Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 28

“Miss Freya, this is His Majesty’s letter. You best prepare your stuff to head to the North.”

“I began my preparations ever since I received news of the victory. I just never thought it would be so soon. Onii-sama must want to return soon if he wants me to head there so desperately.”

Freya sighed, but nevertheless, wore a bright smile. All of Troy City was joyous over the victory. The horses couldn’t travel as fast as the news of the victory travelled. The news of the victory reached every corner of Troy City and even further South in an instant.

The story of the Prince leading an army into the North, burying countless anthropoids in a valley and then flattening the Imperial City spread throughout the entire South. People can’t help but be drawn into such heroic stories, especially since the Prince was Elizabeth’s son. There was no word of the Prince before, but he completely won the war, so everybody changed their opinion of him.

“He truly is Her Majesty’s son!”

That proclamation meant that everybody acknowledged the Prince’s right to succeed the throne, because he deserved to be the Prince now. He deserved to be “Elizabeth’s son”. Subsequently, as residents of Troy City, the people were naturally proud to be residents of the famed individual.

Freya had finished packing her things. She knew she had to go to the North for sure, not because she believed that the Prince considered her to be important, but because she had been waiting for the news of his victory the entire time. That way, she could rightfully go to His Majesty’s side to cling to him and assist him.

The situation in the North weighed heavily on her mind, as there was that girl at his side who worried her. Said girl was Tanya. She didn’t know where her Onii-sama picked her up from, but she was putting on a pitiful act to seduce her Onii-sama.

‘Onii-sama already has me as a younger sister, yet he still wants to show his desire to protect a younger sister as an elder brother?’

Perhaps her Onii-sama didn’t see her as a younger sister, because she was too strong. But she had to be slightly strong, because how would she get others to obey her, otherwise? Her Onii-sama definitely loved her, and she knew that, but she was dead set on not letting a nobody replace her as her Onii-sama’s younger sister!

‘That girl doesn’t have the right to share this love! I have done so much for Onii-sama, and yet not even I dare to grab onto his cape and act coquettish behind him! What right does she have to do that?!’

‘I have to go over there and expose that woman’s lowly character. I have to let him know that I am the younger sister who can help him and the only sister he needs to love!’

‘How dare she hide behind Onii-sama in my presence!! How dare she look at me with that ridiculing gaze! That woman isn’t good news! She’s annoying! She triggers me! She must leave Onii-sama! If she doesn’t leave, Onii-sama won’t care about me as much anymore. I must get rid of her!!’

‘That’s why I have to go. I never thought His Majesty would give the command so soon. His Majesty definitely wants me to go over, because he needs help to manage the North. I just never thought it would come so soon. That must mean that he doesn’t intend to stay in the North.’

‘I’m going to be alone again… Where does Onii-sama want to go, then? Back to Troy City?’

‘No, that can’t be. If he was worried about Nier, he has no reason to call me over. He could just return. There would be no need for him to send someone back. Furthermore, there was no reason to be concerned about Nier. Nier wrote letters practically every day. If there was anything to be concerned about, it’d be a shortage of messengers.’

‘That means Onii-sama is worried about Miss Lucia. Miss Lucia never appeared again after Queen Vyvyan took her away. It appears she did not write him a letter, either. If she returned to the elven lands purely to nourish her body, then she would definitely have written Onii-sama a letter, but she didn’t.’

‘There can only be two possible explanations. One explanation is that Miss Lucia no longer loves Onii-sama, therefore no longer caring about him or yearning him. The other explanation would be that something has happened to her, and her condition so poor that she can’t write a letter. In that scenario, a minor case would be loss of conscious, while a severe case would be that her child and she have lost their lives.’

‘There is no way the first explanation is plausible. The second explanation… It can’t be that scary, can it?’

‘Queen Vyvyan will not let anything happen to Miss Lucia. While I do not know how much she likes Miss Lucia, she will not hurt Miss Lucia out of consideration for Onii-sama. After all, Miss Lucia is pregnant with the descendant of the Galadriel tribe with her and Onii-sama’s child no less. Hence why Queen Vyvyan will not let harm befall Lucia.’

‘There’s where the problem arises. Did Queen Vyvyan forbid Lucia from writing a letter, or has something happened to Miss Lucia, causing Queen Vyvyan to be helpless? Whatever the case is, it involves Queen Vyvyan. Given that scenario, Onii-sama would be the only person qualified to handle the matter, since he is the only person who could control Queen Vyvyan’s people.’

“I’ll be there soon. Will Onii-sama be back soon, then?”

“We are not sure about that. We do not know where His Majesty plans to go. Our mission was simply to bring you to the Imperial Palace in the North.”


Freya nodded. She knew that she couldn’t involve herself with the matter. Despite being her Onii-sama’s younger sister on the surface, she wasn’t an actual family member of his, so she was not to involve herself with his family affairs, especially when Vyvyan was involved.

‘That woman is overly terrifying when dealing with business that’s related to Onii-sama. Empress Elizabeth was still rational when dealing with these family affairs, but Vyvyan had no rationality to speak of. If I got involved, I might die. Actually, if I chose the wrong side, I’m bound to die.’

‘Some mishap must have befallen Miss Lucia. That is certainly the case. But why do I not know about it? I cannot help Onii-sama with this, either. Hopefully he will be able to handle it, and Miss Lucia is safe, particularly her child. If something happens to them, there might be a second war between elves and humanity. The current Prince is not his former self. If somebody harms Lucia, he would dare to kill anybody.’


“Your Highness?!”

“Move. Open the door!”

“Your Highness… You…”

“Do I need a pass to enter the elven territory?! Move! I have to return to Duargana to see my child! Get lost!!”


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