Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 03

Honestly, I didn’t know where they sold swimwear. Mommy Elizabeth and Mommy Vyvyan both looked relieved when they learnt I was going to take Lucia and Nier out. They also encouraged us to go out and have some fun. Mommy Elizabeth also said she’d never seen me work with such a tunnel vision attitude before. She told me I had to make time to rest even if I had work. She said that even she had her own hunting activities and past times.

“You must rest, so that you can perform better at work afterwards. Son, it’s good to go out for some fun. Gosh… Frankly, Mommy wants to go out for some fun, wear swimwear and have some fun at the beach, too.”

“What do you want, you old hag? You want to reveal your already somewhat flabby bottom?”

“What did you say?! Aren’t I obviously younger than you are? The only reason you’ve been able to maintain your appearance is thanks to the elven spring water I provide you with!!”

Vyvyan hated hearing the words “old hag” the most. To be honest, I didn’t know how old Vyvyan was. She never answered the question of mine and nobody asked. Elves and humans developed in different time frames, but elves could maintain their prime for a very long time and could live for a very long time once they were old. Accordingly, I had no idea how long Mommy Vyvyan had maintained her current appearance. Moreover, the lifespan of elves involved mana.

Mommy Vyvyan was a demi-god; how was I supposed to know how long her lifespan was…? She might even live long enough to see Vera as an adult. Nevertheless, elves weren’t willing to lead the same lives once their family passed away. They chose to relocate to the forests once their family passed away and they aged. I didn’t know if the beautiful Vyvyan would choose to return to the forests after I passed away or not.

Elizabeth proudly perked her peach up: “The point is using your elven spring water has indeed maintained my appearance, but my body is maintained with my training and lifestyle. You, on the other hand, are unwilling to be active, so I bet you’re fat now!”

Vyvyan snickered: “How could I possibly get fat? I am very mindful of my body. Don’t believe me? Here, look… Mm…”

There was nothing I was more afraid of than the atmosphere suddenly falling dead silent. When Vyvyan pinched her lower back, she managed to pinch a chunk of fat, thereby plunging the place into complete silence within an instant. Mommy Elizabeth relished Mommy Vyvyan’s misery. Mommy Vyvyan looked up while trembling. She fearfully said, “Son… let Mommy explain… It’s all…. It’s all… It’s all because of humanity’s food…”

“No… Mommy Vyvyan, you don’t need to explain anything… I don’t feel as though your body has changed at all, and I don’t think it will…”

“I’ll lose it! I’ll definitely lose it! I don’t have to go to the beach with my son this time, fortunately. Otherwise, I’ll be ridiculed to death by this woman.”

Mommy Vyvyan angrily glared at Elizabeth. Elizabeth indulged in Vyvyan’s misery: “It’s all right. I won’t laugh at you. It’s normal, isn’t it? Look at the old ladies in our lands. Aren’t they all plump? It’s fine. It’s fine. I understand. I understand.”

“Understand what?!!”

I knew they were going to start arguing. I, therefore, just shook my head and left with a helpless smile.

My goal was to take Lucia and Nier out to buy swimwear. I didn’t know where they’re sold, either. Mommy Elizabeth told me there was no need to go out. She said to just have the people in the palace take measurements and make them, but in my opinion… I should’ve taken them out for some fun to compensate them.

“Tanya, you can come with us. We won’t need the others… Ah… Actually, you don’t need to come with us, either, Tanya. Mm…”

Tanya tilted her head. She looked at me with puzzlement, “Like that? Your Majesty, what are we going to do about your safety, then?”

“Leave it to me. Your Big Sis here is very strong.”

Nier looked at Tanya with the doting gaze reserved for children and smiled. Whether it was height or skills, Tanya was the equivalent of a child to Nier. Nier liked children very much even when she had her own child. But nonetheless, Tanya frigidly glanced at Nier, unhappy with how Nier treated her as a child.

Nier was dressed in an old-fashioned way this time. Mm, it was virtually a reproduced version of the Valkyrie uniform. She also had a long sword strapped to her waist. She chose to wear her usual clothes when we went out, since we were going out for some fun. However, she formerly walked with me on the streets as a bodyguard. In the North, she was able to walk with me as my wife.

Lucia was dressed in a long skirt as usual. She had her arm around mine. She pointed and said, “That shop sells salt-baked fruits. That store sells grilled meat, but their meat is prepared too rare for my taste. Mm, that place sells pottery. The pottery there is very ordinary, so ordinary to the point that there’s no decoration. It feels that it’s intended to be used at home. Hmm, that place sells ingredients. Honestly, Your Highness, to me, it seems that the dishes of the North and their ingredients are essentially the same thing… Ling Yue eats such simple foods… yet her body is so nice…”

Lucia looked down at her own body feeling somewhat upset with it, and then sighed. I didn’t care either way. Ratios-wise, Lucia’s body was decent.

The clothes weren’t complete yet. We only had examples to look at, so we needed to make them according to their measurements. To be honest, I didn’t believe the tailor store ahead actually had better designs than what the palace offered; I just wanted to see what style swimwear here was.

We explained our requirements to the human tailor. He was apparently the man behind the military’s uniform. He bought his current store for a low price after I occupied the North. Therefore, he knew humanity’s concept of “beauty” very well. I just wanted to see the swimwear…

I didn’t receive the character creation screen when you start up an online game where your character starts off with a singlet and briefs! I was treated as if I was an avatar to fiddle with in an online game. The swimwear completely dampened my eagerness… But it makes sense.

Materials for swimwear hadn’t been invented yet. The only available material for making swimwear in this era was this sort of clothing.

A realisation immediately surfaced in my mind: “Wouldn’t this mean that it’s the same as not wearing it as soon as you get in the water?! What sort of swimwear is this?!! But…”

I suddenly imagined Lucia and Nier completely soaked, water slowly trickling off them while their swimwear was plastered to their body. I imagined the water running from their neck down to their breasts as if it was water flowing through valleys… I imagined water dripping down their long and slender white legs. I imagined them cheerfully laughing and splashing water, and their clothes… were… completely transparent…


“Whoa! What’s wrong dear? You have a nosebleed!!”

“It’s nothing… It’s nothing… That was too stimulating… Too stimulating… That sort of clothes is seriously terrific. Terrific stuff…”


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