Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 49

When Freya saw me the next morning, she smiled and asked, “Good morning, Onii-sama. You do not look too well. Did you not sleep well last night?”

I responded with a helpless smile: “Do I look so bad that you can tell with a single glance?”

Smiling, Freya replied, “Yes. You must have done it with Miss Nier until very late, right? I may not be able to hear it, but I am absolutely certain that is what happened. Add Daisy to that equation, and not only did you not sleep well but were also busy all night, right? Onii-sama, to be honest, your fatigue from not sleeping did not show so obviously in the past. Are you all right?”

“I’m fine. Nothing out of the ordinary. At least, not now.”

I checked my body. Freya said I looked bad, but I didn’t feel any discomfort – aside from the fatigue and sleepiness you’d experience after an all-nighter. I felt a lot better after having the tea that wakes you up in the morning.  I felt decent; I was still young, after all. My life had just started.

Freya walked up to me and pinched my face. In a slightly concerned tone, she said, “Whatever the case may be, I feel that you look very unwell, which is a complete contrast to the past. Onii-sama, you must look after your health. Do not exhaust yourself if you are feeling unwell. Though I feel that it is a miracle you are this tired when you have not worked earnestly at all recently. Wait. That is not the point. The point is, from now on, you must pay attention to your health, and you best go see Queen Vyvyan for a check-up.

You are not a pure human, or the doctors in the Imperial Palace would be able to give you a check-up. Therefore, it is best you ask Queen Vyvyan to give you a check-up before she leaves. After all, while you cannot use mana, you do require mana to maintain your body.”

“I know my body better than you, Freya.”

Tone serious, Freya stated, “Not necessarily, Onii-sama. If everybody could regulate their body, there would be no need for the doctor occupation. Onii-sama, sometimes, you do not know your body, so you best hurry and get Queen Vyvyan to give you a check-up as soon as possible. If you do not go to see her today, I shall go see her and tell her that you are unwell yet refused to see her. Do you think you can escape from her?”

“Okay, okay. I’ll go see Mommy Vyvyan.” I touched my head and said, “I’m not deliberately avoiding her. It’s just that sometimes things become very troublesome when I see her… Mm… She comes up with lots of requests…”

“Still, you have to go. Oh, right, Onii-sama, it will be a full-moon night soon. Are you not going to prepare for it? You have been resolving it with different people for the last few months, right? I think that you best let Queen Vyvyan take care of you on this full-moon night for the sake of your health. I noticed that you suffer side-effects if anybody besides Queen Vyvyan helps you.”

I nodded.

The truth is I was a bit reluctant to go to Mommy Vyvyan, as there was always a fat chance I couldn’t leave. Frankly, Freya made a big deal out of something minor. I knew my body. There was nothing wrong with my body. Freya thought it has to do with my mana, but I didn’t feel there was any issue with my mana. The problem with my body must’ve been due to… indulging a little excessively…

Freya didn’t know my problem… I was certain that was the reason. Mommy Vyvyan and Nier were monsters. Satisfying one of them was hard enough under normal circumstances, yet I needed to satisfy both of them at the same time at that point in time, especially Nier, who returned to her usual self yesterday. Yes, it felt amazing, but I felt as though I was risking my life for it.

I thought I’d be fine if I went to Lucia for some time. The elf, Lucia, didn’t pursue that ecstatic feeling. Lucia wanted pure affection between us. Intercourse was merely a reproductive process to her. For that reason. I’d be able to recover if I went to her room at night.

I’d be fine after some rest and regulation… Although it was something Nier and Mommy Vyvyan rejoiced at indulging in…  I don’t believe that there will be a problem with my health. Elves had very long lifespans. Mommy Vyvyan’s age was still a mystery. I was half-human and half-elf; I should have a longer lifespan than humans if not as long as elves, right? Additionally, I wouldn’t get sick. I only entered a very weak state if I lacked mana. I never had the chance to lack mana, though, since I couldn’t use magic.

Mommy Vyvyan said it before. She said that if I used magic as I did on that full-moon night, then I might die. I hadn’t used magic recently, so it was very unlikely there was an issue with my mana. Freya didn’t plan to have humanity’s doctor give me a check-up. I felt I needed Freya to drug me as she did in the past.

Freya spiked my drink under Nier’s orders in the past, which allowed me to maintain my energy for the purpose of having the energy to make babies with her at night. Nonetheless, that was in the past. The reason I didn’t feel drained after my night escapades was because of that sort of drug.

I asked, “Freya, do you still have that sort of drug?”

Freya vigilantly looked at me. She responded, “Which type? Onii-sama, I do not think you should carelessly consume any drug without a doctor’s prescription. Further, I have never given you any drug, have I?”

“I’m talking about the one Nier previously told you to feed me.”

“Oh, that type. Miss Nier was the one who gave it to me. I do not know what that drug is. As such, you should go and ask Miss Nier for it if you want it,. However, your child with Miss Nier is already four months old, and you plan to have another? Miss Nier struggles to get pregnant, though, so I do not think you should have another child. What, are you unhappy that all your children your girls? You still have Miss Ling Yue.”

“No, I feel very happy to have my three daughters. I really don’t want to see myself having a son when I look at myself. I’m serious.”

I think my father would think the same way. He never would’ve thought the day would come when he saw me come to this world… With him as a precedent anecdote, I was celebrating and honoured when I looked at my daughters. I was very satisfied with having three daughters, honest. I just… I absolutely never ask Nier for that drug… or else… she’d definitely interpret that as me wanting to do it more… and then… I’d be doomed…

“Let us begin work now,, then, Onii-sama. If you do not feel ill, let us start now. You still need to choose your coronation method. Onii-sama, you can leave a bit earlier today.”


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