Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 07

Full-moon night.

It wasn’t night time yet, but I could already feel the pain creeping in. My tent was heavily guarded, and nobody was permitted entry. My guards had my tent completely surrounded. They weren’t worried about me, but they had to prevent me going on a rampage, because everyone in the vicinity would die if I did. I’d probably then explode similarly to a water bottle that was overfilled afterwards.

Ling Yue sat to the side. She slowly undressed. Her expression was so serious that it was scary. She folded her clothes with absolute seriousness,  and then stood up. Her feet illustrated her steps, while the flames reflected on her virtually white-marble skin as her hazy beautiful silhouette approached me.

She bit my ear and whispered, “One last time.”

She grabbed my hand tightly. She looked at me nervously and fearfully. She softly said, “I’ll help you one last time. Only this once… I won’t… Ah!”

I didn’t continue listening. I had no need for rationality. I was usually a gentleman, but I wasn’t a gentleman when I lost my rationality. I was filled with the lust of a wild animal. If I didn’t release all of it on Ling Yue, I would release it on those around me, which meant that I would level everything nearby.

Ling Yue clung to me tightly. She scratched my back hard enough to open cuts on my back, but my cuts instantly healed. The insignificant pain only served to arouse me more. It aroused me so much that I moved vigorously as if my tail was set on fire. The long fox fur brushing my skin felt as though it was asking me to stroke it.

The small fox, who was glued to me, had reverted back to her wild beast state. We were basically two wild beasts, with one bloodthirsty and the other lustful. We completely forgot what we desired in that moment. I forgot about my wives and mothers and even the North and South. I just wanted to swallow whole the wolf in my arms, to keep her by my side forever. I just didn’t know if I’d still get the chance to in the future.


Present time at the elven capital of Duargana.

Lucia lay on the bed silently. She fearfully looked at Vyvyan, who had red eyes, and asked, “Your Highness, do I just need to lie here?”

“Of course. You just need to lie there. Leave everything to me.”

Vyvyan giggled in a soft tone. She pressed her hand gently on Lucia’s protruding belly. She looked at the small life with her red eyes. Her gaze was so intense that Lucia shivered.  She was the Queen she trusted and her mother-in-law, yet she had a premonition as if she was going to die there. No, it was scarier than that. It felt as though her child would die there!

Lucia looked at Vyvyan and shared her honest feelings while trembling, “Your Highness… I am a little bit scared…”

“Don’t be scared. What are you scared of? Lucia, I am your Queen and your mom. Are you thinking I would harm you? Ah, don’t worry about my eyes. My son’s eyes turn red on full-moon nights, as well.”

Lucia desperately shook her head. She looked at Vyvyan with terror. She replied, “His Highness would not be so scary… But… but… Ah!!!”

Vyvyan choked Lucia with one hand. She looked at Lucia coldly. Her eyes were filled with immense killing intent. Lucia struggled with all her might, but Vyvyan wouldn’t budge. It was as though she was an iron plate. Lucia’s vision faded to dark. She couldn’t make a single sound.

Vyvyan’s lips trembled. She started to chant in the ancient elven language. Lucia released her hands and jerked in Vyvyan’s hands similarly to a puppet. Vyvyan then placed Lucia on the bed and took in a deep breath. She smiled helplessly. She softly remarked, “This was used on me, and now I’m using it on someone else for once.”

The suffocation experiment, however, was to fulfil her personal feelings.


I opened my eyes. I felt a warm sensation on my chest. I grabbed something furry. It felt super-comfortable to the touch. I couldn’t resist pinching it a few times. I then felt a painful sensation on my back and flew off the bed, landing on the ground with a heavy thud.

An angry voice came from the bed, “Bastard! How many times have I told you, that you’re not to touch my tail?!!!!”

I stood up from the ground. I discovered that I was completely nude. Ling Yue stayed on the bed wrapped up with the blanket. When she saw me stand up, she unleashed a high-pitched screech, and then hurled a pillow at me, “You bully, pervert, bastard, creep!! Don’t you know you’re supposed to pay attention to your appearance around a lady?!”

“I didn’t want this to happen, either!! You think I don’t feel ashamed looking, like this?! The thing is, I can’t help it right now We just did something a husband and wife would do! A husband and wife would be used to seeing each other’s bodies, aren’t they?!” I argued. I scratched my head, and then sat back on the bed. I pulled Ling Yue’s body wrapped up in the blanket over. “Share half of the blanket with me if you don’t want to see, then, ah…”

Pulling the blanket over was no big deal, but Ling Yue had no intention of letting go, so I ended up pulling her into my arms, too. She shrieked as she landed in my arms. The blanket covered us, while we were glued to each other tightly. We looked at each other in silence.

I didn’t know if it was because she was too stunned or what, but she didn’t slap me. Instead, we exchanged eye contact. I noticed her gaze was full of fear.

She placed her hand on my chest. Her red lips were just centimetres away from mine. I could even feel the breaths from the tip of her nose. She narrowed her long and narrow eyes. She scanned me with her red crescent-moon eyes. Her gaze was complex. I couldn’t deduce what she was thinking. I was afraid to breathe, afraid I would frighten her eyelashes.

After a long silence, I finally muttered a vague sentence, “Hey… sorry…”


Ling Yue looked away. I didn’t know why she surprisingly didn’t slap me this time. I was very curious as to what happened for her first reaction to not be slapping me, but instead, shyly looking at me.

The two of us released each other. Ling Yue grabbed the blanket and sat to one side in silence. I silently got dressed with my back facing her. I stood up. She looked at me. Voice soft, she stated, “I suddenly realised that I can go home soon.”

I nodded, “Uhm.”

Frankly, we were almost at Ling Yue’s home. We’d be able to arrive at her home, the red house in the distance, if I was feeling all right tomorrow. That was once Ling Yue’s home.

She hesitated for a moment. She thanked me in a soft voice from behind, “Thank you for everything on this journey.”

I looked back at her with a smile, “Uhm, it’s fine.”

Ling Yue didn’t act coquettish this time, though; instead, her gaze looked very hesitant. It contained a very complex emotion or maybe emotions as though she was wrestling with a contradiction. She bit down on her lip and lowered her head. She didn’t say anything after.


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