Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 44

I looked at Zelal, who was lying motionless in a puddle of blood. I asked Vyvyan, “You didn’t kill him, did you?”

Vyvyan waved her hand. After cleaning up the corpses and traces of blood on the ground, she replied, “He won’t die that easily, Son. He’s old now, but his mana is still there, nonetheless. He was the most talented mage and possessed very pure mana when he was young. He is merely unconscious right now.”

I nodded. Mom stroked my head, which healed my head, thereby erasing the dizzy and nauseous feeling. I have to admit that elven magic was sometimes incredibly useful.

“Mom, I want to leave with Lucia, since the hostility shown is so apparent. Of course, I want to bring you along, as well. I’m afraid that Lucia will meet with danger if she remains here.”

“It’s dangerous to move Lucia right now. Frankly, her child has yet to settle down. Son, I had to spend two months resting in peace to get you to settle down when I was pregnant with you. Lucia is currently carrying a child she didn’t get pregnant with. The child needs to absorb mana for an extensive period of time in order to settle down. Therefore, it is best not to move Lucia at the moment, or she will have a miscarriage, otherwise.”

I clenched my teeth. “What are we going to do, then? There’s somebody who wants to snatch my Lucia from me. Do I have to continue staying here? I’m very mentally weak right now, Mom. I’m serious. I crawled out from a sea of blood and mountains of corpses in the North. I just want to have a rest now. I think I’ll go crazy if this continues on.”

“That won’t happen again. It won’t. Mommy will lock him up. We don’t have a dungeon as Elizabeth has, but we do have a prison. After some time, Mommy will banish him, so it won’t happen again.”

Mommy Vyvyan looked confident. Confused, I asked, “Mom, isn’t the North gone now? Where would you exile him to if you do exile him?”

“Into the mountains in the Northwest. That is where your father went missing. There should be a massive dragon there if your father didn’t slay it. The mountains are rocky and a massive dragon resides there. Exiling somebody there is much harsher compared to the North.”

Vyvyan bit down on her lip when she mentioned my father. It appeared that his death in the North weighed on her mind all that time. She would definitely go to the Northwest and slay the dragon if she was given the opportunity. However, that area was declared forbidden grounds for the elves.

Vyvyan wasn’t willing to leave her nation behind to go and kill a single dragon. I, however, had no malicious feelings toward the dragon. The dragon was described as being very violent on the map, but the elves perceived the Earth Dragons to be a problem. The dragon never harassed the elves. It was just that elves who entered its territory were all killed just as my father was. My father went to pick a fight with the dragon solely just to have another head to hang on the wall as a trophy.

“Son, I know that you definitely don’t want to stay here with Lucia the entire time, either. I’m not saying that you don’t love Lucia, but you have another person to take care off. In addition you’ll lots of work you’re bound to have to attend to after capturing the North. You’ll lose everything you worked so hard for if you stay at Lucia’s side for the next few months.”

I nodded. “I don’t mind. I just want my Lucia. I’m fine with staying here as long as my Lucia is well…”

“What about Nier, then?”


“That’s why you can’t stay at Lucia’s side all the time. You can now, but what are you going to do once Nier appears before you?”

Vyvyan sighed. She then stroked my head. “Son, go and do what you should do first. Since you want to take Lucia away, you need to go to the North, and turn it into a place that would be suitable for her to nurture her child, right? Elves need a very peaceful place during pregnancy. Son, go and build a love nest for your wife first.”

Vyvyan gave me a smile, and then clasped my face gently. In a soft voice, she added, “Son, you really need your own nation. You’re different to us. You’re a very special individual. If you want to live happily and in peace, you need a nation, like this. Son, go to the North and change it. Mommy can help you do everything, including re-establishing things to merge the North and South.”

I gave Vyvyan a light hug. Vyvyan placed her hands on my back and gave me gentle pats. Softly, I explained, “It’s not just for Lucia. Mom, I’m not building the nest just for Lucia and Nier. I’m building it for you, as well, mom. It’s for you, as well.”

“Uhm, Son… Son…” Vyvyan giggled softly. She stroked my back again. “Mommy will help you. Mommy will follow you, because I am your mom. I will always be your mom. I will always be by your side. Always.”

“Mom, can you let the elven spring water flow to the North? If you can, then the North will be able to warm up. As you know, the north is very cold, since there is no mana there.”

“I can do that, Son; however, if you want the elven spring water to flow over to there, it would take around a year before the temperature in the North rises. Mana accumulation is a lengthy process, for the river doesn’t originate in the North. Mana needs to re-enter the land. It takes a long time to show results. Also, the spring can’t be cut off from the North, because it will end up in the state it is in now.”

Dumbfounded I was. That wasn’t the conclusion I was after. I thought the North would surely revert back to how it was initially, since it lacked mana. However, it required a long time and the situation on the elven side were dangerous. Honestly, I had no idea what the situation in the North was at the moment.

‘Is there any other way besides this one? What does the North need? The North needs warmth. Is there an alternative method if we don’t use magic? Can we use a human method to warm up the North? I don’t know, but we can try. Before that, though, I need to make a trip back to Troy City first. I need to go and see Nier.’


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