Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 46

“Nier, where is Mommy Elizabeth?”

“Her Majesty?” Nier raised her head up from my chest. She clasped my face and replied with a smile. “Her Majesty has returned to Hilles City. She is the Empress, after all. Her Majesty definitely has her own work, so she probably won’t come to Troy City for some time. The North has just been captured, after all, so they are definitely thinking about how to take the North.”

“They won’t be getting any share of the North. The North belongs to me; I captured the North. There’s no way I’ll let others divide it among themselves. It’s my reward for my victory. I won’t let anybody lay their hands on it.” I coldly looked toward Hilles City. I then apologetically stroked Nier’s face. “I’m sorry if that happened, Nier. If she has left, that means you’ve been here all alone after Freya left, as well. You must’ve felt very lonely.”

“Uhm… But I’m fine now that you’re back. I am your wife. I can bear it.”

I kissed her cheek. “It’s my fault for making my wife suffer from loneliness. I won’t let it happen again. I won’t let you feel lonely again, my Nier. The North has been captured. All that’s left to do is to settle things down, and then we’ll be able to always be together.”

“Uhm!” Nier nodded very cheerfully, and then gave me a kiss on my lips.

I felt that my lips were swollen after kissing for several hours. I really liked the feeling, though. Kissing Nier, kissing my wife was very blissful, and… and Nier’s lips were very soft.

Nier released me. “How is Lucia?”

“Not very good. Her two kids are virtually absorbing every drop of mana from her. Just staying alive is a struggle for her at the moment. She needs to rely on highly pure mana to live, so she is virtually unconscious all day. She can only wake up if she’s fed the spring water.”

Nier nodded. She then touched her belly appreciatively. “I am quite well. Our child is very obedient. Our child has not given me any grief thus far. I just felt a little nauseous at the start. However, I’ve been dedicated to nourishing myself with nutrition for our child.”

Nier’s reaction was similar to a child who watched over the house diligently and was keen on a compliment from me afterwards. I smiled and kissed her forehead. “Yeah? It’s been hard on you, then, Nier.”

“It’s fine. I will like our child even more because of this. If everything went smoothly, then I wouldn’t have such strong feelings for our child.”

I stroked her face with a smile. “Nier, to be honest, when I was in the North…”

Nier looked at me and smiled. “What about when you were in the North? You didn’t find yourself another woman in the North while I wasn’t with you now, did you…? Of course… If you did, I can’t do anything, either… However… I hope… Dear, can you not be a little loyal?”

Nier then pouted. “Lucia, fine. She liked you for so long, but how is any other woman better than me?  Dear, I can become any sort of woman you like… I can give you anything you want…”

“I want a Nier.” I stated. I looked into her eyes. “I don’t want another woman. I just want a Nier. I like the Nier that was once always by my side. I like Nier no matter how she is. I like you, because you are Nier, not because you are another woman.”

“So, did you find yourself another woman in the North or not?”

Nier stretched her hand out. I looked at her hand and thought, “Shit…”

There was fire-red fur on Nier’s hand. It wasn’t Ling Yue’s hair, but the fur on her tail… Nier asked, “This isn’t Lucia’s hair. Lucia’s hair is black. Also, this isn’t hair. It belongs to that fox, doesn’t it?”

I lingered for a moment before replying. “I never expected you to still remember Ling Yue… I remember that you didn’t even spare her a glance.”

“Not looking at the fox doesn’t imply that I don’t care about her. I did pay attention to her, as she was always by your side. How do you expect me not to care? But it now appears that my hunch was right. You have developed feelings for that fox as I thought.” Nier sighed. “But what can I do? I am your wife, Dear. I am your wife. I love you. I can’t argue with your decisions. If I tried to kill the fox, you would stop me, would you not? I just hope… that you won’t abandon me despite having that fox now and I hope that you will love me…”

I shook my head then kissed her lips. “No matter what happens between Ling Yue and me, it won’t affect my love for you. Nier, do you know how much I love you? When I returned home, you shined so brightly. You were so pretty. I dare say the most blissful thing to me was being able to be loved by you and being able to love you, so I will definitely cherish this love of ours. I will never let go.”

“Me, too… Dear. I cherish being able to love you… and being able to be by your side, as well.”

Nier touched my head. Then, she laughed delightfully. In the past, Nier practically never smiled in front of me, but I often got to see her smile after we got together. Nier’s smile was very cute, very beautiful and very heart-warming.

All of my sacrifices were basically compensated when I saw Nier’s smile. I truly loved my Nier. If we put it in the context of transmigration, then Lucia would be the wife gifted to me, while Nier would be the first woman I liked since coming here as well as the girl I actively courted. That was my reason for loving Nier very much. I would never betray my Nier. Of course, the same applied for the others. I would not betray them.

While holding Nier in my arms, I sat up on the bed. “Let’s go, Nier. Let’s go for a walk outside. I want to have a walk in the garden. I’ve never seen the flower garden Freya designed. I left in winter and never expected it to be summer by the time I returned.”

“Uhm. Dear, I have an even better scene to show you. Please follow me out of the city and see the field of dye crops you worked so hard to organise. It’s a very beautiful scene there. Honestly. It is incredibly pretty… While we’re at it, we can take a dip in the hot springs on the mountain, with just the two of us this time…”


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