Son-con – Vol. 12.1 Ch. 06

Young Girl’s First Trip

The Galadriel Tribe annually went on a trip that could be considered a short vacation. The short vacation was the period of the year where the members of the tribe were most relaxed. This time, they were headed to a place in the centre of the forest with beautiful scenery.

The location had a fresh lawn that was rare to come by in the forest. A small creek went around the small timber villa. Not too far behind the building was a small beautiful waterfall. There were no dangerous animals in the forest nearby. There was no shortage of lawn space. There was an abundance of berries and mushrooms in the forest, and it wasn’t dark in the forest. The place was a place in dreams for elves. However, the enormous two-floor villa here was the Galadriel Tribe’s property.

The land around it also belonged to the tribe despite the villa usually being inhabited. The areas around were also out of bounds. A pair of elven soldiers was specifically assigned to guard the place. Cleaners were also organised to clean the interior of the building.

The villa was only used once per year for a few days. Vyvyan brought Troy along the last few years. Time spent with Troy there was her happiest days, for there was nobody and no work. She could be with her son from morning to night when they slept. She cooked for her son, watched him cheerfully run about on the lawn. She’d play in the lake outside with Troy if he didn’t want to bath in the small tub. Then, she’d place little Troy on her chest, wrap her arms around him and stargaze as they gradually fell asleep. To Vyvyan, vacations were a happy thing, but being able to spend time alone with Troy was even more blissful.

“Your Highness!”

It was another year and another holiday for Her Highness. The horse carriage departed from the palace. The elves in the Imperial Capital crowded onto the sides of the street. They cherished the opportunity to see their Queen. Vyvyan pulled open the window of the carriage and waved at her citizens with a smile. The elves instantly rejoiced. There weren’t many opportunities to see Vyvyan, and she was gorgeous enough to drive every man crazy.

The elves considered the noble, pure and gentle Queen Vyvyan to be god. Being able to see her wave at them was basically the most exciting feeling in the world. They missed her from the first day she was absent.

The carriage left the Imperial Capital and headed toward the forest. Although a large group of Imperial Guards escorted the carriage on both sides, they couldn’t enter the Galadriel Tribe’s forest without permission. In other words, there was only Vyvyan and Troy in the vicinity of the villa… and also… Lucia, who exclaimed with surprise, when she saw the scene outside from inside the carriage.

Due to her height, Lucia sat in Troy’s lap. Troy sat by the window, which allowed Lucia to look outside. Those who were closer would be able to see Queen Vyvyan had a vein on her head that looked as if it was going to pop was despite the fact that she was wearing a smile. Vyvyan’s urge to kill was genuine.

Lucia looked outside and exclaimed in a voice of surprise: “Wow!! There are so many people!! I never knew there were so many people in the Imperial Capital. It sure is a spectacular scene. This is the first time I’ve seen Dad dressed that way, too. I never knew he could come with Her Highness. I didn’t know Dad was so amazing.”

Vyvyan pursed her lips: “You’re father is my most trusted imperial guard officer, so he can stay with me.”

Lucia looked back at Vyvyan with a hint of eagerness. She asked, “Can I be like that, too?”

“If you can become an imperial guard, then yes. Nevertheless, the Imperial Guards are usually only men. I don’t think females can handle their training regime, so I suggest giving up on your dream of becoming an imperial guard.”

Vyvyan touched Lucia’s hand while wearing a comforting, yet ridiculing, smile. Her finger twitched, as her urge to crush the girl’s little head was genuine.

Lucia raised her head. She looked at Troy with a hint of disappointment. Her gaze fuelled Vyvyan’s urge to crush her head. Vyvyan never expected Lucia to not give up and stick to her son as if she was his shadow instead.

Unfortunately, Lucia was out of chances, for as long as Vyvyan was still alive, she’d never let her get close to Troy!

Ostensibly recalling something, Troy exclaimed, “There’s still the Shadow Squad. Do you remember the camp we saw that day? That camp is the Shadow Squad’s camp. That camp is inside the palace. Lucia, you can join the Shadow Squad if you want!”

Vyvyan cussed to herself: “The Shadow Squads training is even stricter than the imperial guards’!”

Vyvyan then hastily said to the two, “The Shadow Squad is a squad in charge of protecting us from the shadows. Their requirements are a lot tougher than the imperial guards. Lucia, it’s a very tough lifestyle. You’ve never seen the Shadow Squad outside, right? That is the result of their training.”

Lucia hesitated for a moment before asking, “Your Highness, if I become a member of the Shadow Squad, will I be able to live in the Imperial Palace? Will I be able to be by Troy’s side?”

“Mm… Yes. If you become a member of the Shadow Squad, I will make you Troy’s bodyguard. That way, the two of you can always be together.”

Vyvyan made a joke. She knew Lucia didn’t fit the bill when she looked at Lucia’s soft and delicate skin. The Shadow Squad wasn’t looking for those sorts of young girls. Lucia never trained physically before, so it was impossible for her to bear with such harsh training, hence why Vyvyan said that feeling confident. She was of the belief that Lucia couldn’t make it even if she was given the chance. Thus, the only one who could protect Troy in the end was herself.


Years later…

“Shadow Squad Soldier Lucia Ecthe, reporting in to Your Highness! I shall assume the duty of protecting Prince Troy Galadriel as his bodyguard starting from today!”

Vyvyan looked blankly at the young girl in the Shadow Squad’s uniform and cape. Lucia was down on one knee in front of her. A few years had passed. To her surprise, the young girl with pure-white skin and a weak physical constitution had donned the uniform of the Shadow Squad. She never imagined a young girl could go from an ordinary girl into a soldier within just a few years.

Lucia looked up Vyvyan and smiled. Technically, her smile was dedicated to the young man, who stood behind Vyvyan, wearing a smile. The two of them would probably have hugged each other if there was nobody around. Vyvyan smiled hesitantly. In a solemn tone, she said, “All right. In that case, Lucia Echte, you shall be responsible for security in the Imperial Palace at night henceforth. You are to keep Troy Galadriel safe during the day.”

“I certainly will.”

“What made the young girl, who couldn’t do anything, turn into such a resolute soldier in a few years’ time?” wondered Vyvyan, lost for words when she looked at Lucia.

Vyvyan suddenly felt that the young girl wasn’t trying to snatch Troy from her but genuinely truly loved Troy enough to be willing to give up anything for him just as herself… She was the same as Elizabeth back then… However, that was after the journey.

Going back to that vacation. Lucia was still young and delicate. She immersed herself deep in thought in the imperial family’s carriage…


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