Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 19

“Your Majesty…”

I looked at Tanya and Shusia, who in front of me, with a smile. I said, “Mm… I thought you two knew what I’d do when I said I was going to Ling Yue’s place.”

Ling Yue followed behind me. She looked at the two of them, still feeling a bit scared. It appeared that the two of them had imprinted a sense of fear in her heart. Shusia looked at Ling Yue and then me. She sighed, “Are we truly treating Miss Ling Yue the same way as the Princess this time? Your Majesty, honestly, Miss Lucia and Miss Nier are the most tolerant people ever, and the two that love you the most. Although an Emperor can have a mistress, it is very rare to see someone have all sorts of mistresses, and show them off so openly and honestly no less. “

“I’ve never gone looking for mistresses, okay?! Nier and Lucia are both my wives. Haven’t I said that many times already?! They are my Princesses.”

Shusia looked at Ling Yue behind me. Hopeless, she stated, “In that case, I am very curious as to how you are going to convince Miss Nier and Miss Lucia to accept Miss Ling Yue. However, I am not willing to critique your personal life. Since you love Miss Ling Yue, as your subordinate, I must respect your love. Further, we will soon be able to conquer the entire North now, so Philes should feel consoled, right?”

“He will, because my vengeance doesn’t stop once I conquer the North. To the contrary, conquering the North is only the first step in my revenge.”

I looked at Shusia and then Tanya. Tanya had also killed many anthropoids during the campaign. Surely she was satisfied by now. Tanya’s hatred could never be erased. Tanya had already become an anthropoid killing machine. Her hatred for them had long become a part of her body. Tanya and Ling Yue didn’t have any lingering connections, but Ling Yue was bound to be disliked by Tanya, for she’s an anthropoid. As a matter of fact, she may be hated.

‘Whatever, though, I’m fairly sure Tanya will still obey me.’      

Tanya looked up at me and Ling Yue, who was behind me. In a soft voice, she said, “Your Majesty… Do you like the anthropoid, Ling Yue, even in spite of her being an anthropoid?”

I stroked Tanya’s head. With a smile I explained, “Tanya, there are good and bad people among humanity. That applies to anthropoids, too. Not all anthropoids are violent. Ling Yue stayed with us for a long time. Do you feel that she is any different to us? There are no differences between us and Ling Yue except that she’s an anthropoid. Tanya, don’t hate someone because she’s an anthropoid. Hate her because she commits evil. Ling Yue hasn’t done anything bad or killed indiscriminately, so she shouldn’t be resented. You must remember, Tanya, don’t hate someone or respect them for their identity. Instead, decide what your attitude toward them is based on their behaviour.”

“But… Your Majesty, will that mean that everything I experienced in the past was for nothing…? I…”

“No, it wasn’t for nothing.”

I looked at Tanya, who was on the verge of crying. I clasped her face and crouched down. Voice sincere, I told her, “You didn’t waste your past. Your parents died at the hands of plundering anthropoids, but you have conquered the entire North at my side. There will be no more plundering anthropoids and nobody dying to anthropoids henceforth. There won’t. Your parents’ tragedy will not happen again. You’ve killed enough anthropoids, as well. The anthropoids of the North killed your family. Now, you are standing on their heads; therefore, Tanya, you did very well. You honestly did very well. If you need a family, follow me from now on. I’ll be your family. I’ll be your brother. I’ll always stay by your side.”

“Your Majesty…”

‘Things should be fine with Tanya now, right…?’

I gently patted Tanya who was in my arms. Ling Yue rolled her eyes at me as I thought she would, but those were my honest thoughts. If Tanya needed a family, I’d be fine with being her brother. I already had Freya as a sister, so I could accept another.

‘Mm… I believe that Freya won’t get jealous. She definitely won’t… Freya is an understanding girl, after all. Uhm. Uhm. She definitely won’t…’

I started to randomly become flustered…


Current time at the palace of the Queen of the North.

“My Queen, there has been no activity from humanity’s army. They have just camped outside the city.”

“Uhm,” responded the Queen, with a nod. She waved her hand then looked at the elder behind her. She snickered, “Do you have any suggestions now? Do you not want to perform a night raid with your army, since the enemy is sitting still? Marvel’s last victory was obtained through a night raid.”

The elder shook his head. He explained, “That is not a rational strategy, My Queen. There is not much point in performing a raid, for Marvel already did it once. Further, do not forget our goal. Our goal is not to defeat the enemy. We only need bargaining chips. As such, we have no reason to aggravate humanity. If we enrage them, we cannot enter peace talks with them.”

The Queen nodded before standing up. She replied, “I don’t want to deal with anything anymore, either. I don’t understand military business nor do I have any authority to discuss it. I shall leave it to you. I’m tired. I’m heading back to rest. I hope that I can still open my eyes tomorrow when I wake.”

She walked straight to her room without bothering with the elder behind her. She sighed and shut the door. She sat down on her bed then looked outside and spaced out.

“My Queen.”

A familiar voice came from behind. The Queen paused, and then almost screamed, but the person behind her swiftly covered her mouth with her hand and pulled her down onto the bed. The Queen quickly rolled over and pressed her hands down on the shoulders of the person behind her. Her golden eyes were filled with excitement and tears. She looked at the person below and trembled as she spoke, “Leah… Leah… You’re back… You’re back… I’m so glad you’re all right. I’m so glad you’re still alive… My Leah… My Leah… You’re still alive… You’re still by my side… I’m so glad… I’m so glad!!!”

The Queen kissed her without any hesitation and Leah reciprocated it. The two of them hugged each other tightly and passionately kissed, forgetting everything else. Their tears ran down together. They caressed each other’s faces as they kissed passionately.

Words lose their meaning in such moments. Only the two individual’s kisses and caresses could express their love and feelings to the other.

“My Queen… My Queen… I am so glad to be able to still see you!”

Leah released the Queen. The two of them lay on the bed exhausted. Leah held the Queen’s hand. She then looked at the side of the Queen’s face and softly said, “I have contacted humanity. You must now hide in the dungeon. Bring sufficient food and warm clothes. Hide underground. Hide underground.”

“What about you, then, Leah? What about you?”

Leah stroked the Queen’s face gently. She giggled in a soft voice, “You do not need to worry, My Queen. We will be together in the future. We definitely will. Humanity’s grand commander has promised to let you return home. We can definitely live there together. We definitely will! We definitely will!”


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