Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 55

She clasped my face with her hands and gave me a gentle kiss on my head. She greeted me with a smile, “Good morning, Troy. Wait. You are now King of the North, King Troy.”

I rubbed my eyes. I virtually couldn’t open my eyes due to my sleepiness and fatigue. Perhaps I didn’t want to wake up at all. Something furry suddenly brushed my eyes and nose, inducing an urge to sneeze. I opened my eyes to see a red tail swaying back and forth in front of my face.

“Under normal circumstances, I’d be very willing to lay here with you for a while longer. However, today is your coronation ceremony, so you can’t be late.”

I turned my head to see Ling Yue supporting her face with her hand and scanning me. Her long red hair was sprawled out on the bed, while her pure-white skin was underneath the blanket. Smiling, she said, “You, honestly, haven’t changed. It’s very tough for me to see you as the ruler of the North.”

“You’re right. I indeed can’t be considered the ruler of the North in front of you. I’m your husband.” I turned over to hug her.

Ling Yue giggled softly and pushed me away: “Stop messing. You should get up now. There are lots of things to do today. Your coronation ceremony is today. Don’t show such an exhausted gaze.”

Ling Yue clasped my face, and then gave me a kiss out of the blue. However, she moved her face away before I could react. She smiled: “That kiss was for encouragement. Go on, my husband.”

“All right.”

I touched her eyes then sat up and began to get dressed. She rolled onto her back and let out a soothing sigh. She watched me from behind and asked, “Did you really not find yourself another personal servant? Doesn’t it feel strange to have to clean your own room when you’re the King of the North? Lucia and Nier have their own rooms now, so you have to clean your own room. Doesn’t it feel a little dreary to have to clean your own room up after coming back from work every night?”

“It’s all right. I used to clean my own room in the past, not to mention that we had higher requirements at the time.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Nothing, don’t worry.”

I draped my coat on then wore on my medal by the side. The way we wore medals in this world was slightly different, but I could handle it. At first, I was befuddled without Luna; but nonetheless, I learnt to take care of myself. I could still sort out my life without a personal servant, Lucia or Nier.

In a serious tone, Ling Yue asked, “So you really don’t plan to find another personal servant?”

“No. I’d be fine with you coming over to take care of me, though.”

“I don’t take care of people. I’m a noble. Others should be taking care of me and not the other way around. That still applies even though I’m your wife. A wife is not a maid. Don’t mix them up.”

She rolled over and didn’t bother with me again. She lazily waved her hand: “I won’t send you off. I want to continue sleeping. I only arrived last night. Then, Nier and Lucia clung to me for a while; therefore, I’m very sleepy now. I brought over the food I prepared for you, so don’t bother me again.”

“Wait, Ling Yue. I have something to give you.”

I picked up a box by the side. The box had been in my bedroom ever since I received it. I was always looking for an opportunity to give it to Ling Yue. To be precise, I was looked forward to returning it to her. Curious, Ling Yue turned over. She hesitated for a moment when she saw the wooden box in my hand. With a smile, she asked, “What? Isn’t this the box I sent you? The money was useful, right? That’s all of the jewellery my family has passed down. You fetched a good price for them, didn’t you?”

I didn’t reply. Instead, I walked up to her and opened it. Curious, her ears twitched. She froze up when she looked inside the box: “What’s this supposed to mean?! You complaining that it’s too little?!”

Ling Yue straightened up then looked up at me with a grumpy look. Her tail gradually expanded. She misunderstood me. She misunderstood that I kept them, as I considered it too little.  I shook my head then sat down next to her. I picked up the head cloth she usually wore. and then gently stroked her hair. Finally, I helped her wear it on.


“This head accessory is very becoming of you, Ling Yue.”

I placed the accessory on Ling Yue’s chest. Sporting a smile, I explained, “Ling Yue, you’re a Princess Consort and a noble of the Moon Fox Tribe. How can you be without jewellery? To be honest with you, I was genuinely very sad to see that you didn’t save anything. You should be a bright, charming and lively fox. Ling Yue, you need these things more than I do.”

Ling Yue’s ears jolted a few times. She hugged the box tightly and, in a soft voice, asked, “Do you have enough money?”

I replied, “Mm, I do. Don’t underestimate me, Ling Yue. I have many methods. Isn’t money the easiest thing to make in this world?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Ling Yue tapped my face several times, but I noticed that, while she wore a reluctant look on her face, she wagged her tail joyously. Ling Yue was the same as always; she couldn’t hide her true thoughts. I pinched her face: “Wake up and get dressed, Ling Yue. You’re a Princess Consort. How can you be missing from my coronation ceremony?”

“Oh? You plan to announce our relationship to the world?”

“I thought our relationship was public knowledge ages ago.”

Ling Yue giggled. She sat up and grabbed her clothes. I knew she was reluctant to make an appearance at the ceremony, because she didn’t have jewellery. Castell once said that how extravagant one presents themselves, represents their status in society. If a noble didn’t have any jewellery, it would be far too embarrassing. Additionally, it wouldn’t be just their reputation that was damaged but their entire tribe’s.

Ling Yue prioritised her tribe’s honour over all else. Naturally, she wouldn’t let her tribe’s reputation be tarnished. At the same time, her pride wouldn’t allow her to admit she didn’t buy jewellery due to lack of money. However, I started to understand the gentle girl’s true feelings.

“Onii-sama, are you awake, yet?”


Freya knocked on the door once I finished adjusting my cape. Freya came in with a pile of documents. She gave me a smile: “Congratulations, Onii-sama. Those nobles have agreed to our request. They will sell all of their resources to us, and keep just their resident and manor.

“That’s great, but there’s one more thing I want to know. Freya, what means did you use to convince them? I remember they were unwilling to even loan us money, yet they’re now willing to hand their resources over to us?”

Freya chuckled softly. She explained, “Sometimes, military force and money are equally important. As for how I managed to persuade them, I shall share that with you another time, Your Majesty. Now you can wear on this crown without any concern, Your Majesty! The entire North is waiting for you to ascend the throne. Your dream and future is now close at hand!”


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