Son-con – Vol. 12.1 Ch. 07

Young Girl’s First Time Helping

There was no need to describe how astonished a young girl, namely Lucia, who had never travelled before, felt when she saw the villa. She beheld sights she’d never seen before. However, she was more adept at living in the forest compared to Troy. Despite being an elf, Troy hadn’t actually been in touch with nature. The elven flower garden wasn’t totally natural for that matter. Troy was an amateur in the forest.

Lucia lived in the outskirts of the Imperial City, since her parents’ salaries couldn’t afford them a house inside the Imperial Capital… As a consequence, she was equipped with skills for survival in the wilderness, such as tree climbing, fruit picking, distinguishing between edible and inedible food. In addition, Lucia, who was fond of the colour green, naturally felt the forest was especially attractive. Troy, who randomly felt proud upon seeing Lucia’s joy, glued himself to her. The two kids went into the forest.

Vyvyan wasn’t concerned for their safety, as mana was in abundance within the forest. She was essentially a spider in its web. She could detect every single movement within her net. She knew where the two were. The two kids seemed to be doing fine in the forest. It was impossible to die from starvation in the forest. There was an abundance of animals and wild berries, so elves couldn’t starve. Vyvyan couldn’t do much other than be extremely jealous.

Vyvyan really wanted to bring her son back, but she couldn’t disturb their joy when she was a Queen. She decided to let Troy have a friend after hearing that he didn’t see Lucia as a lover and confessed to her. That way, Troy could have a happy childhood. Moreover, the journey this time wasn’t nice.

Vyvyan received a request for help from a nearby official. There had been recent reports of humans sneaking into the elven lands and kidnapping elves. The elven militia in the vicinity were unable to control such a large space, while the soldiers of the imperial family responsible for protecting the area didn’t provide assistance. Therefore, the officials asked Her Highness to deal with the trespassing humans while she was present.

Vyvyan sighed with a frown. She then placed the document down and said, “Humans haven’t interacted with us in decades. Why would they suddenly trespass into our forest and kidnap our elves? We only have a forest. They’ve occupied two-thirds of the continent, and they’re still not satisfied? Also, it appears that humanity suddenly has free time on their hands to enjoy themselves. Does that suggest that they’ve conquered the lands?”

The officials looked at each other feeling dismayed upon hearing their Queen’s question. Vyvyan was correct. Humanity and elves hadn’t interacted for decades; neither understood the other. As for what happened in humanity’s lands, the officials in the area were uninformed. However, Vyvyan’s prediction was accurate, as it was later proven.

“I understand now. Regardless of what happened in humanity’s lands, they can’t kidnap my people. I will take responsibility for this matter. You have done your best. I won’t blame you. Seeing as humans have infiltrated this area, I’ll send all of my Imperial Guards and guard teams to protect the vicinity of the forest and organise patrols.”

Vyvyan stood up, and the two officials in front of her let out sighs of relief. They respected Vyvyan with all the respect they could offer. Something so serious happened in the area that they managed, yet they couldn’t solve it. Instead, they had to disturb Her Highness, who was on vacation. Still, she overlooked their faults and generously spared them.

Vyvyan walked to the door. Echte asked, “Your Highness, since humans have infiltrated the area, it is not very safe anymore. If you send us out, who will protect you?”

Vyvyan revealed a casual smile. She replied, “No need to worry about me, Ecthe. I can protect myself. Humanity must require several armies to capture me. A bunch of hooligans playing with fire are not a threat to me. Having said that, Ecthe, I’ll send you to patrol this area. Your daughter and my son are in the forest.”

“Your Highness…”

Echte blankly looked at Her Highness. His gratitude and respect for her caused his eyes to well up with tears. He never thought she’d prioritise the people’s safety over her own, going as far as to remember the safety of the daughter of an ordinary guard, specifically himself. Everybody said Vyvyan was the most benevolent and gentle Queen in elven history. They weren’t lying. That attitude of hers was why all of the Imperial Guards were willing to give everything for her.

“Yes, Your Highness! I will ensure the safety of these lands!!”

Vyvyan let out a tired sigh when she watched Echte leave. If she was on vacation alone here, she’d, personally, go and investigate the case. The angered elven Queen might go and wipe out a human village as revenge. Frankly, elves’ desire for war was actually quite strong. No elf could stand humanity’s provocation. Humans who were caught by elves were skinned and their skin thrown back to human lands.

Vyvyan didn’t care about the safety of those villages and young girls. She was worried solely for her son’s safety. The reason she had Echte go and protect Lucia, was to ensure Troy’s safety. The unsaid catch was that telling Echte that he was to protect his daughter would ensure he was more dedicated.

Vyvyan began to search for her son’s location. Judging from Lucia and Troy’s locations, the two of them were presumably on a tree; therefore, they were supposed to be safe. There were no signs of anybody intruding, so they were safe for the meantime.

Vyvyan let out a sigh, and then called for the imperial guards in addition to the guard unit’s captain. She gave them her orders. The interior of the forest was safe. She just had to seal all the entries and exits humans used, which would also ensure her son’s safety. Of course, she could rush over as soon as there was danger.

“That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. Your Highness, you did quite well. You are very talented. You haven’t disappointed as Her Highness’s son.”

Lucia sat atop the large ancient tree and watched Troy struggle to climb the tree. Lucia reached her hand out with a smile. Troy was very clumsy. In fact, he was shaking. Such a large and old natural tree wasn’t going to be found in the flower garden.

Troy looked up at Lucia, who was at the top, looking as though he was going to cry. In a shaky voice, he exclaimed, “It’s so hard to climb… I feel that I’m going to fall. I feel that I’m falling!”

“You won’t fall. You won’t fall. Believe in yourself, Your Highness. You’re climbing steadily. Here, grab my hand, Your Highness. Grab my hand.  Didn’t you want to learn how to climb trees? Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared.”

Lucia extended her hand out and grabbed Troy’s shaky hand. They tightly held each other’s hands. Troy took in a deep breath to resolutely say, “I must give Mom the flower. I must… I must learn to climb trees… Lucia… I beg you… You must teach me!”

“Mm! I know. I know. Please trust me, Your Highness. As long as you trust me, we will definitely succeed!”

Lucia pulled Troy up. Troy, who was flustered, waved his hands, and then tightly hugged the young girl in front of him. The girl froze and fell silent. She opened her mouth to find herself lost for words. His embrace wiped her thoughts out; she just want to hug the young boy. Her hands trembled. Her desire and rationality clashed. The winds around them blew the falling leaves and whistled in an annoyingly. It was as though the wind was egging her on.

“It’s all right… It’s all right, Your Highness. It’s all right…”

Lucia lifted her trembling hands up and, with her face literally on fire, gently placed them on the young boy’s back…


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