Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 47

“Daisy, Daisy…”

That day, we witnessed a historical scene… My three daughters finally met each other after four months. Lucia used to stay cooped up in her room to look after Nona and Vera, while Nier didn’t let Daisy leave her sight. As a result, the three of them knew I was their father, but they never met with each other.

Vera was the eldest. Nona was the second eldest and Daisy was the youngest; however, they were pretty close in terms of age.

On the left and right of the dining hall were three small beds belonging to the girls. Lucia held Nona and softly hummed a tune. Nier held Daisy and patted her. Daisy and Nona looked at each other. They seemed to be interested in another of the same age. Vyvyan held Vera. Vera wore a proud look as the eldest. She didn’t care if anything would happen between her two sisters. Daisy and Nona seemed to have positive impressions of each other.

Daisy seemed to be an aloof girl. That was a trait similar to her mother. Nier said she wouldn’t be cold to others in Daisy’s presence in the future. The reason for that was to allow Daisy to develop a gentle and kind nature. Daisy already displayed a personality resembling Nier’s. She didn’t care about anything and hates letting others interact with her. She wasn’t too willing to be touched by the maids and didn’t like to cry. She wouldn’t cry much unless she was hungry. She’d smack maids without any hesitation when they picked her up even though slapping them was pointless. Of course, she slapped me, too. She didn’t like me approaching her. She watched me with a very vigilant gaze when Nier held her. When Nier wanted me to hold her, she’d resist with all of her might, insisting on staying with her mother. She only smiled in Nier or Elizabeth’s presences.

Nona was similar to Lucia; she enjoyed interacting with others and was very gentle. She was always cheerfully smiling. She loved to touch other people’s faces with her chubby little hands. Her bright smile made people want to dote on her. Nona was very close to me. Perhaps it was because elves’ subconscious allowed them to be conscious of their father. Hence, she looked forward to me visiting her daily. She always cheerfully called out whenever I went to her bed. She’d reach her hands out to try and hug me.

As for Vera, she was even calmer. Yes, not aloof but calm. She wouldn’t be happy just because you gave her a toy or food. She’d accept everything, but wouldn’t form a positive opinion of you just because of that. She always looked at me with a heightened interest as though she was learning something. I could tell that she liked me very much. She’d try to hug me with Nona when she was in front of me.

As soon as our family gathering for a meal ended, I called for all family members. Elizabeth and Vyvyan sat opposite each other, drinking red wine and talking about the past after dinner. They talked about how they were hungry and couldn’t find food one winter, so they went and stole from a human’s farm. Apparently, my father successfully stole a few chicken eggs but tripped and broke them.

Vera, who was in Vyvyan’s arms, didn’t disturb their conversation. Instead, she watched the two of them with a lot of interest in spite of not understanding them. Vyvyan wasn’t holding her because she wanted to acknowledge her relationship with Vera, but solely because Lucia still couldn’t hold the both of them. She didn’t want to hold just one of them, so she let “Queen Vyvyan” hold a child. Vyvyan chose Vera.

Nier and Lucia didn’t want to spare each other a glance. They peacefully took care of their own kids. I watched my daughters. Daisy, who was in Nier’s arms, grabbed her clothes by her chest. I walked over. Nier looked at me and smiled: “Your Majesty, did you want to hold Daisy?”

“Ugh!! Ugh!”

Terrified, Daisy turned her head away just as I reached out to her. She desperately buried herself in Nier’s arms. I smiled hopelessly then pulled my hand back. Nier looked at me feeling scared. She gently patted Daisy and softly said, “Daisy! He’s your father. You can’t do this… Your Majesty…”

I touched Daisy’s head with a smile: “Ah, don’t mind it. Daisy is still a kid. Children are more inclined to cling to their mother more when they’re young. It’ll be fine in the future. She doesn’t understand I’m her dad, yet. Don’t worry, Nier.”

Vyvyan looked over with a smile and said, “Troy, you’re more inclined to cling to Mommy even now.”

Elizabeth placed her cup of wine down. She smiled and said, “We’re mother and son, after all. We’re mother and son. Kids will always cling to their moms.”

Lucia looked at Nona, who was in her arms. She responded as though she thought of something, “Is that right…?”

I looked at Nier and Lucia. In a shocked tone, I asked, “Hey, am I a mom-con to you?!”

The two of them looked at me and honestly nodded.

Vyvyan and Elizabeth laughed before turning back to continue their conversation. I walked over to Lucia. Nona cheered up and extended her hands towards me, as she wanted me to hold her. Lucia smiled and pinched Nona’s face: “You want Daddy to hold you, Nona? All right, then. Let Daddy hold you.”

Nona desperately reached for me to hug me as though she couldn’t wait.

Ah, Nona was healing. I found my consolation after a rough run-in with Daisy. Nona was definitely going to be the healing daughter who ran up to me when I came home, hug me around my thigh and greet me: “Dad, you’re back.” That sort of daughter… is perfect.

I reached out to hold Nona, but as soon as I got a hold of her, I heard high-pitched cries from Nier’s side. The entire room fell silent. Surprised, I spun around to look in Nier’s direction. Nier anxiously tried to sooth Daisy, but Daisy ignored her. She, instead, wailed while looking in my direction. She desperately stretched her hand out toward me as she loudly wailed.

I was flabbergasted. Daisy rarely cried. I wondered what happened.

Nier anxiously patted her and softly asked, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong, Daisy? Are you hungry or is it time to change your nappies? What’s wrong? What’s wrong, Daisy?”

Vyvyan and Elizabeth looked at Daisy with curiosity.

I had no idea what happened.

‘What’s wrong with Daisy? I don’t have the foggiest idea as to what a child’s cry means. Nier seems to be able to understand their cries, but I don’t. What does Daisy want? What’s wrong with her? She wouldn’t be wanting for me to hold her, would she? You’re not serious. She was desperately trying to get away from me when I tried to hold her just now.’

Nona started urgently calling out to me. She grabbed Lucia’s chest and stretched her arms out toward me with all her might to try to get me to look at her. As soon as I turned to look at her, Daisy started wailing in her high-pitched voice, again.

“Son, it looks as though Daisy and Nona are fighting over you.” Vyvyan loudly laughed, while Elizabeth desperately tried to hold back her laughter. She then looked at the two girls and laughed: “They truly are their mothers’ daughter, huh? They’re the exact same as their mothers. Their mothers fought for you, and now their daughters are fighting for their father.”


Nona grabbed onto my clothes. Daisy revealed an incredibly pitiable and restless gaze. She reached her hands out, seemingly wanting me to go over and hold her. I looked at the two of them feeling dumbfounded. I then looked at Lucia and Nier wondering what in the world was going on. Lucia nervously looked at me as though she didn’t want me to go over. Nier looked as though she was telling me to hurry up over.

‘What the heck is up with this weird battlefield? I thought the three sisters got along with each other… What’s this…? The four-month olds’ ultimate showdown?!’


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