Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 05

“Your body is fine, Son. I checked your mana and its fine. If you feel something wrong, it’s most likely because you’re tired.”

Mommy Vyvyan released me. Then, with a smile, asked, “Son, you never asked me to give you a physical check-up before. Why have you started asking me to give you check-ups so frequently all of a sudden?”

I picked up my shirt and draped it over my shoulders. I gave Mommy Vyvyan a helpless smile: “Nothing really. It’s just that I’m a bit more mindful of my body now. After all, I’ll be going out onto the water soon. What am I going to do if something happens while I’m out on the ocean waters?”

“It’s not as though there won’t be doctors aboard.”

“But you won’t be aboard, Mom.”

Mommy Vyvyan dawdled for a moment. She then walked over with a smile and pinched my nose. She patted my face: “Son, you’re getting better and better at sweet-talking. It must be from talking to your wives, right? Mommy is very happy, but Mommy is slightly glad Mommy can’t come. Mommy has put on some weight after eating so many of humanity’s dishes, so Mommy needs to fight with the moron every day to burn off some of the fat.”

Mom then pinched her waist and sighed. She smiled and continued, “Mommy doesn’t lack time; therefore, we can do it anytime. Once Mommy has lost some weight, Mommy will go visit the ocean with you. Mommy won’t go this time, but you don’t need to worry about your body. Son, your mana is fine. There’s no problem from the exterior.”

I nodded then walked to the door: “I did look for a doctor, but they said I was fine.”

“What are you worried about, then?”


Mommy Vyvyan smiled: “You want me to find out for myself or do you want to tell me?”

“Okay, I’ll tell you.”

I raised my hands to surrender. I couldn’t show any oddities before Mommy Vyvyan, for there were no secrets before her. I explained, “The truth is, I ran into a fellow who claims himself to be a prophet when I went out today. Mm, it’s not really self-proclaimed. In any case, I think that he has some skill. Mm, put another way, he said I may soon die. That’s why I’m slightly concerned as to whether I’ll truly die soon.”

Mom looked at me as though I was her fake son. She pondered what I said for a long time while keeping her eyes on me. She replied, “I’m honestly not sure, Son. Why did you believe him? To be honest, Son, clairvoyance magic does exist in this world, that sort of magic has not appeared for ages. Mommy is a demi-god, right? But even Mommy can’t use that type of magic. Mommy’s current clairvoyant spell can only be considered a theoretical vision, as Mommy needs to read the person’s minds, which subsequently allows Mommy to see what they’re planning to do. There has been nobody who has been able to use that type of magic in ages. Therefore, you most likely ran into a conman.”

“Is that so…?”

I felt much more reassured after hearing Mom say that. Mommy Vyvyan was the authority on mana, so if she deemed him a conman, then he was a conman. I may have felt he was quite incredible to know who I was initially, but if he couldn’t do that much, then he wouldn’t be able to con people, right?

“As you have said that, I’m reassured. You’re right. I don’t feel unwell… Mm, I feel that I’ve been tricked…”

Mommy Vyvyan giggled: “To be frank, I don’t like that fellow. Son, you must know that you can’t tolerate him, either. To say such things without rhyme or reason is a threat and offence to a King. A King cannot tolerate that. Just kill him the next time he says that sort of stuff. You are now a King. You don’t need to be so kind. There’s absolutely no need to.”

I gave Mom a smile: “I don’t think it’s a big deal. Whatever. I don’t mind it. Plus, he runs really fast. He fled before I could react.”

“Anybody can use run away tactics. You just have to position yourself beforehand. It’s the same concept as the necklace I gave you; it’s just a little trick. Son, you don’t understand mana. That’s why you’re easily fooled by these tricks.” Mommy Vyvyan stroked my head then added, “You’re healthy; what problem could you have? Do pay attention to your health, though. I’m worried about you going out this time. Can you swim, son?”

I had hoped nobody would mention swimming. Frankly, the mention of it stood my hairs up. Everybody remembers what happened before they died, and they’d be left with a trauma afterwards. I drowned saving somebody. I could swim; the current was too strong that day!!

“It’s all right. I can swim.”

“Where did you learn to swim from…?”

“From the… bathroom, I guess…”

The bathroom of elves’ was indeed similar to a river… Mommy Vyvyan waited for a moment before speaking, “But you can’t move in the elven spring water…”

“I was born able to swim…”

“Okay, okay, as long as you can swim. Remember, Son. You must remember not to get into trouble and never act tough. Remember, Son. Mommy isn’t with you this time, but there shouldn’t be any dangers out on the ocean waters. If there is, remember that you still have this necklace.”

I watched Mom wear the necklace on me again. She patted me on my chest: “Because of your physical health, Mommy won’t keep you tonight. Your wives have just had the chance to see you, too. I, therefore, think it’s best I don’t steal you from them. Don’t worry after you leave. Mommy will look after the girls. As for work, we’ll help you. Just have fun this time.”

“All right, Mom. Thank you, Mom.”

Mom smiled, and then I turned around. I pressed my hand on the handle only to discover I couldn’t open it. That was when I realised I was powerless to leave the room after entering… Mommy Vyvyan claimed she’d let me go, but… I didn’t believe she’ll let me go so easily!


“Sorry, Son… I take it back!! Stay tonight. You’ll be alone with them soon anyway. Stay with Mommy for now! Take care of Mommy tonight!”


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