Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 48

“Daisy’s reaction today gave me a fright.”

Nier removed her cape and hung it up by the side. She then looked at Daisy, who was sound asleep in my arms. She affectionately pinched her face and smiled: “So Daisy does like her father. I guess she was just shy and didn’t know how to express it; anyway, she professed her feelings once she saw her dad being stolen away. Look, Dear. Look how well she’s sleeping in your arms.”

“She’s only four months old. Where did she get these ideas from?”

I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to weep or rejoice. I watched Daisy take slow breaths. I lowered my head and gave her a kiss. She still had tears at the corner of her eyes. I went to hold her in the end to calm her down. Though Nona was very upset, she didn’t cling to me. She, instead, went back to her mother’s arms but turned back to look at me feeling slightly unhappy.

Daisy stopped crying once I held her. She shot Nona a very proud gaze and raised her small fist up at the latter as if to assert her dominance. Nona, however, ignored Daisy and turned back to her mom.

Vera was surprisingly calm when her two sisters were making a ruckus. She didn’t seem to intend to join them. She, instead, imitated my moms and watched them.

Vera found idols to learn from. That was a good sign. Vyvyan and Elizabeth were the two most outstanding women on the continent, so she wouldn’t be an underperformer if she imitated them. They say children are a shadow of their parents. That meant she’d definitely be a very graceful and beautiful woman if she imitated Vyvyan and Elizabeth.

I gently placed Daisy into her bed. I saw Nier completely naked when I turned around. She threw her clothes on the ground, sat down on the bed and grabbed my arm. She licked her lips, and then smiled: “Our daughter is asleep, Dear. You will be staying tonight, right? Let’s hurry and do it while Daisy is asleep. Otherwise, she’ll wake up at night.”


“Come on, come on, Dear. Ah, don’t worry, don’t worry. I’ve recovered after giving birth! Uhm! I’m very confident in my body right now. Have a look if you don’t believe me. Even that fox evaluated my body positive, so let’s hurry, Dear. Just as we did in the past… tonight, we’ll do it until either I fall asleep or Daisy wakes up! I won’t let you rest!”

Seeing how Nier was so excited – she appeared as if she virtually couldn’t speak – I knew she wasn’t lying to me. She didn’t want to let me sleep… That said, she was right. Neither she nor Lucia was willing to move about after giving birth.

Lucia tried to learn to cook nowadays. She wasn’t willing to wear on the Shadow Squad uniform or pick up her dagger again. She liked to hold a kitchen knife, instead. As for Nier, her recovery came along smoothly, with her training diligently for three months. Nier had the most perfect body among my three wives. Lucia’s body was actually a little softer, but she wasn’t willing to do it with me many times, for her body couldn’t withstand my mana. As for Nier… Yeah, I kind of, you know, couldn’t withstand her…

Nier and I hadn’t touched each other amorously in almost a year. It was often on Nier’s mind when she was with me, but Daisy always woke up in the middle of the night; hence, our daughter killed the mood for me, as well, not to mention that I stayed at Mommy Vyvyan’s place more often in the first month. Thus, it was blast to the past for the night.

I was aroused already. I had a strong craving for something I was deprived of for a long time when I saw Nier’s body.

I hugged Nier, and she let out a soft moan. She wrapped her arms around my neck and passionately kissed me. I slowly undressed, and then pushed Nier down onto the bed.

“Oh? Are you planning to be more on the offensive today?” Nier clasped my face in a most amorous manner. She narrowed her eyes to look at me with a smile.

I pressed my hands down on her and panted as I asked, “What? You don’t see this side of me often?”

Nier moaned then wore a soothing smile with her eyes narrowed as though she was melting: “Of course… Mm… In the past… I was the one taking the initiative… It was rare to see my Prince… Now that you’re taking the initiative… It feels similar to… when we just got married…”

Nier grabbed my arm. I thought that was enough foreplay. Nier sunk her fingers into my flesh. If she wasn’t worried about waking up Daisy, she probably would’ve loudly moaned already. I looked at her maniacal eyes.

I think that damned doctor lied to me. He said Nier was, like this, due to the drug and would recover after giving birth. What happened to that? If you ask me, this must be Nier’s true nature! Perhaps the effects of the drugs wore off age ago, and she was just following her true nature!

Nier suddenly vigorously sat up, and then hugged me tightly. She moved on her own, as she thirst for more. She then pressed me down onto the bed, leaned down and bit my lips. She kissed me with everything she had then sat back up. She couldn’t resist her desire anymore. She looked at me and sexily licked her lips. She smiled: “Hnng… Mm… I think that it’s better if I move… Mm… like this… Your Majesty… Hmm…”

Nier found it more addicting to move her hips on her own. Well, that saved me energy. I watched her wildly flick her hair. Nier was very beautiful in her aroused state. I didn’t know why we were both smitten with each other, but we felt one another looked the best.

I couldn’t help myself from grabbing Daisy’s food source. A bit of Daisy’s breakfast for tomorrow spilt due to Nier’s intense movements and my vigour. I licked her tits… To be honest, I preferred the elven taste more… Maybe it’s because I got use to Mommy Vyvyan.

Eyes narrowed, Nier giggled: “Daisy didn’t finish it today, so how about you help finish it, Your Majesty? Or were you planning to leave it for Daisy’s breakfast tomorrow?”

“I think it’s better not to have leftovers from dinner for breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal. You, therefore, naturally should serve fresh food. So, let me have the leftovers from tonight’s dinner.”

Nier hissed and laughed: “Ahaha… Your Majesty… Your Majesty… Hahahaha…”

Nier laughed jubilantly. My suckling gave a different feeling to when she was showering Daisy with her motherly love, apparently. My suckling was motivated by infinite lust. Nier and I dialled up the intensity.

I changed my mind; I felt it wasn’t too bad if I didn’t get to sleep. It’d be fine for me to be lazy again tomorrow. I didn’t get many chances with Nier. I might have more chances in the future, but not at that point in time. One minute of bliss with Nier was still one minute.

I decided not to think about my kids, Lucia, Vyvyan or Elizabeth for the meanwhile. There was only Nier and I in the moment. There was only kinky Nier on my hips and the gentle sensation in my hands.

“This is fine. This is good enough!!!” I exclaimed silently.

“Aah!!” Nier couldn’t hold back her moan in the end. She moaned as if she lost her mind. Her body shuddered as if she got electrocuted. Her vagina contracted so tightly that I thought I’d die from having my dragon strangled. But nonetheless, that was our greatest moment of bliss and the moment we needed each other most. I hugged her tightly, and she reciprocated the hug.

“I feel very blissful… I feel very blissful… Your Majesty…”

I gently stroked her messy black hair and replied in a tender tone: “Uhm… Me too, Nier… Me, too.”

“So… Let’s… Let’s… go again… Let’s go again…”


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