’s fish. Your Highness. Your Highness, I just saw a fish leap up.”

Elves didn’t come into contact with the ocean. Hence, Lucia never had the chance to play out on the ocean. It was a new scene for Lucia, making her as happy as a child. I might’ve cheerfully played around with Lucia if Nier wasn’t watching us with a miserable gaze.

Nier was stuck lying down behind me. She watched us with a very miserable and irate gaze. When I turned around, I also detected her pleading me with her gaze. I couldn’t help it, though. I didn’t have sea sickness medication in this world for her… All we could do was wait for her to naturally recover after some rest… However, I remembered there was something that could bring a dispirited Nier back to life, the challenge being that I needed Lucia to take it out…

Lucia should’ve had the fruit Luna once provided us with. The fruit could help one sober up from the influence of alcohol. Surely it could also relieve nauseous symptoms induced by sea sickness. Nier might have looked expressionless when she last ate it, but the sourness caused her entire body to shiver.

“Lucia, did you bring that fruit with you?”

The fruit was a specialty produce of the elves. We didn’t bring it along, but Lucia – who couldn’t hold her liquor well – apparently brought some in her bag due to her concern of getting drunk.

“What fruit?”

“The really sour type.”


Lucia narrowed her eyes then glanced at Nier, who was behind her. She then revealed a mischievous grin. Lucia used to wear an innocent and friendly smile as though she wouldn’t hurt anybody, but it was cruel and mischievous this time. Friendly animals become very violent when it comes to fighting for their mate. For instance, Lucia revelled in weakened Nier’s misery.

“Well, if you kiss me in front of Nier, I shall comply.”

“You sure?”

I looked at Nier, who had her teeth clenched, and then looked back at Lucia, who was so proud of herself that she’d be wagging her tail if she had one. Lucia hugged me then ran up to Nier. She wrapped my arm in hers. She looked at me with a boastful gaze: “I’m sure!”

I peeped at Nier’s gaze. It was very clear her eyes were saying, “Your Majesty, agree to her request, and then leave the rest to me.”

I nodded, and then kissed Lucia’s lips in front of Nier.

Ten minutes later…

“Get over here, you bitch!! How dare you use me to threaten His Majesty! Get over here! I swear I’ll cut your ears off today!!”

“What do you want?! I’m warning you! I will fight back! Listen, you might not be able to beat me right now, you sea-sick idiot… Your Highness, her condition is called sea sickness, right…? Mm, that’s right. Weak women get sea sick. How are you worthy of being His Highness lover when you’re so delicate? I’m warning you! I’m warning you! I’ll rip your arm off!”

I wasn’t sure if Nier’s fighting abilities were diminished as a result of her sea sickness, or if it was Lucia’s satisfaction with herself that augmented her abilities. Either way, the two of them randomly began an endless fight… and only stopped once they were both exhausted…


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