Son-con – Vol. 12.1 Ch. 01

Young Girl’s First Meeting with the Queen

“You came around on your bamboo horse encircling chairs and benches. Dangling in your hand was a branch of green plums.” – Li Bai (Changgan Ballad)

There was no such thing as seasons in the elven lands. You will always open your eyes to see the bright sun and lush green every day unless it’s a wet day. However, even if it was a wet day, the cool breeze would bring the refreshing rain and green leaves into the room of the young girl curled up on her warm bed deep asleep and wake her up. However, today was a sunny day.

The sun was bright as usual. The lush and tall trees outside hadn’t seemed to have yet woken from their slumber. The branches lazily swayed in the breeze. The birds’ cheerful singing and the shadow cast by the birds’ wings woke up the young girl deep asleep.

Lucia’s favourite colour was green, the colour of life.

“Lucia. Lucia. Wake up. Didn’t you want to go to the palace with your father today? Hurry up and wake up.”


Lucia’s mother shook her a few times.  She sluggishly wriggled before slowly sitting up. Lucia, who was developing well physically, was as beautiful as the sun that had just come up. Underneath the young girl’s very short sleepwear were her breasts that were slightly pronounced. Her green eyes still looked hazy, as she had yet to fully wake up from her slumber. You could faintly see her ribcage, but her smooth belly was enough to make one fantasise about her.

“Hurry up and come over for breakfast. I’m preparing to leave with your father. Lucia, this is your first time entering the palace, and you’ll get to see Her Highness. Don’t embarrass yourself.”

Her mother wore on the maid uniform for maids in the palace today. Lucia suddenly stopped as she rubbed her eyes, because she suddenly remembered today was the day her mom and dad promised to take her into the palace. Queen Vyvyan suddenly mentioned her a few days ago, asking if it was her birthday today. She told Lucia to come into the palace, since it was her birthday, and Queen Vyvyan could meet her and give her a birthday present.

Lucia never imagined she’d have the honour of meeting Queen Vyvyan. Perhaps it was because her parents were both in the palace that Queen Vyvyan remembered her. Her father was an imperial guard, while her mother was a maid. It was a great honour for Lucia’s family. Nobody knew what she’d receive. Being able to see Queen Vyvyan was the greatest honour for elves. After all, Queen Vyvyan was the most outstanding ruler in elven history, irrespective of mana.

Lucia’s parents were done with their preparations. Her mom prepared her makeup. She ate breakfast as she helped apply Lucia’s makeup. Lucia was very beautiful. Her mom applied only a tad of makeup, but she couldn’t find the feeling Lucia previously gave off. Hopeless, she removed the makeup. When it came down to it, natural was the best for elves.

Lucia was incredibly excited. She almost couldn’t wake up today, but she was very eager to meet Queen Vyvyan. She heard from her parents that Queen Vyvyan was a venerable and gentle Queen, but she had never met said Queen before. She was very eager to meet the Queen and exchange a few words with her.

The imperial guards made way. It was little Lucia’s first time in the palace. Her parents had to go off to work, so that was as far as they could take her. Her mom bent over to give her a kiss on her face. She said, “My Lucia, do not say anything weird, okay? You must be polite. There are not many chances to meet Her Highness, so you must cherish the opportunity.”

Lucia grabbed her skirt feeling somewhat nervous. She replied, “I know.”

“Mommy is going to go to work now. Lucia, go and see Her Highness.”

Lucia nodded: “Mm.”

Lucia felt slightly scared. Imperial guards stood at the door, waiting for Her Highness to arrive at the guest hall. Lucia nervously grabbed her skirt. She never met Vyvyan before. She only caught a glimpse of Vyvyan in the distance when she made an appearance at an event. She had no idea how the Queen would speak and what sort of birthday present she’d receive.

“Go on in, Miss Lucia. Her Highness is waiting for you.”


The imperial guards made way. After a moment of hesitation, the young girl pushed open the large door to the guest hall. She felt an odd fearful feeling due to her anticipation and nervousness.

“Ah, Lucia.”

Upon pushing the door open, what she saw was bright blonde hair, a pair of captivating blue eyes, an emerald dress that complimented white skin, a tall, slender and graceful body, standing below the bright sun. Lucia spaced out when she saw the woman with gentle smile and radiance that was seemingly emitted from her body. She randomly felt touched and almost had an urge to cry all of a sudden.

Her father had told her that Queen Vyvyan has the power to heal one’s heart. Everybody was seemingly transparent before her gentle smile. It was as though she could heal everybody.

Lucia saluted Vyvyan: “Your Highness!”

Vyvyan smiled: “You don’t need to salute me, Lucia. Today is your birthday, right? Your father and mother are all people working in the palace. I trust them and greatly respect them, so I need to give you a birthday present today.”

“Thank you very much, Your Highness! Being able to take care of you is our greatest honour in this life!”

“You parents taught you to say that, right?”

Vyvyan giggled, and then touched Lucia’s head. Her warmth and warm fragrance almost made Lucia pass out. Lucia couldn’t stop trembling. She was so touched that she was on the verge of tears.

“You don’t hold back, Child. Tell me: what do you like most?”

Lucia forgot everything her parents told her. She met with Vyvyan’s blue eyes and answered: “I… I like meat pies and berries….”

“Yeah?” Vyvyan pursed her lips into a smile, after hearing the young girl’s childish response. She then said, “How about this, then? Since you like those two, stay for the evening and I’ll, personally, prepare dinner for you.”


Lucia froze for a moment. She initially didn’t plan to stay for dinner, for she only went to the palace to let Vyvyan see her, and give her a present. She spaced out. Though she looked forward to it, she was shy and didn’t dare to accept the offer. The young girl s idly stood there. There were no secrets in front of Vyvyan, though.

Vyvyan giggled. She touched Lucia’s cheek and, with a smile, said, “It’s all right. I’ll let your parents know. Stay in the palace this evening, and then I’ll have somebody send you home. Consider it your birthday present. I now allow you to move about freely in the palace. Lucia, I still have work; hence, I can’t keep you company. Oh, by the way, I, actually, have a son about your age. He should be playing in the flower garden at the moment. If you meet him, make sure to get along with each other.”

“Yes.” Lucia looked at Vyvyan and bowed.

Vyvyan gave her one last smile and hug before pulling the door open.

That day was the day that Lucia received the privilege all elves dreamt of. To be able to have dinner with Queen Vyvyan Galadriel – not a ball or an event – but a personal dinner with her, was a privilege that only her family and most trusted individuals had. Up until then, nobody had that privilege.

Lucia, who was on the way to the flower garden, however, was still unaware that she was on her way to find her most treasured birthday present in her lifetime. Later on, her most favourite thing among her most favourite things was always a black pair of eyes.


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