Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 02

Lucia frigidly looked at me. She rubbed Vera and Nona’s head then turned her head away: “Oh? So you do remember that you’re married and have children, and still come home to see them. Nona, Vera, he is not your father. You don’t need to be so excited.”


I lowered my head. I took off my cloak and placed it aside. Just as I then went to walk up to Lucia, a dagger appeared at my throat. I raised my hands in surrender. Lucia held her dagger that she used up to my throat. In a cold tone, she exclaimed, “You didn’t come home for even four days in an entire month. How would you like to die? I can’t accept such blatant betrayal even if it’s you. You promised to love us equally, yet this is how you treat me! Do you have something you’re displeased with about me, Nona or Vera?!”

“No… I don’t… I didn’t go to Nier, during this time I haven’t been back, either. I’ve been working in the office all this time… Serious.”

Lucia indifferently responded, “I don’t believe you. I don’t believe you, who always bludged work, would work so seriously for a month this time. Queen Vyvyan is also a ruler. Why can she come home every day and bath with you, yet you don’t even come home? Do you know how much Nona and Vera cried because they didn’t get to see you? Do you know how long I had to spend every day, explaining to them why you weren’t coming back? Do you know how upset I was telling them that you’d definitely come back?! Did you not consider me or our children?”

Tears rolled down Lucia’s face. Her voice became hoarse, but her hand holding her dagger didn’t shake. Elves don’t accept betrayal. Lucia thought I went to Nier, during this time and gave her the cold shoulder. Elves wouldn’t hesitate to put a knife in a traitor or cheater.

“I honestly didn’t go to Nier and give you the cold shoulder. Lucia, believe me. I seriously was working the entire time, although I shouldn’t have been away from all this time even if I was always working… I admit that was my mistake. Don’t worry, Lucia. I haven’t done anything that I have to be sorry to you for.”

I pressed my hand down on the dagger Lucia had at my throat. I slowly moved my neck closer to her whilst watching out. Lucia sobbed in a soft tone. She pulled her hand back bit by bit until I kissed her lips. Lucia gradually responded to my kiss. I hugged her tightly.

After the dagger dropped to the ground with a muffled sound, Lucia plastered herself to me and tightly hugged me. However, what I was thinking about wasn’t Lucia, who was in my arms. I was worried about Nier.

If Lucia, who hadn’t held a dagger in a long time, held a blade to my neck, I was genuinely worried that Nier would behead me.

“I guess I’ll need to wear some soft armour before heading to Nier’s place,” I thought.

I released Lucia. Lucia stood to one side to wipe her tears. I walked up to Nona and Vera. Nona reached her hand out hastily and rambled at me. She was agitated; she reproached me with her gaze. Vera, who was seated to one side, looked at me with a cold gaze. It was the exact same sort of gaze Elizabeth and Vyvyan looked at me with when they affectionately clung to me.

“Why is she so angry already?” I pondered.

I sat down next to Nona with a smile that was intended to help me get on her good side and picked her up. I positioned her so that she could stand on my legs and look at me. She angrily slapped me on my face with her puny hands as she furiously shouted something.

Nona should soon be able say “mom” and “dad”. Lucia was fluent in humanity’s language already, but I was sure she communicated with the girls in the elven language.

After placating Lucia and the two girls, I gave Lucia, who was next to me, a hug: “Lucia, have you packed? You knew a long time ago already, right? You all knew that you’ll be going to out to sea with me in a few days, right? We’ll see the ocean, fish and whatever. We can do anything. The main thing is to have fun. Consider it my compensation to you.”

“Yeah… I knew about it. I am so glad you could come. Honestly, I have never been to the ocean… My usual clothes will not do, right…? Are there clothes specifically for swimming in the ocean? Elves do not rely on the ocean, so I have never prepared for it….”

“We’ll go look for some clothes tomorrow, then. The swimwear here…”

I actually hadn’t seen how swimwear looked in this world. I’d able to see some at the beach, but as I said right at the start, the only place in humanity’s empire that used the ocean was Castor City. I dealt with the matters involving Castor already; in saying that, I hadn’t been there, so I didn’t know how swimwear in this world looked.

I was sure I wouldn’t see modern day swimwear in this era, though. The swimwear in this world should’ve been normal underwear. Still, I wanted to see Lucia in swimwear.

“Normally speaking, there’s a swimwear fan-service episode at episode seven or eight in every harem anime, isn’t there? Back then, all I could do was exclaim, but I now get to personally see my harem in swimwear!” was what came to mind.

I went to see Nier after wearing on some soft armour. Afterwards, I realised I was wrong. Completely wrong. When I entered her room, I knew I was utterly wrong. Nier didn’t intend to hurt me. She just wanted… me to compensate her heart’s loss… and physical loss.

And so, as soon as I entered Nier’s room and she threw herself at me, I knew I was done for. It was basically a sheep to a wolf…

I struggled to get up the next day. How hard? I could barely straighten up my back, and my head throbbed. I didn’t know how many times Nier squeezed it out of me. In short, our bodies were still connected even after I woke up… Nier licked my face over and over. I didn’t even need to wash my face the next morning. It wasn’t just my mouth that was filled with Nier’s scent. My entire body was covered in her scent. I couldn’t even make a sound to beg for mercy, as she choked me with her hands.

“Why didn’t you come back…? Why didn’t you come back…? Since you don’t come back… I just won’t let you leave… I just won’t let you leave me…. I won’t let you leave me…”

Nier looked at me and kept murmuring in a terrifying manner. I looked back at her and grabbed her arm, but her eyes gaze showed she was spacing out. I wasn’t sure if she was aware of what she was doing. She mounted me and continued, “Your Majesty, do you know that we will be going out to the ocean on the ship…? Remember that you belong to me for these next few days. You are not to go anywhere!”

“But… but… you need swimwear if we’re going out to sea! Nier! Nier! Let me go! We need swimwear! Let’s go buy some today! Let’s go buy some today!!!”


“Clothes you wear to the beach. You can’t swim in a dress.”

“Mm… All right, then… I shall spare you for today. However, we must go buy them together! Together! We’re going together! Now! Right this second! Get dressed, Your Majesty. From this moment, I shall not let you leave my sight! I will not allow it!”


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