Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 45

It didn’t take long to return to Troy City from Duargana. I also returned as fast as I could. I didn’t inform my citizens of my return, but when I entered the city, people gradually rushed to the side of the streets to toss flowers at me and loudly welcome me home.

They were the reason I had to slow down. My initial plan was to sprint straight to the palace of Troy City, but it wasn’t possible. The road was congested, so I had to lead my guards and get the people to slowly make way as we headed toward the palace. I used to dream of the scene where everybody would be welcoming me and treating me as a hero, but I unexpectedly got really annoyed due to the timing.

People crowded around me as though I was a hero. They showered me with flowers and applauses, but I just want to return home to see my wife.

Did I lose my ambition? I didn’t care even if I did. I just wanted to see Nier. I hadn’t seen her in a long time, but I was sure she’s still well. Nier had Mommy Elizabeth with her. Freya may have left, but Troy City was my base. Nobody would approach Nier with ulterior motives in Troy City.

Luna’s situation wouldn’t befall Nier, either. She was nurturing herself and her child. I needed to head back and take care of her before I could sort out the North with peace of mind.

I’d only be able to figure out what I needed to do once I returned to the North. I didn’t know what methods Freya had or what she was doing. I hope that she hadn’t restrained herself waiting for my orders. Freya should’ve been able to sort out lots of things in the North. She was my sister who I trusted. She was also my sister to the rest of the world, so she could give out orders. Freya was very astute. If she could solve the weather problem before I returned, I’d be so elated I’d hug and kiss her.

“Ah, Your Majesty, welcome back! Congratulations on your victory!”

“Your Majesty!! Congratulations on your victory!!”

“Your Majesty! It is great that you are back!”

The people moving about in the palace saluted me once I entered the palace. I hastily nodded as I hurried to my room.

‘This is the room Nier is currently staying in. If she’s not here, then she should be in the flower garden… I think? Nier won’t leave this palace. She’s definitely in the palace.’

I took in a deep breath before I opened the door. It was silent inside. The interior of the room was no different to how it was when I left. Everything was left where I put it before I departed. There was a curtain hanging on top of the bed. Behind the curtains was Nier sleeping tranquilly, yet beautifully.

The sunshine after noon shined onto Nier’s body, making her look as if she had the bright wings of an angel. I treaded carefully, afraid that I would disturb the tranquillity and beauty of the scene. Just as I was about to climb into bed, Nier suddenly opened her eyes to look at me.

“Sorry, did I wake you?”

I smiled.

Nier looked at me. She then rubbed her eyes before sitting up. She threw an arm around me to pull me in and give me a deep kiss without saying a word. I sat down to the side and held Nier in my arms. I breathed in her familiar and nostalgic scent.

‘Nier hasn’t changed. She’s still the same. Nier is still my Nier. She’s in my arms right now. She’s right in front of me. I’m kissing her. I’m kissing my wife.’

I responded to Nier. She wildly kissed me, throwing her body at mine as if her body melded into mine.

I hugged her and kissed her. Nier leaned on me, and then forced me down onto the bed before releasing me. She looked at me with her long black hair hanging down onto my face. She panted and without saying a word, kissed me again. It seemed as though she thought I’d run off if I sat up, so she passionately kissed me again and again and again, attempting to rip my tongue off or something.

Her tears fell pit pat onto my face. I clasped her face. She stopped lowering her head and looked at me with a dumbfounded look. Her tears dripped from her eyes onto my face, some even dripping into my eyes. We looked at each other. I softly asked, “Nier, what are you crying for?”

Nier pressed her hands on my face and wiped her tears. She softly giggled. “Because… I miss you so much… Dear… I really… miss you… so much… I wanted to cry as soon as I saw you. You know… I really want to cry right now. You won’t leave anymore, right…? You definitely won’t leave anymore, right?!”

I clasped her face and seriously told her, “No, Nier, I’ll still be leaving, but we’ll be leaving together this time. Nier, this time, we’ll…”

“Go to the North?”

Nier cut me off before I could finish. With a smile, she asked, “We’re going to the North, right? I knew it. Freya wouldn’t have asked me to come to the North without your approval. You’re having me go there because I can live there in peace, right?!”

I froze; then, I shook my head. “No, I didn’t. I was at Duargana the entire time. Lucia is facing a problem, so I was taking care of her at her side the entire time. I haven’t been in the North. That was Freya’s idea, not mine… I’m not handling anything in the North at the moment, so I wouldn’t have you go there.”

“What…?” Nier paused. She displayed puzzlement. “Why did Freya write me a letter telling me to prepare to head to the North, then?”

“Freya won’t harm you. Never. She must have her own plans to ask you to come to the North. That means that Freya has a method to make the North inhabitable.”

I hugged Nier. “Of course, I want to take you to the North. I wanted to take you to the North even before Freya’s letter arrived. The North might still be freezing. It’s not as comfortable as Troy City up there. Nier, do you want to stay at Troy City, or do you want to come with me to a place where everything is unknown?”

Nier looked at me. She clasped my face. Without pausing to think for a moment, she replied, “I want to go to the North together with you, of course. You’re my husband, and I’m your wife. I will definitely follow you. I’ll follow you forward even if the road ahead is hell. It doesn’t matter where I go as long as you’re by my side!”

“Let’s get ready, then, Nier. I will go with you to the North. Troy City is just a city, but you will be the Queen of a land in the North. I will definitely let you enjoy what Mommy Elizabeth gets to enjoy! Nier, come with me to the North!”


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