Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 38

Nier breastfed her child, too. Nier’s fitness was far superior to Lucia’s. However, she was also considerably taller than Lucia. Post-natal care wasn’t a thing for Nier. She went to the training grounds the day after she gave birth. The maids held onto her child, while she wore on her old Valkyrie uniform to spar with Shusia. Nier hadn’t touched a sword in ten months, so her form looked a little stiff. Her body appeared to refuse to listen to her. But despite that, Shusia was sweating during her spar with Nier.


Nier knocked away the sword in Shusia’s hand. Nier flipped her wrist, and then pointed her sword at Shusia’s throat. Shusia staggered backwards and raised her hands in surrender. She hopelessly said, “Instr-, Princess, your skills with a sword have not deteriorated at all… I cannot defeat you despite trying so hard.”

“Phew. I feel as though my skills have deteriorated a lot, though,” responded Nier.

Nier wiped her sweat on her forehead. The maid next to her handed her a towel. She wiped her face in a simple fashion and then tossed the towel back to the maid. She then picked up her wooden sword again. In a serious tone, she said, “At the moment, my skills are below what’s acceptable. It takes so much effort to beat you. This is not my original strength. I don’t even have half of my original strength at the moment.”

Shusia dallied. With a helpless smile, she responded, “Princess, there is no need, is there…? Though I am fine with training with you daily… You have just given birth. I do not think it is wise to start training with such high volume, right…? Plus, you are not going to allow me to pull punches, are you…?”

“I’m fine. I know my body best. You are not to hold back. I must reach my peak again. I’ve waited for this day for too long. I can’t wait any longer.”

Nier licked her lips. She then got into her stance with her wooden sword again. She seriously said, “Let’s go another round. One more round then I’ll head back. I need to regain my skills as soon as possible while Daisy is still sleeping.”

“Princess, what exactly are you trying to do…? Are you looking to go and duel somebody? There is nobody who could match you in the North right now, is there?”

“There actually is.”

Nier coldly chuckled. Her gaze turned cold for an instant. It was the same gaze she had when she was a bodyguard and spotted her prey. Perhaps lots of people had forgotten that she was once a Valkyrie. Maybe she, herself, had also forgotten she was once a Valkyrie. She’d feel as though she was born a Princess without a past. Nevertheless, the desire to swing a sword and kill was etched deep in Nier’s blood. Nier had reawakened her Valkyrie side.

As a Valkyrie, a target she wanted to kill must be killed. When Shusia got into her stance, Nier suddenly said, “By the way, Shusia.”

Shusia looked at Nier and hesitated for a moment before asking, “What are your orders?”

“Do you want a scarf made from a fox’s tail?”

“Why the sudden question?”

Nier positioned her sword horizontally in front of. She then took a quick step and replied in a serious tone: “Because I might be able to bring you back a high-quality fox tail.”


“Nona. Vera. Did you girls miss dad?”

I looked at the infants Nona and Vera on the bed with smile. I grabbed their tiny hands. They suddenly burst out in tears when they saw me.

“What? Why? Dad sneaked out from the office to see you two. Do you two hate me that much?”

“That’s not it, Your Highness. Bring them over here.”

Lucia placed the book she had in her hand down then gave me a smile. I picked up the crying sisters. I then placed them onto Lucia’s bed. She watched me pick our daughters up with one girl in each arm. She giggled and said, “They’re hungry, Your Highness.”

“Are they…?”

I watched my two kids hastily move Lucia’s shirt away and go in for their lunch. I lingered for a while before complimenting Lucia: “Lucia, you’re amazing. You can figure out what they want just from their cries.”

“I’m not; I initially couldn’t tell, either. Her Highness was the one who taught me.” Lucia smiled as she watched her two kids suckling. Her gaze was tenderer than anything. She pat the kids gently and continued in a soft voice: “Have plenty, girls. Have plenty. Mommy sometimes doesn’t feed you until you’re full, but Mommy should be able to now. Have some more. Have some more.”

Frankly, it was somewhat tiring for Lucia to raise two kids, since she was physically small. Vera and Nona were faced with a famine on their third day of birth. Lucia didn’t have enough milk for the two. Vyvyan, of course, was ecstatic to hear that news. She came over when Lucia couldn’t feed the kids. She fed them a bottle of her self-proclaimed “self-concocted juice”.

I was relieved; that meant I wasn’t needed. Otherwise, I don’t think I’d be handle to handle an extra meal for a midnight snack. That life would drain me. Further, Nier gave birth, so I didn’t think I’d have time to be running around outside at night. I’d be Nier’s property at night. I had to do it with her wherever she wanted and in whatever position she wanted… Sometimes, I had to deal with the despair of her strangling my neck when her kinky metre maxed out…

Lucia didn’t appear to be in bad shape.

The two kids moved their heads away. Lucia looked at them. She lowered her head and asked, “What’s wrong? Full? Nona? Vera? Do you want some juice if you’re not full?”

The two girls still pulled away. They were full, apparently. Lucia really enjoyed daily breastfeeding sessions. I, too, like to watch Lucia when she breastfed. She was so beautiful when she breastfed. I was filled with bliss just sitting on the chair by the side, watching my wife breastfeed my kids.

“All right, then. Mommy is out now. I guess your daddy won’t get any.”

I looked at her and laughed. I exclaimed, “I never asked for some, okay?!!”

Lucia wiped her daughters’ mouths, and then wore her clothes back on properly. The two girls reached their hands out to me.

Apparently, their food was more attractive than me… I held their hands and kissed their faces. I smiled: “Dad is going back to work now, then. Otherwise, Freya will be angry again. Lucia, do you know what Nier has been up to recently?”

“I think she’s been at the training grounds.”


Current Time at the training grounds.

“Princess! Princess! Daisy is crying. Daisy seems to be hungry.”

“Oh, oh, okay, okay. I’m coming. I’m coming… Mm… Daisy, this side is yours. Leave the other side for your father. After all, you’re hungry now, but your father might get hungry at night…”


Current time at the office…

I let out a violent sneeze. Freya looked at me, bewildered. She asked, “What is the matter, Onii-sama? Are you not well?”

“No… I just felt my stomach cramp… Maybe… I ate something bad…? Or maybe… is this an omen?!”


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