Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 08

“Yeah, it looks occupied.”

Standing from a high spot, I squinted to look at the red building on the other side. It was a very standard rectangular room. The walls were surrounded by a large vacant area of land. There was the rare small room in front. In the rear was a large courtyard. The house was situated on a large flat area of land that protruded upwards ever so slightly. It was surrounded by walls, with paths leading outside from all four directions. Outside were large fields for farming. However, those fields had been left barren for a long time already.

Under normal circumstances, there shouldn’t be somebody in the property after the Moon Fox Tribe was exterminated, but I saw people entering and exiting the property as though they were the owners. They were either wandering mountain bandits occupying this place and declaring it their territory or the land had been given to somebody else. Regardless of what the case was, the place belonged to this fox next to me. A such, I needed to take it back on her behalf.

I tugged on my horse reins and told the messenger next to me, “Prepare the army. Prepare to attack. Don’t use cannons. Minimise damage to the building.”

The messenger nodded. Ling Yue grabbed him as he went to leave. She squinted and looked over in the direction of the building. She timidly said, “The panthers… are the ones occupying it…”

“Marvel’s family?”

I paused. I then looked at her hand grabbing onto the messenger. The messenger awkwardly stopped in place. He looked at me to plead for my help. I sighed, “What’s wrong, Ling Yue? Are you going soft just because it’s Marvel’s family? Don’t forget that it’s your home, and they’re occupying it!”

“But even so, I don’t want to kill any more of his family members… Haven’t we already won…? If we’ve already won, you don’t need to kill the people inside, either, right?”

I nodded and answered, “You’re right. Of course, if you can get them to come out on their own accord, then I’d be very glad, too. After all, I don’t want to have losses of my own. What, you want to convince them to surrender? Do you think that Marvel’s people would surrender to us humans, though?”

Ling Yue nodded and replied, “They won’t surrender to you. However, they should still have respect for me. Our tribes’ relationship was always good. I believe that they will occupy it and refuse to leave in this situation.”

I looked at Ling Yue and said, “All right, then. Go and give it a go, then. I’ll come with you.”

She looked at me and asked, “Do you think they’d be willing to see a human that killed Marvel?”

I looked at her and responded in a firm voice, “I don’t care if they’re willing to or not. I insist on going with you. You think you’re a hero to the anthropoids now? You think you can come out after you go in there alone? I’ll be able to protect you if there’s any danger inside.”

She looked at me, “You won’t give up regardless of what I say, will you…? I’ve warned you. They won’t be willing to see you. You’re a human, and you killed Marvel. The person inside should be Marvel’s wife. She’s been pregnant for a long time. I hope you can stay calm.”

“Am I a violent person who would kill even a pregnant woman? Marvel is a hero. I won’t be rude to his family. I don’t have a choice in war. I had to kill him, but his family is not my enemy and, subsequently, has nothing to do with me. As a matter of fact, I admire the tribe that gave birth to a hero.”

Ling Yue looked at me and nodded, albeit not entirely trusting me, “Fine, then. Let’s go. Don’t bring weapons. Let’s communicate properly. I don’t think that the panthers need my home here, especially now in peacetime. All you need to do is protect your home in this era.”

I nodded, and then headed toward the bottom. The messenger followed behind me. I stealthily pulled the messenger over and whispered, “Station my guards around nearby, and have them bring their weapons. Yeah, get them to bring their short guns and short swords. Don’t let yourselves be detected.”

To ensure that my guards could protect me at large venues without revealing their weapons, my guards had a specialised short gun and short sword. I never thought they’d be useful here.

Ling Yue and I led the guards to the bottom of a large building. We saw bows and arrows reflecting light at the top as I predicted. Ling Yue looked at us, and then stood at the forefront. In a loud voice, she shouted, “I am the Moon Fox Tribe’s Ling Yue! I am the only descendent of the Moon Fox Tribe left! This is the Moon Fox Tribe’s property! Who are you?! Why are you occupying our territory?!!”

“Miss Ling Yue?!”

Two heads popped up from above. They saw us and Ling Yue. After a moment of hesitation, they asked, “Miss Ling Yue, what’s with that group of humans?! It’s normal for you to come back, but what’s with the group of humans?!”

“It’s a long story… Mm… he’s my husband!!”

Ling Yue blushed. She ruined her own reputation just so that she could allow us entry. Seeing her look of embarrassment and frustration, a very sleazy smile crept up onto my face. Ling Yue grabbed my hand. The panthers looked at us very suspiciously. They tossed their suspicions around in their brains for a while after seeing the way Ling Yue held my hand. They finally said, “Miss Ling Yue, we will go, and inform our Mistress. However, your guards cannot enter…”

Ling Yue responded, “They won’t enter the building. They’ll just be waiting outside in the vacant space. This is my husband’s guard team. If they can’t enter, my husband’s safety may be at risk. They won’t threaten you. Just let them stay in the main hall.”

We soon got a reply, “Our mistress invites Miss Ling Yue and her husband inside for a talk.”

Ling Yue looked at me. I raised my arm up with a smile. She pouted, and then wrapped her arm around mine. She quietly said, “This is just an excuse this time. Don’t you take advantage of me, or else I’ll hit you in front of everybody. I swear it!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I replied while nodded. I then gave her a smile. “But I must say, this sort of feeling is similar to returning home with my newlywed wife to see our parents…”

“Shut up!”

“Okay, okay…”

Ling Yue revealed her fangs. Marriage was a very serious matter to the young girl. It appeared that I best not joke about it. She looked at me and snorted with displeasure then turned to face the main door. Sounds came from behind the door. Somebody pulled it open. Two fully equipped soldiers extended their hand out and greeted us, “Welcome, Miss Ling Yue and welcome, Sir. Our mistress is waiting for you. Please come with me. Please leave your guards here. Do not let them into the house.”

“All right.”

I nodded, and then waved my hand. The guards followed us to the door, and then stopped. The soldiers around us vigilantly surrounded us. I grabbed hold of Ling Yue’s hand, “All right now, let’s go, Ling Yue. Let’s go see this mistress.”

“Be polite. Be polite. Be polite…”

Ling Yue kept muttering something.

‘Is she speaking to me… or is she reminding herself not to be rude to the woman who stole her fiancé?’


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