Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 20

“Your Majesty, these are the mortars you needed.”

The two mortars I waited for finally arrived. The anthropoids didn’t harass our transportation team or anything. The anthropoid citizens favoured us more, so we didn’t have to deal with any guerrilla attack teams. We had Leah to thank for that. The anthropoids did consider the Queen the highest ranked leader as Leah stated.

Eight horses pulled the two mortars. The horses all went down on the ground and panted once they delivered it. I dare say that they were the largest mortars I’d ever seen. Before metal work improved, the only option I had was to make it really big and the walls thick. Otherwise, it would blow itself up.

The two mortars looked very imposing. The barrel was large enough for me to easily be inserted into it. The two massive beasts sitting in my camp resembled two fearsome large beasts looking to gnaw into a man.

We made a total of two mortars. I didn’t need any more of these irregularly shaped weapons anyway. I only made six cannonballs. Six shots were enough. They didn’t need to carpet bomb an area. I planned to make the mortars exhibition items once the war was over. Consider it a war memorial item, I guess.

The artillerymen veterans with an abundance of experience surrounded the mortars to calibrate adjustments, calculate trajectory and time. All six shots were explosive shots. The explosives of the current era weren’t the type that exploded on impact. Instead, they utilised a fuse. Once the fuse was out, it’d explode. Therefore, the artillerymen had to calculate the timing correctly before using that sort of explosive.

It took several people just to load the cannonball in. There was a big crowd nearby the two huge mortars. I stood on a tall slope at the rear and watched the soldiers busy themselves around the two mortars.

The two huge mortars were placed in the centre of the camp. We could shoot all of the Imperial City, including the tall mountain located to the rear, from our location.

My order was to first test the power of the mortars on the massive windmill.

There was a tall and large windmill toward the front inside the Imperial Capital opposite us. The windmill had two spinners at the front and rear. I guess it was a dual windmill. It might represent food and agriculture, but it might also be a spectacle. It could be where food was stored in the Imperial City. Whatever the case was, it must’ve be significant, possibly a totem of sorts to the anthropoids, since it was built so high. I enjoyed destroying structures of that sort.

Thanks to the liquids Mommy Vyvyan specially placed into the mortars, the gunpowder we had was now much more useful. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it strong explosive powder. It made for a perfect primer for the huge mortars.

The men then lifted two cannonballs up next to the cannon. They then adjusted the direction and angle of the shot, as well as the length of the fuse. That was carried out by the experienced artillerymen.

‘By the looks of it, I need to establish a school specifically for artillerymen. Only that way will they be able to become a main force in the military after a long time.’

‘That’s for after I gain the authority to rule the North, though. I’m continuing to give my best right now in order to make that a reality. Well, I guess I’m not really continuously giving my best, since I’m just firing two shots.’

After adjusting the angle, they aimed the mortars at the large and tall dual windmill inside. I looked over to the slowly turning windmill. I wanted to remember it, since it was a great structure, after all. It’d be gone in the next instant, but you still needed to enjoy it while it lasted. Of course, my favourite scene would be the moment it crackled in the sea of flames.


When the artillerymen below heard me, they looked up to look in my direction with respect and bowed. They answered, “Your Majesty, we are ready. We are at your command.”

I nodded, “All right. Have everyone stop working and look toward the windmill over there. Not everybody will get the chance to see such a large windmill, after all, and even less people will get to witness its destruction. Look closely, my soldiers. The windmill is the same as the rule of the North. It’ll be destroyed the next instant. All they can do is crackle in the flames. Destruction is their inevitable fate! Soldiers, we’ve gone through narrow ice paths, canyons from the South and all the way across the plain. We can now see our victory and the destruction of our enemy! They invaded us! Now, it’s time to show them the fury of elves and humans!!”

“For the alliance!!”

The soldiers shouted loudly. I aggressively whipped my hand, and then they lit the mortars. The roar of the two mortars seemed to frighten the White Deer King. The entire land shook, because of humanity. Humanity wasn’t the children of God before. They were just existences chosen by nature, but their power could now shake the entire block of land.

Luckily, we covered our ears in time; else, we’d probably all be deaf after the shot was fired. The huge ammunition fired by the mortars curved through the air perfectly, bringing the whistle of destruction toward the windmill there. If I might venture a guess, I’d say the anthropoids probably saw the two cannonballs flying toward their windmill as small birds. But they would soon learn that those weren’t small birds, but fire dragons of destruction.


The two mortars shot ploughed through the windmill and exploded at the same time. One cannonball blew up half of the spinning part, while the other blew up inside of the windmill. The fan blades rained down as bits of broken wood similar to fireworks after their shining moment. However, it didn’t end there. It was a mill that grinded flour. If two cannonballs were to explode inside a windmill with flour, what would happen?

Answer: Destruction.

The huge fireballs tore through the outer layer of the windmill. No matter what stone or what material was used build a structure, none of that could stop a flame bolstered with gas. The explosion that occurred from inside blew the entire structure up from top to bottom. Fire spat out as if it was an erupting volcano. The entire windmill became dust and fragments in the air within an instant, showering the residents inside with a rain of despair.

Broken wooden fragments that were on fire flew all over the place. The tall and extravagant windmill previously standing there was completely blown apart, leaving just dust and broken fragments flying about. I couldn’t hear if the people inside were crying sadly or wailing. However, I heard lung-shattering cries from my side. Those were the cries of triumph.

Nobody could stop the power of these two mortars. The windmill that was similar to a memorial was blown up instantly.

I imagine there were only ruins left there after the impact.

I looked at the black smoke ascending into the air and shouted, “See that, my soldiers? See that? That is our power! That is the power of our alliance!! Nobody can stop the elven and human alliance. That is the symbol of the North. It was weak as a sheet of paper in front of our power! Are you still worried about our victory? After witnessing this scene, I think you can write home now to your parents, wives and kids. Tell them about your legend! This war ends in our victory!!”


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