Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 04

The business street in the Imperial City wasn’t particularly prospering. I couldn’t really blame it on anything, because the populace in the North still didn’t have stuff to export. Daily necessities were still provided by the government at present. I had no choice but to build up the North in ruins that Evelyn left me bit by bit.

The North wasn’t actually lagging behind or poor. The crux of the problem was lots of resources were in the hands of the minority, namely the nobles and plutocrats. We, the imperial family, seized the resources of the North using amicable and forceful means. In other words, I possessed the resources. I had to distribute them bit by bit, and then have the people begin to orderly take responsibility for rich land. That was why the main focus of the trip was to watch my wives get jealous at each other and buy some stuff that they could eat.

We went along the main street. I was squashed in the middle between two girls. Their pressure, softness and warmth transferred to my arms. Overhead was the warm sun. The cool breeze from the snowy mountains granted us with particularly comfortable warm weather. Additionally, I had the nice scent of the girls next to me.

It was the first time I enjoyed the feeling of being a winner in life so much. I was worried that I didn’t run the nation well when I was working in the palace. However, I held the opinion that the most blissful feeling was having my loved ones by my side. I suddenly looked forward to our trip out on the ocean. I’d get to see ordinary, but sexy, swimwear. Nier might appear in her wet swimwear in the water… Hehehe…

“Stop, stop. If I continue imagining it, I won’t be able to resist it and I’ll bang her on the spot right now,” I warned myself.

For some odd reason, I was exhausted in the morning, yet I suddenly began lusting for the two of them. Men are strange creatures. Some people say that men are creatures who think with their lower body, and I think I must agree at this point.

Ah, it’s not that I didn’t love Lucia. She just didn’t want to do it with me. It was merely considered a reproductive necessity to elves, and they didn’t covet the ecstatic feeling. In addition, ordinary people couldn’t take it when they did it with me due to my mana. As a result, Lucia passed out after doing it with me. That was why she was very reluctant to do it with me again. The only elf who could withstand me was probably Mommy Vyvyan. Otherwise, there was only Luna who could withstand the pain.

“Ah, Your Majesty. Wait. I should now call you King Troy Galadriel Rosvenor of the North now. Conqueror of the North, Hero King and Harem King?”

“I can accept the first two titles, but what’s the deal with the last Harem King title?”

We suddenly heard a voice from behind while we were walking. We turned around and looked in the direction of the voice. We didn’t notice him when we walked passed; we didn’t expect there to be somebody sitting in the middle of the business street, where the blue stones had started to turn a little black. The individual seemed to be dark blue. He perfectly blended in with the background.

I looked at him. He giggled, taking his beard along for the ride and he shook out his sheep hands.

I’ll be honest; he left a deep impression on me. He was the man I saw at the markets at Troy City. He was the so-called prophet. He appeared to be a conman on the surface, but there was one thing I hadn’t been able to figure out: “How did he know who I was?”’ Hence, I watched him vigilantly this time. My two wives were confused, though. They apparently forgot him. I didn’t blame them. He appeared to be a conman to them. I looked at my wives, and then walked over.

He smiled. He moved his body, but his movements were strange to me, since it resembled withered vines coming to life. It looked as if all of his joints were shaking when he moved his stiff body. I was a little curious as to whether he’d get on all his limbs as a legitimate sheep or if he was going to stand upright as I was. He couldn’t stand up, though, so he remained seated. He remarked, “Long time no see, Your Majesty. The last time we met was at Troy City.

I replied, “Last time, you said that I’d definitely come to see you, but I still don’t see a need to see you.”

He nonchalantly smiled. His smile put me off. It was the type of a smile an adult looks at an anxious kid with. There was a disdainful vibe to it. He continued, “No, Your Majesty, I do not plan to take back what I said. Moreover, it is still too soon. To be frank, Your Majesty, I have been here to the North before. There was previously no life here. Or rather, it was, essentially, a rubbish dump. It was but a dump of useless anthropoids. This place was a prison for criminals as well as the empire’s cemetery. However, life returned to it after you came here. It appears that you are a very capable ruler. Congratulations on your success, Your Majesty, and congratulations to you.”

I felt perplexed when I looked at him. His praise, which came out of the blue, made me feel weird.

It was pointless for him to ingratiate himself with me… What, was I going to laugh and then give him a house? Before I could react, though, his expression changed to an incredibly solemn expression. He then sighed: “It is such a pity. Such a great pity.”

“What’s a pity?”

“Ah, no, no, no, My King. I am not saying it is a pity for you, but for your wives next to you and your mothers, as well as your children and people. To them, you are a good husband, a good son, a good father and a good leader, but you will not live for much long-…”


Nier stabbed her sword straight into the blue bricks next to his neck before I could speak. I felt an enormous amount of murderous intent burst next to me. Nier was genuinely outraged. She grabbed his beard with one and coldly warned, “Hurry up and apologise. Saying that to a King is considered a threat and curse. I really want to lop your stinking mouth of right now, got it?!”

He wasn’t afraid in the slightest. Nevertheless, he gave me a smile: “Miss Nier, should you not calm down? I believe that His Majesty knows his own body’s condition best.”

Startled, Nier quickly looked behind: “Dear, are you not well?”

I shook my head: “No. I don’t feel any problems. Plus, Mommy Vyvyan checked my body last time. I’m fine.”

“That means this guy cursed and threatened you, then. Dear, please allow me to knock all of his teeth out and rip his mouth off while I’m at it!”

“Nier, calm down.” I pressed my hand onto Nier’s shoulder. She hesitated for a moment before letting go. I looked at the prophet and asked, “I want to know more. What problem will my body have exactly?”

The prophet revealed an odd gaze: “Your Majesty, I do not know what you will do, either, for that is your personal business. As such, I do not know what you have done. I can see that there will be cracks in your fate, nonetheless. My King, if that time does come and you find yourself in a dead end, I will continue waiting for you here.”


“Now, let us meet again, Your Majesty. I believe we will meet again very soon.”

His beard instantly vanished from Nier’s grip. Next, he vanished as his voice tapered off. He disappeared from our sight within an instant. Nier was rendered stupefied. She violently kicked the wall then swiftly spun around to grab hold of my hand. In a serious tone, she said, “Dear, don’t worry. I will definitely protect you. I will definitely stay by your side and protect you! I won’t let anything happen to you! I guarantee it!!”

“Me, too, Your Highness. I shall put my life and honour on the line to protect you! I won’t let anything happen to you!!”

“Mm, oh… Thank you, you two…”

I hazily glimpsed at the two of them. The two of them were very serious.  Under normal circumstances, I’d be very happy about that… But I pondered, “Why do I still feel somewhat randomly empty and anxious?”


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