Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 43

Freya was aware that the future of the North depended on itself. She was also aware that her plan could fail. Freya only found out about the method from the experts. It was the foundational step for changing the North.

“I have to free the North from the elves’ control. This is the land her Onii-sama worked hard to capture. We cannot rely on others,” thought Freya.

If they relied on others, then they would be resigned to existing as a vassal state. Freya knew that her onii-sama didn’t want to a vassal state, though. He wanted land he could manage himself. He wasn’t after land to live off of and get by until his time in the world was over. What he wanted was to build another nation as great as Elizabeth’s empire.

Freya was aware that her plan wasn’t fool proof. They were below the mountains furthest West. The plan was to blow the mountain up to allow the warmth from the ocean to enter the frozen land, subsequently making the land fertile once again. The land may be devoid of mana, but mana wasn’t what the continent needed most. However, Freya had no way back. From a scientific standpoint, the idea was not fool proof. But she needed to go through with it for her emotions and needs. She had to make it a success for her brother and the Princess. If one hole wasn’t adequate, Freya planned to blow up all of the mountains!!

What the North needed most wasn’t mana, but warmth. As long as there was warmth, the North would be no different to the South. The resources and finances required for the North could be provided through Troy City. Troy City wasn’t far from the former. Also, since Troy City had the elven dye, which was a major money maker, there was no danger of a money shortage.

Everything the North required could be provided by Troy City. At present, the North just needed to get through the initial period. Once developments commenced, the speed of said developments wouldn’t be slow. Her brother didn’t mistreat the denizens, so they didn’t give her grief. Previously, the anthropoids of the North were ruled by elves. All that happened was a new ruler took the reins, which was essentially changing one personnel. Hence, they didn’t mind as long as the change didn’t affect their lives.

What did the North need? What sort of land did the North need? What was the developmental result her brother desire? Was the North looking to become a food manufacturing region or rely on agriculture for its economy? How many factories did he want? What system was the North to adapt?

Her brother left her a piece of land that didn’t have anything. He didn’t tell her a thing. Logically speaking, he should’ve known the North better than she did, and her brother should’ve been the one making the decisions. Freya faced countless issues, but she was still genuinely happy. In fact, she was very eager to handle said issues, as he was always by her side last time when they worked on getting Troy City off the ground.

He had to go out with her when he tackled the jobs. That meant that they could walk together across the North. It also meant she’d get to sleep with her brother. She could use the cold as an excuse to hug her brother, and nobody would snatch her brother from her during that time.

‘If I can be with His Majesty. If I can hug him and sleep on his chest in the freezing cold, then he might hug me and even kiss me. Maybe, maybe His Majesty will treat me the way he treats the Princess.’

Freya was aware of where she stood. She was no different to Luna when she was with the church. She managed to escape from the dreadful fate thanks to her brother. Still, she was very eager to be able to do that sort of “thing” with her brother.

‘Surely it would make me feel very happy to be able to do that with the man I like…’

She knew it would make her happy after seeing the way Nier smiled with pleasure daily…

Freya tightly hugged her dog. Aforementioned dog was Prince, who once made a major contribution. He was the only thing that could console her in her brother’s absence. She tightly hugged her dog. Prince looked at his owner with puzzlement and then licked her face.

“Prince… When do you think His Majesty will kiss me, like this…?”

“Huh? Miss Freya, what did you say?”

He, who doesn’t want to speak with you and lacks the patience to, will throw you something strange. In this case, it was a physical dog.

Prince hit Gerald in the head hard. Gerald got flustered as he tried to catch Prince, who was on his head, which then caused Prince to fluster, so he nearly bit Gerald’s ear. Freya stood up and with a red face, shouted, “You purposely eavesdropped on me, didn’t you?!! Gerald! Why do you always overhear me when I think about His Majesty?!!”

“No! No! No! Miss Freya, I did not clearly hear what you just said. Were you talking about something to do with His Majesty?”

Gerald placed Prince down on the ground, and then Prince fearfully ran off.

Prince’s owner didn’t like him. He had seen through the evil and sinister woman. He wasn’t a pet to her. He was just a weapon she threw out at crucial moments, not to mention dangerous ones!!


Freya glared at him, and then covered her red cheeks. “I was thinking about when His Majesty would return to the North. I was just slightly looking forward to his return.”

Gerald’s intuition told him that wasn’t the case, but his survival instincts told him to not ask any further. In the end, he decided to obey his survival instincts.

“The Princess is not too well, though, right? We have not received any news from Miss Lucia in so long, so she must be unwell. Further, His Majesty has not sent any letters from the elven lands. It seems that Miss Lucia’s condition is bad enough that His Majesty cannot leave. That is why His Majesty and the Princess will probably not be able to come here.”

Freya snorted. “Yes, but I think that His Majesty will definitely come to the North. Also, His Majesty definitely wants to bring Lucia here to the North. Although Miss Lucia probably really needs His Majesty right now, Miss Nier would get very sad if he stayed by Lucia’s side all the time. Her Highness will definitely take that into consideration. That’s why I called Miss Nier to come here. His Majesty will definitely come to the North.”

“I see. So you had Miss Nier come here, not because you wanted to give her a safe and peaceful environment, but to get His Majesty to come here?! We are not bothered by the cold, but what happens if something happens to Miss Nier because of the cold?!”

“Nothing will happen! It won’t be that cold here!” Freya looked at Gerald extremely unhappily. He basically hit the nail that shouldn’t have been hit on the head. Freya got up and stood akimbo then peered at the mountain outside. Her small stature virtually looked taller than the large mountain. She angrily exclaimed, “If blowing up one hole isn’t enough, I’ll blow up the entire mountain! I would level the North if that’s what it took to bring my Onii-sama here!”


*The original literal translation of “He, who doesn’t want to speak with you and lacks the patience to, will throw you something strange.” Is “They don’t want to talk to you, and they threw you a dog (to tell you to get lost).” Where dog actually means “an object”, so it was used as a pun here, but I’m bad with English puns. It’s a meme in China.


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