Son-con – Vol. 12.1 Ch. 05

Young Girl’s First Time Accompanying Him

“Good morning, Lucia!”

“Good morning, Your Highness!”

Vyvyan’s gaze was incredibly resentful as she watched lively Troy and Lucia. They two had yet to wake; they sat shoulder to shoulder, with the same breakfast in front of them. Vyvyan was very reluctant to prepare breakfast for Lucia, but if it was different to Troy’s, he’d share his with hers. That would make Troy hungry, so Vyvyan had no choice but to prepare a meal for Lucia, as well.

Vyvyan assumed she had prevented Lucia from entering the palace, only for Troy to come begging her on the verge of tears. At that point, Vyvyan knew that she had lost. Troy’s tears were an invincible weapon against Vyvyan. In the end, she prepared a room for Lucia in spite of her strong reluctance. However, Lucia’s father understood the situation very well, which was very consoling to Vyvyan. As such, despite having a room arranged for her, Lucia’s father didn’t allow Lucia to stay overnight every day. Only on the weekends, was Lucia allowed to keep Troy company in the palace.

Of course, Vyvyan felt she had been abandoned by Troy after he had Lucia. They had to bathe as a trio and sleep as a trio. When she woke up, she saw Lucia and Troy hugging each other, looking incomparably blissful and affectionate.

Vyvyan would feel very blissful if they were her children. Vyvyan tried to pull Troy out of Lucia’s embrace, and then locked him in her embrace to declare him hers. That was the first time Vyvyan felt a sense of danger. It was the first time she felt that Troy’s gaze didn’t stay on her anymore.

Troy’s gaze was so gentle when he looked at Lucia, giving Vyvyan to have a strong urge to rip Lucia apart with her bare hands. He was her son, and his gaze belonged to her. Her son’s everything belonged to her.

“Why did he use it on that woman? What’s so good about her? What’s so charming about Lucia for Troy to be so clingy toward her after being together for just a few months?” wondered Vyvyan.

“Ugh…” Lucia seemed too sleepy. She gently tilted her head and leaned it onto Troy’s shoulder. Troy froze for a moment, and then turned his head to look at sleeping Lucia with a gentle smile. He then brought his lips toward her…


Vyvyan slammed her hand on the table and jumped to her feet virtually ready to roar. Troy was frightened. He looked at Vyvyan feeling puzzled. Vyvyan felt slightly awkwardly. Troy made a “hush” hand gesture and whispered, “Mom, don’t wake Lucia up.”


Vyvyan sat back down, as though all her energy had been drained from her. All of her anger and jealousy turned to despair with that one sentence from Troy. She never thought the first time she slammed the table to speak would be met with her son telling her to hush out of concern of waking Lucia up. Troy looked at Lucia so much affection and stroked her head.

Vyvyan supported her head with her hands. She weakly said, “Son, I think we should have a serious talk. I feel that there is a big gap between us with regards to our feelings now, so we need to talk about our feelings.”

Confused, Troy tilted his head. With a smile, he replied, “You are my mom. Of course, my favourite mom! I still like you as I always have!”

Vyvyan opened her eyes. She looked at Troy in an exhausted manner: “What about Lucia, then?! Son, ever since you met Lucia in the flower garden, you’ve always been with her. What do you feel is good about Lucia? Why do you like her so much?”

“Hmm…” Troy shut his eyes, as if to sort out what he wanted to say. He opened his eyes a short while later. He looked at Vyvyan with the naïve and innocent smile of a child: “Because Lucia is very cute, and she’s also my only friend. I don’t know how to get along with friends. I just felt that I should share what I have with Lucia. Lucia has told me lots of things I didn’t know, as well. She brings me lots of tasty stuff, too. I have lots and lots of things I want to talk with her about. She’s very nice and sincere. She treats me very well. I feel very happy by her side, so I want to be friends with her forever.”

Vyvyan looked at Troy and, in a serious tone, asked, “Friends? You only see Lucia as a friend?”

Troy emphasised his response: “The very good friends type. If possible, I want to be good friends forever, but we soon have to travel, don’t we…? Mom, I want to bring Lucia along this time. I’m sure Lucia definitely wants to see the forest we like and our holiday villa.”

Vyvyan didn’t care about a single thing Troy said after she heard “friends forever”, because she was relieved. She let out a sigh of relief, and then revealed a consoled smile. She gave Troy’s head a firm rub. In an absolutely serious tone, she asked, “Who would you say is more important between Lucia and me, then?”

Troy looked at Vyvyan. With a smile, he replied without any hesitation: “Mommy Vyvyan, of course! Lucia is very important, but Mommy Vyvyan is the one who is always by my side. You’re my favourite mom. If we had to compare, you are a bit more important than Lucia… Of course, Lucia is my very important friend, too!”

Vvyvyan revealed a consoled smile. She was instantly consoled after hearing his answer; the heavy weight on her shoulders was finally lifted. She placed Lucia to the side, and then crossed over the table to tightly hug Troy’s head. She laughed out loud as she hugged him.

That was what she wanted to hear most.

Vyvyan told herself, “I knew it. I’m still Troy’s mom. I’m his favourite mom. I’m still the most important person to him. I knew it. A mere Lucia couldn’t take my Troy from me. She’s just a girl with no body and no brains. How could she steal my Troy from me? I raised my son. It’s perfectly normal for me to like my son! I knew it. Nobody but me has the right to love my son!!”

“So, Mom, is that a yes?”

“Yes. Yes. Mommy will agree to any request you make!!”

Troy struggled to open his eyes to look at his mom as he rested in her arms. Vyvyan tightly hugged her son and opened her eyes with a charming smile. She looked at Lucia, who was sitting to the side, with a grim look. She wore the look of a victor that, at the same time, gave off a ridiculing vibe. However, Lucia probably couldn’t tell.

“You’re just a little girl. You can’t possibly steal Troy from me!” was what Vyvyan thought.

“Lucia!” shouted Troy.

But never did she imagine, Troy wasn’t looking at her anymore. Instead, he looked at Lucia with excitement while Vyvyan had her arms around his. He exclaimed, “Mom agreed! Mom agreed! Lucia! You can come with us on our trip this year! You’ll get to see our villa! It’s next to the waterfall! The surroundings are particularly pretty! Super pretty!”

“Really?!!” Lucia revealed a shocked expression. She looked at Vyvyan with a smile of pleasant surprise. She stood up and saluted Vyvyan:“Thank you! Thank you, Your Highness! Thank you for bringing me along!”


Vyvyan froze on the spot. She didn’t know what Troy said just before. The kids were thrilled; she was dumbstruck. She forced herself to smile, but she couldn’t.

Vyvyan spent almost an entire month planning the trip. It was supposed to be a beautiful vacation with just her and Troy, yet that all was destroyed in a single morning…


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