Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 06


Freya gracefully turned around to face Nier, who called out to her from behind. She asked with a smile, “Miss Nier, is something the matter?”

Freya’s line of sight was on Nier’s bulging belly. She then asked with a smile, “Are you feeling unwell?”

Nier shook her head and replied, “No, it’s not about my health. Have you seen Lucia? I went to look for her just now, but I discovered she wasn’t in her room.”

“Ah, Her Highness came last night and took Miss Lucia back to the elven lands. Perhaps Miss Lucia needs to go there to make some adjustments due to her condition. What is the matter? Are you feeling a bit lonely?”

The corner of Nier’s eye twitched. If Troy was the person in front of her right now, she might act coquettish with him, but she was unwilling to show any expression to anybody other than him. After all, she had no eyes for anybody except the Prince.

“I guess you could say so. Usually, I can chat with Lucia, but I feel very bored now, and I can’t swing a sword, either. I feel as though there’s nothing I can do at noon.”

Freya giggled softly and replied, “Is that right? It appears you miss Onii-sama a bit. I do miss him, as well, though. We did receive a letter, but I am still worried about him over there. But I must warn you of something, and that is to not even think about sneaking off to the North. You cannot be thoughtless in your current state.”

Nier froze for a moment and then asked, “No…?”

“Of course not!” exclaimed Freya. Dumbfounded, she explained, “I cannot believe the thought actually crossed your mind. But do not panic. I will write a letter to Onii-sama telling him to come back as soon as possible. Fortunately, the messenger has not yet returned. I trust that Onii-sama will definitely return as soon as he can after he receives the letter. There should be no problems left with the campaign in the North.”

Nier cut Freya off, “I’ll write it myself, then. You don’t need to write it. I’m the Princess. Something such as writing a letter won’t require your attention.”

Freya dawdled, and then shyly smiled, “You are right… In that case, please reply to Onii-sama’s letter.”


Nier gave a small nod; then, turned around and left.

Freya watched her leave from behind with Gerald next to her.

Gerald saw Freya’s gaze that contained a feeling of being wronged and resentment. He gently sighed and said, “Miss Freya, are you all right? There is no need to get mad, is there? The Princess is the one with the right to write His Majesty a letter in these situations…”

The frontline wasn’t your average-day place. The messenger who delivered a letter to them couldn’t wait for too long, and he wasn’t supposed to take a letter back to Troy. However, he had to take Her Majesty and the Princess’ letter back to His Majesty under Her Majesty’s orders. Freya had no right to write a letter to him, for she was but a mere trusted personal attendant in the eyes of the Empress and the Princess.

Freya sighed gently and responded, “That’s right… I still don’t have the right to… From the perspective of others, I am just His Majesty’s personal attendant. Even I have almost forgotten my original surname. I have always been trying to numb myself and convince myself I was his sister, his biological sister, so that I could act spoilt with him on acceptable grounds… but… I’m nothing…”

Gerald watched her tightly clench her small fists as she shook. He hesitated for a bit before saying, “Do not think that way, Miss Freya. In my opinion, Her Majesty and the Princess’ opinion of you are negligible. You are His Majesty’s sister, not their sister. It is fine as long as His Majesty considers you his sister! I believe that His Majesty definitely likes you. As long as he is by your side, nobody will hate you!”

Freya narrowed her eyes, and then looked at Gerald with a vigilant gaze. She declared, “What are you planning? What are you trying to do by trying to get on my good side all of a sudden? Did you think you could capture my heart while I was feeling down? My body, my heart and my soul all belong to Onii-sama! That won’t change even after death!”

“Yes, yes, yes. That is not what I meant. I just did not want to see you looking so haggard. You have always diligently worked for Troy City, so I thought you needed His Majesty’s comfort,” replied Gerald. He hesitated for a moment, and then suggested, “How about this, you write His Majesty a letter, as well!”

Freya lingered for a moment. She shook her head and responded, “Me? The messenger will not wait for me. I have no right to write Onii-sama a letter and, even if I do, I do not even know if Onii-sama will have the time to read it…”

“You do not need the messenger!” stated Gerald. He puffed his chest out proudly. “Leave it with me! I will go to the North, and deliver the letter to His Majesty, so you do not need to worry. I will personally deliver the letter to His Majesty!! So you can start writing now.”

Freya was stunned. She then looked at him both slightly touched, but also doubtful. That would work, but it was, admittedly, bold. Freya was in a dilemma. Nevertheless, Gerald noticed that she was touched, and he also noticed the eagerness in her eyes. It was just that she was worried she’d anger His Majesty.

“You do not need to worry, Miss Freya. I will take responsibility for any problems. You do not need to worry. Further, I believe that His Majesty would be very happy to receive something from you. I am sure of it!!”


Freya hesitated for a bit. Gerald looked at her with a firm look and declared, “I told you before that I would protect your love. I will! So, please do not worry. I will definitely get the letter into His Majesty’s hands. I promise!”


Freya looked at him and hesitated for a second. She then formed her resolve and clenched her fists, “All right, then. I will go and finish the jobs for noon today. Go and take the letter to Onii-sama with the messenger tonight… Ah… What shall I write…? Mm… I need to have a think. I need to think about it…”


Current time at Imperial Palace of the elven capital, Duargana.

Lucia nostalgically scanned the prince’s former bedroom. She asked Vyvyan next to her, “Your Highness, did you bring me back for something important?”

Vyvyan affectionately placed her hand on Lucia’s shoulder and replied with a smile, “Yes, something very important, and it has to do with the life you’re pregnant with.”

Lucia looked at Her Highness with excitement and asked, “Are you talking about His Highness’ child? Can we test his mana level now?!”

“Uhm, we can now. That’s why I called you back, Lucia. It will be a full-moon night in two days’ time. We can test your child’s mana level when on the full-moon night. But don’t worry. I believe that my son won’t abandon you even if your child’s mana isn’t of superior grade.”

“Uhm, I believe in him!”

Lucia revealed a smile. Her smile was void of concern or suspicion. It was a smile full of bliss and trust.

‘My Prince would never abandon her. Never.’


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