Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 37

“They’re seriously so cute,” commented Nier.

The children dropped out of Nier’s arms.

Seriously, I thought Nier needed to learn how to hold a child. Otherwise, she might not haven been able to hold her own child.

Nona and Vera didn’t seem to like Nier too much, though. They kept reaching outwards when they were in her arms. They weren’t too willing to approach Nier. Nier clearly had no hostility for them, and she particularly liked kids, but the two of them were very vigilant of her…

‘Are Lucia’s daughters siding with her…?’

Nier gently stroked Nona’s head. Slightly scared, Nona turned her head to look at me and reached out to me with her hand as though she wanted me to hold her. Nier lingered for a moment, and then sighed. She quietly bemoaned, “She doesn’t seem to like me.”

“It’s probably because she’s an elf, so she’s a little vigilant of humans she hasn’t seen before.”

I took over Nona. Nona buried her head in my chest as though she was released from prison. She tightly gripped onto my chest. She didn’t dare to turn around to look at Nier, who was behind her. Nier sighed, and then gently touched her belly. In a blissful tone, she remarked, “But our child will soon be born, Your Majesty. It’ll be soon; it’ll probably be this month. It’ll be no later than next month.”

“Yeah? Your child will probably be very cute, too.”

Lucia pulled the door open and spoke before I could. Lucia only draped her shirt on to make it convenient for her to breastfeed.  While only Nier and I were around, I was still slightly worried that others would see her. Lucia gave Nier a smile. She seemed much calmer and confident after giving birth, as she could finally peacefully converse with Nier.

Lucia took Nona from me. Nona reached for Lucia’s clothes. Lucia smiled and pinched Nona’s face. Then, she said, “You’re hungry, too? Nona, your elder sister just finished having her meal, so it’s your turn now.”

I watched Lucia hold Nona. Nona pulled open Lucia’s clothes then began to happily suckle.

Honestly… I remembered last night… and I could seemingly taste it again as I watched Lucia and Nona…

‘I drank it every day when I was a kid, so why did it suddenly taste so strange… It doesn’t taste good, either. I honestly don’t quite get it I had a great appetite as a kid, so why am I a little bloated now…?’

“Good girl. Good girl…”

Lucia wore a blissful smile as she stroked Nona. I glanced over to see Nier watching Lucia and spacing out. Her eyes were full of envy. Nier never envied Lucia in the past, but she genuinely envied Lucia after the latter gave birth. Nier liked children. That must’ve be why Nier was so envious when she sees how blissful Lucia looked. I didn’t think it was a big deal. After all, Nier was scheduled to give birth soon, anyway.

I gently touched Lucia’s head. Elves didn’t seem to need to recover. Lucia was vigorously bouncing around with life by the day after. I was very pleased to see her so lively after seeing her as weak as a dead woman.  She could continue being lively by my side, and her children were safe and sound. I was very glad.

Nier was next. I thought I wouldn’t be as nervous when it was Nier’s turn, since I had experience from Lucia’s experience. Mommy Elizabeth organised people to look after Nier. I just needed to let her give birth in peace. Nier was physically sound; her child was fine. Nier was in good spirits lately, so we were just waiting for our child to be born. Nier didn’t want to stand much anymore, so the maids supported Nier back to her room.

I turned my head to see Nona, who finished eating and was hugging Lucia’s head. I wanted to hold her, but she didn’t seem to care about her father after her meal. Her mother was the one she loved most. As for her father…, she’d decide later.



I heard the sound of water all of a sudden. I turned my head in its direction. I saw maids all around Nier. They sluggishly looked at her. I walked over frowning. Nier looked down with a dumbfounded look. Her legs intensely trembled. Water was pouring down her legs. My first thought was that she couldn’t control her bladder… I immediately knew that it wasn’t the case, as Nier was not that sort of individual. Her habits and pride wouldn’t allow her to be caught that state…

“Your Majesty…” Nier raised her head up to look at me while trembling.

I looked at Nier’s face. I saw her terrified and dumbstruck expression I saw back then when she was locked up. She was very scared and had even started tearing up. I pressed my hand on her shoulder and took in a deep breath. I said, “It’s all right. It’s all right, Nier. Calm down…”

“I-I… What’s wrong with me…? What is this…? What is this…?”

“I… I don’t know, either… Whatever the case… Mm… Send Nier back to her room first. I’m going to go look for Mommy Elizabeth. Send her back to her room first!”

I patted one of the maids on her shoulder, and then ran off. I completely ignored the “No running in the palace” rule. I ran to Elizabeth’s room as fast as my legs could take me. Lucia watched me from behind bewildered. She had no idea what happened. I didn’t know what happened, either, but I couldn’t shake off the bad feeling I had.

I pushed the door to Mom’s room open with one hand when Elizabeth was in the middle of pouring herself some tea. Her first reaction was to look at me confused. She then smiled and asked, “Ah, Son, why have you come? Shouldn’t you be spending your day with your children today? I was planning to go over in a bit.”

“Mom! Nier started leaking water all of a sudden just now.”

“Huh?” Mommy Elizabeth paused. She was now even more confused. She asked, “What are you saying? Nier isn’t a fountain… You can’t tell Mommy about it even if that was true, right…? You two have kids, yet you still don’t know Nier’s body…? It’s not a good idea to be telling Mommy about this topic, right…? After all… it’s your private business… Mommy also heard that it was supposed to be better that way, no?”

“That’s not it!!”  I went red in the face, but forced myself to continue, “What I meant was… Suddenly… Suddenly…”


Elizabeth looked at me. Her gaze swiftly changed. She grabbed my arm with one hand, and then sprinted out of her room. I didn’t have any idea what was going on, and therefore followed her. I struggled to ask, “What happened? Mommy Elizabeth, what exactly happened?!!”

“Your child is about to be born.”

Mommy Elizabeth gave me a simple response, and then rushed to the corridor. She shouted, “Go to Nier’s room and prepare everything! Son, your child is about to be born! Prepare everything!”


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