Son-con – Vol. 12.1 Ch. 08

Young Girl’s First Kiss

“Your Highness, they captured a few elves. All of the elves captured were females and children. Most of them were from this village.”

Vyvyan walked on a path that wasn’t level. She surveyed the simply-constructed cottages around. All of the villagers came out to see their Queen. The young girls who were rescued cried as they ran towards her. They hugged her and cried loudly. Vyvyan bent over with a smile and gently stroked their heads. She comforted them with a smile: “It’s all right. It’s all right. I will protect you. I am your Queen and your senior. I won’t allow any of you to be bullied. The humans who committed this crime will definitely pay the price. My children, you are all right now. You are all right now.”

“Mm, Your Highness… Your Highness!!”

The children tightly hugged Vyvyan. Her cosy scent and warmth touched them, leading to them crying loudly. However, the majority of them were relieved and grateful. Vyvyan gave them light hugs, but the truth was that she didn’t care about their lives. She saved them merely because they were in the right place at the right time. In reality, she wanted to hug her son most.

Her son nearly lost his life trying to get her a flower. Her son put himself through so much to learn to climb trees, going as far as to risk his life without hesitation purely to get her a present. The overwhelming bliss virtually melted her. At the same time, her anger for humanity reached its peak.

“I will definitely make these humans pay with their blood. Of course, the main reason is because they hurt my son,” silently declared Vyvyan.

“There are also a few injured elves. They are currently resting in the shrine. Your Highness, if you are free. I hope you can help them recover…”

“… Lead the way.”

Truthfully, Vyvyan wanted to decline, but she had no legitimate reason to. The children were still in her embrace. She would seem very aloof if she showed a cold attitude in that moment. The Galadriel Tribe did everything they could to satisfy their peoples’ desires. They didn’t mind sharing their strength for as long as the people obeyed them. Consequently, Vyvyan decided to enter the shrine with them.

The ritual inside the shrine was magic for healing people. Vyvyan stepped onto a small dune. She paused for a moment when she saw the flower field before her. The servants beside her introduced her to the sea of flowers below. They didn’t know Vyvyan didn’t listen to any of the explanation, as it reminded her of two people.

One of the people she was reminded of was Inard, her brother and the man she loved in the past. He held her hand and kissed her in a similar sea of flowers. At the time, she went from the youngest child of the Galadriel Tribe into the Princess Consort. After that, she received her biggest gift, which was also what she cherished most, and that was Troy, her son.

Vyvyan really wanted to dance a dance with her son in the flower field. She wanted to run about with her son in there. She wanted to hug him tightly and kiss his lips…

“Ugh… Stop… Stop…” Vyvyan told herself.

The very thought of it alone caused Vyvyan’s urge she felt on full-moon nights to turn on. Why did she feel that way for her son? No, that wasn’t what she was considering. She never questioned why she had that desire. She merely wanted to satisfy her desire. She was fine as long as she could hold her child.

“I must hurry and resolve this case to return to hold my son,” decided Vyvyan.


“Sorry… Your Highness…”

“No, it’s not your fault, Lucia. It’s not your fault… It was my fault… I didn’t protect you… It was my fault…”

The young boy and girl tightly embraced each other. They were glad but scared as they snuggled up on each other’s small shoulders. They were glad to be able to see each other again after the incident. Lucia threw aside her shy and nervous feelings she felt when she was on the tree. She realised her feelings when she was captured. All that she thought of was the young boy in front of her. Back there, she was scared, not of death, but that she wouldn’t see the young boy again.

All she wanted to do was hug the young boy in front of her. She craved his warmth and scent. She was too scared. She couldn’t feel any part of her body when she thought she’d never get to see his face and eyes again. She wanted to remain by his side forever.

“I failed to protect you… Lucia… I failed to protect you… It was my fault. It was all my fault… It was all my fault!!”

Troy tightly hugged Lucia. His young heart was filled with fear. He didn’t want Lucia to be taken away, either. She was his Lucia. She was his Lucia forever. He was afraid he’d never get to see his Lucia again. He never felt so hopeless before. He never hated himself for being so powerless before. He wished he had the strength to bring Lucia back, but he didn’t have the chance to ever since he was young.

“No, Your Highness, it was not your fault. It was not our fault we were attacked. It’s the fault of those humans. You Highness, I am glad you are all right. I am glad you are all right.” Lucia’s voice was slightly hoarse: “If I didn’t run around in the forest with you, nothing would’ve happened, either. Your Highness, I’m sorry. It was my fault. I brought you into the forest. Yet, I failed to protect you. Your Highness, I promise to train hard in the future. I will definitely be able to protect you in the future. I promise!”

“You will be able to be by my side, then, right?”

Troy clasped Lucia’s hands. Their eyes met. They looked at each other with their teary eyes that contained reliance and emotions. They were almost separated during the incident, but the experience made them realise their feelings. And that was, neither of them wanted to leave the other for a week, a day or an hour. They were magnets tightly stuck together, never wanting to let go.

Lucia clenched her teeth, shut her eyes and, in a loud voice, resolutely responded, “Mm, I will always be by your side. I will always be by your side as long as you don’t tell me to leave. I will definitely do my best. I will use my efforts to stay by your side. I will try my best so that you don’t drive me away. I will protect you and take care of you, because you are my Prince. You are the… the most important person to me!”

However, Lucia didn’t profess her love for him at the time.

Troy wore on a serious expression.. In a loud and determined voice, he said, “Me too. Me too, Lucia. I want to always be by your side. You are my most cherished friend. I don’t want to lose you. I really don’t want to lose you. Lucia, don’t ever leave me. I will do my best. I can’t become a King as brilliant as my mom, but I will definitely become a King you will feel honoured to have. Lucia… Don’t leave me. Don’t leave me. I will protect you. I will definitely protect you.

“Mm! Mm!”

Lucia wiped her tears. It was a happy moment for her, yet she shed so many tears for some reason. The two of them emotionally looked at each other. They clasped each other’s faces and looked into the other’s eyes.

For some reason, unbeknownst to even the two of them, their faces subconsciously moved closer together. They looked at each other’s lips and slowly approached each other. Lucia’s heart raced so fast it felt as though it’d jump out of her heart. Her shyness and fear caused her limbs to go numb; she didn’t pull her face back, nevertheless. In fact, she looked forward to it. She was hoping she could get closer and closer to Troy. She watched his black eyes come closer and closer…

Their lips gently touched. However, the two of them then quickly separated as if they were electrocuted. The two of them gave each other a push and covered their mouths.

Troy could still feel the lingering warmth of her soft lips. He didn’t know why he did that, either. Regardless, he really wanted to approach her. When he looked at Lucia’s pretty face, gentle green eyes and her lips, he had countless things to say, but he couldn’t say a thing. He just wanted to touch his lips to hers. He didn’t know what it meant, but his heart raced. His face literally burnt his skin. His hands shook while his vision was unclear. It wasn’t painful. To the contrary, the bliss virtually melted him…

A layer of mist formed in Lucia’s green eyes. She didn’t know what it meant, but their kiss caused her entire body to tremble…

She wanted more. She wanted to embrace more, kiss more and stay at his side for longer. She virtually couldn’t see a thing with her misty eyes. All she could see was his shiny silhouette akin to the sunlight.

“My Prince…”

Lucia grabbed a tight hold of Troy’s hands. She leaned her body toward him and pleaded him with her gaze. In her trembling voice, she said, “My Prince… I want more… I want more… I want to be by your side. I will never leave you… Please give me more… Give me… more…”

“Lucia… My Lucia… Don’t leave me… Don’t… ever leave me… I don’t want to lose you… I don’t… want to lose you…”


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