Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 27

There were essentially no twists or turns in the discussion with the North. I remember the discussion for the Korean War continued for many years. This time, however, it didn’t even take an afternoon.

The Queen in the North had no requests except to return home. She didn’t want to rule anything or desire any status. She just wanted to return home. I promised her that she could return home. I told her she could return to the South with us, and that I wouldn’t harm any more anthropoids.

During the discussion, I mentioned the winged race. The Queen smiled as she looked at me and asked, “Do you know where the elder went?”

“I don’t.”

“He committed suicide.”


“That is right. He stabbed himself through the neck with a short sword and died leaning back in a chair. His blood ran along the tip of the blade and trickled onto the ground, creating a puddle of blood on the ground. Grand Commander, you might be surprised by that news. That elder is but a shrivelled up old man. He was very old, but he still had that much blood.”

The Queen of the North chuckled, and then looked at me calmly, “Do you know how I know so much? That is because he committed suicide where I took shelter. He died in front of me. He initially hoped to deal a heavy blow to your army here, and then continue to let his tribe rule the North. However, the person behind you, I am referring to Ling Yue, and your cannons drove him to despair. He knew that there was no chance he would live, because standing behind you was Ling Yue, who is your lover. He knew that Ling Yue would not forgive him,”

“Good on him, because if I got my hands on him, he might not have been able to die so nicely. Having said that, I don’t think Ling Yue wants to see me kill other uninvolved people, so I shall let your Leah decide on what to do with the winged tribe. I hope that she can provide me with a list of names of those involved in the extermination of the Moon Fox Tribe. That way, I will be able to mete out their punishment,” I replied with a nod, “Now, then, Miss Evelyn, please do not worry. We will bring you back with us when we return. Do not worry. I will head back as soon as possible for my Lucia.”

“When is ‘as soon as possible’?”

“When my younger sister arrives here.”

I couldn’t stay here and deal with the things here. I had to bring my Freya over. I couldn’t return if I had to manage the city in the North. I didn’t want the North, but I couldn’t let it fall into absolute chaos either. I needed to have someone come over and help me handle it. After thinking about it, the person I trust most was Freya.

Freya was truly pitiful. She was always helping me put out fires and pulling overtime every day. I needed to pay her back when I have free time. I, at least, need to go out and have fun with her as a true brother.

“Send this letter to Troy City. Make sure you get it to Freya. Take half of the guard unit back and bring me Freya safe and sound.”

I wrote the letter as fast as I could and handed it to the messenger. The messenger nodded and Shusia, who was next to me, nodded. He took a team to go and pick up Freya. Freya was vital to me. If something happened to her, my conquest would lose half the chance of success. I had to ensure her safe arrival.

Queen Evelyn looked at me and solemnly said, “You need not worry. If you can trust me, I can help you appease the people and help them settle down during this time. You can trust me. I will not do anything that can harm you; I merely want to help you. I have admitted our defeat, but I am still the Queen of the North. As long as I am still here and I declare my identity, nobody can act in my name.”


I looked at her and considered it.

‘I think the suggestion will work. The Queen has no intention of fighting any war and based on Leah’s behaviour and actions, she doesn’t want any power to rule the North. She just wants to return to the south. Strictly speaking, she wasn’t my enemy in this war. She was simply a pitiful ruler. In that case, I can trust her. But is it really all right for me to hand my right to rule that I’ve had for such a short length of time to somebody I’ve just known?’

The Queen saw my distrust for her. She looked at me. Her urgency showed. She explained, “You can trust me. You really can. I am rushed, not because I want to acquire the right to rule the North or anything, I just want to help you return as soon as possible so that I, too, can return as soon as possible. I really want to return soon. I am a descendant of the Galadriel tribe. I want to return with you, as well.”

I looked at her and shook my head, “But if you’re here, you can’t come back with me. If you help me out here, that will only allow me to return ahead of schedule.”

“No, what I meant was…”

The Queen looked at me and then at Leah, who was next to her. Leah nodded then picked up where the Queen left off, “I can pretend to be the Queen. I can appease the people, while you take the Queen back. If you and the Queen are both absent, people who have rebellious thoughts will definitely forge a decree from her and revolt. As long as I speak on behalf of the Queen, the people won’t be led astray and, hence, allowing you to return beforehand.”

“Have you two used this method before? So was the one who was with me Leah or you?”

The Queen giggled. She then replied, “Of course, it was Leah. I do not have such combat prowess. Therefore, the rest will depend on you now, Grand Commander. If you trust us, please fulfil my wish. We will settle the North for you the same way we cooperated before. Please continue to trust us!”

I looked at them. I honestly had no way of confirming it directly.

I had to return. Every moment I spend here is torture, because I have no idea how Lucia is. I desperately want to return to see my pregnant Lucia. I wanted to ensure our child was all right. I really wanted to go back right now.

‘Shall I trust them or… Do I even need to think about it?!’

‘What am I thinking? Why am I in a dilemma? I conquered this land. Behind me is my wife, whose condition is unknown. She’s my Lucia, my wife who has always been with me. I never accompanied her after we got married. She was all alone even after getting pregnant. Do I even need to choose? I really want to slap myself. I can’t believe I was in a dilemma over that. I can’t believe I hesitated!!’

“I’ll leave it with you, then. Rest up tonight, and we will return to Duargana tomorrow during the day!”


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